When should you NOT replace the fuses? selected. Designed from the ground up, the LRS is the most transparent, high-definition sounding speaker you can buy in its price range. Magnepan speakers, especially from the .7 on up, require a few considerations for the prospective buyer. After unpacking, however, I soon came to discover that the grill isn't worth of a $100, the pegs falling off and getting stuck in the front baffle. I will be driving the … REL subwoofers enjoy a stellar reputation for performance and quality, so my expectations were high. Hand mit original Bedienungsanleitung. What kind of subwoofer would you recommend to match Magnepan 0.7? In the future I hope to pair them with some Magnepan speakers. For most of us, however, the speakers are nicely balanced top to bottom in the room and there is no need to use the resistor(s). User rating, 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review. At a crossover point of 150-250 Hz, the discontinuity between the CCR's "fast" quasi ribbon midrange and the relatively "slow" subwoofer becomes very obvious. 41,5x52,5x33 cm (BxHxT). The REL T-5 is an adorable little subwoofer that offers a musical performance for a budget price, and will play movies acceptably despite its compact size. Also, best advice on setting them up? The Drake 40 Posted June 3, 2019. Accoustically, the Maggie Bass panel is the same as the extra 3 inch diameter of cone woofer. Maße ca. The speakers actually swayed in the breeze with the music playing, causing some smear and distortion. Magnepan speakers can and do produce bass, given the right size room and a lot of amplifier power. MG 3.7 and 3.7i - 3A and 5A Large Fast Blow, MG 20.1 and 20.7 - 3A and 5A Large Fast Blow. It is critical that each sub be properly set up. In some rooms with some amplifiers, the tweeter or midrange can be a little "tipped up" sounding, so using the resistor to damp that area down makes sense. Any thoughts or suggestions? There are a number of very good subwoofers that will work well with planar speakers and augment the low frequencies. You simply set them to fill in the bottom where your speakers don't go. The list price of £7,000 had me thinking impure thoughts of robbing banks – deliciously fast, impactful and very real, it was an amazing thing to hear. Since most people chose Magnepan speakers for their speed and openness, the best room treatment choices for these speakers tend to NOT be of the absorption variety. “REL’s T/9i is an excellent subwoofer for the audiophile. by Neil Gader | Sep 15th, 2016. At REL we make powered subwoofer speakers for stereo & home theater systems. Integration with my Thiel CS 2.4 Loudspeakers is very good in my humble opinion. Most of the time, however, the very lowest frequencies are not reproduced with statement-level authority, so many Maggie users augment the low frequency response with a subwoofer. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I love 'em, but then I've loved and owned more Magneplanar speakers than those from any other manufacturer. … Each one is offered for $10... $1,000.00. Everyone agrees that these speakers need plenty of space around and behind, but otherwise, the key to getting the best performance from the speakers is to start with the Magnepan guidelines for basic positioning options and then move the speakers a little bit at a time. 35,5x53x57,5 cm (BxHxT). Wiring style: The speakers can be wired in series, in parallel, or both in series and in parallel. By a little bit, an inch sometimes makes a big difference so experiment- listen - experiment and above all - BE PATIENT! Magnepan 30.7. It quickly trigged the protection circuitry in the PrimaLuna amp. Color: Piano Black Lacquer. For over 25 years The Cable Company has been known as expert industry specialists in the audiophile, home audio / video, mobile (on-the-go) audio and Pro audio markets. Your patience with speaker room placement will pay big (sonic) rewards. Also compatible with G1 Mark II. They will certainly add major low frequency extension to whatever speakers you choose to mate them with, but that’s not what REL is about. While there is no substitute for huge bass traps and other room treatments, a … How do we know this? The Maggies are incredibly fast speakers in the bass section and need a subwoofer to augment the low end rather than just play all of the bass notes, and it must be as fast. apologies as I've scoured online for specific pairings regarding amp/subwoofer combos and can't seem to find too many within the various threads I've seen amp recommendations in the form of Hegel h90, Rogue Sphinx and Crown XLS Sub recommendations seem to be diverse, from what I gather small sealed subs and REL's are popular Proper break in of the new REL subwoofer is proceeding as instructed with fine tuning of … Keep in mind that Magnepan speakers by their very nature have incredibly fast response time, so home theater subs and most ported subwoofers will NOT integrate seamlessly with a Magnepan setup - they are just too slow and bloated in comparison. A few years back, I reviewed Magnepan's 3.7i loudspeaker and was blown away. The cabinet is a work of art, just beautiful. Log in or register to post comments Re: Magnepan MMG and subwoofer The REL subs are lightning fast, tonally accurate, and wonderful at seamlessly integrating with a wide variety of speakers. Zahlreiche Einstellmöglichkeiten. Upgrading to ANY of these high performance fuses will result in a significant improvement in resolution and adds low level balance and detail (something that Maggies are NOT particularly known for). ... Because the Magnepans sound so good, a very good subwoofer (e.g. Not a good match. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the Magnepan community. Music used- Patricia Barber Cd Cafe Blue, The XX Cd, Cowboy Junkies the best of, Eagles Hell freezes over tract 6. Magnepan is the leader is high value, high quality, flat panel audiophile speakers for stereo and multi-channel use. SKU: 5714706. On many models Magnepan offers the ability to insert a resister (and even supplies that resistor) to attenuate the tweeter, and on some models, the midrange. REL has another winner in the Gibraltar G2 subwoofer. If you are blowing the standard fuses now, upgrading the fuses is NOT the answer - upgrading the amplifier is the answer. We are located in Union Square, New Hope, PA, next to the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad and not far from the Bucks County Playhouse, and Washington's Crossing. First, had a pair of Quad ESL63's years ago, along with two Vandersteen subs, got rid of all of it after the Quads ate themselves up. Categories: Subwoofers | Products: REL T7i. In practice, this may not be too adverse an effect compared to the overall effect of the room. Hello, I listen to a lot of jazz and classical music. for a personalized recommendation. Legendary Pure Bass Magic! I have two REL Acoustics T9i subwoofers for sale. REL - Serie S 12" Powered Subwoofer - Piano Black Lacquer. Developed by our engineers specifically for use with REL subwoofers to maximize the information available in the high-level connection. The process is an interesting combination of art and science, but the payoff is big. ChrisWiggles , Jan 23, 2013 #24 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. However in room I'm getting fairly deep bass with the 20.7's, so my sense is that I would put the crossover on the REL pretty low, probably at 30Hz, leaving only sub 30Hz material porting "also" to the sub to augment the natural deep bass of the Magnepans. Maße ca. However, SVS subwoofers have also been recommended to me. REL T7i Subwoofer The i Has It. You can login using your Facebook account. REL - T/I-Series 10" 300W Powered Wireless Subwoofer - High-gloss black . After unpacking, however, I soon came to discover that the grill isn't worth of a $100, the pegs falling off and getting stuck in the front baffle. At last, I found the right place to ask about subwoofers. 1-800-474-1646 Show navigation Hide navigation What is a ribbon speaker? We have our Cable Library stocked up with more than $2.5M in cables, so borrowing a few pairs to try in your system requires little more than a phone call to your Cable Company consultant.If you already have speaker cables that you want to use, but they have spades at the speaker end, never fear - we have a good, inexpensive adapter for you - the Straightwire Universal BFA Adapters ($36/set of 4) will do the trick. Indeed, the 20.7s come as close to achieving Harry Pearsons goal of reproducing the sound of real instruments in real space as any speaker I've heard. The easy-to-use, zero-compression, wireless system designed for S/510 and S/812. Sealed, ported or whatever isn't relevant. The cabinet is a work of art, just beautiful. By The Drake, June 3, 2019 in Speakers, Soundbars and Subwoofers. Experiment with products that enhance the characteristics of these speakers, not choke them! For me the Pass Labs El-Pipe-O transmission line sub does the trick. I like REL too, but their really good subs are a lot more expensive for comparable performance to an SVS, so you'd be blowing way way past your budget just on subwoofer. Proper break in of the new REL subwoofer is proceeding as instructed with fine tuning of the system just around the corner. Looking into doing possibly 2 8in Rel subwoofers. When the speaker itself bounces and moves around (as it does with the older Magnepan stands), what you end up with is smeared sound, predominantly in the midrange frequencies. It might be a common perception, but a subwoofer’s role isn’t limited to just adding an octave or so of bass response and going boom. Subwoofers. Because we get calls and consultation requests for systems based around these iconic speakers on a daily basis. But things have changed in the subwoofer world, and changed a lot. The problem is at about 90hz, the speakers completely fall apart. The RELs we're fast enough to keep up with electrostatics and avoided the one note boom that I hate with cheap units. I've been told that the REL subwoofers (e.g.,T/9i or S/3 SHO, etc., are a good match for Magnepan speakers. Our designers and engineers can dream big and take huge leaps in innovation. As a previous owner, I know Magnepan discourages use of subwoofers with their speakers. I was there auditioning REL subs. I actually tried to use the passive Magnepan DWM Bass Panel. Cd player -Rega Apollo se. Beautiful condition with the exception of a very minor nick. Since planar speakers are bi-directional, producing sound both front and back, room acoustics and room treatments are particularly effective. The Crossover in a REL is a tuneable electronic circuit that filters out frequencies above where the Sub Bass System works. I recently acquired myself a pair of Magnepan 1.7s, and they sound great. High End Aktivubwoofer. available only at authorized retailers. I have a fright when playing a track from Hiroshima's black & white album, I heard a human voice speaking at the far corner behind my left speaker. These subs connect to the amplifier terminals for their signal and blend amazingly well with the speed of the Magnepan speakers. The LRS 60-day, home-trial program is only available in the continental USA. Subwoofer for Magnepan .7 . Sign up and stay connected for exclusive deals. Many of our customers are using Magnepan speakers. Main Results Continued. Sort by. I am about to go for the Magnepan 3.7i speakers, but would like some suggestions for more equipment. Yes, the Bass Panel provides deeper bass by getting a "bigger bite on the air", but the Maggie Bass Panel is all about quality bass, not quantity. report. share. I’ve been using REL subwoofers for about 10 years now and that’s not what this is about. Initially I thought it was a ghost. The REL T-5 is the company's newest "sub" aimed at entry-level systems. All of the products that you will find on our site are products that have proven to be the best of the thousands of consumer electronics products we carry. Select your speaker brand and model for our recommended subwoofer based on your approximate room size. It increase the total bass diaphragm area of your existing Magneplanars. 100% Upvoted . Ribbon and electrostatic speakers are elegant and simple. When Magnepan’s Wendell Diller offered to have sent a pair of the Velodyne SPL 800 subwoofers ($899 each) he used at CES 2002, I readily accepted. Cardas Audio makes a high performance. Discover the best subwoofer that will work harmoniously with your main speakers and room acoustics to extend your system’s range and bring enhanced clarity to the mid tones. 0 comments. The list price of $13,000 had me thinking impure thoughts of robbing banks – deliciously fast, impactful and very real, it was an amazing thing to hear. 25 Days Left. Immediately I was shocked by the difference. It's either designed and made properly or not. We had to arrive at this area - after all, we ARE The Cable Company! Rel No25. hide. Inklusive Anschlußkabel. Only the results are. I've paired them with a number of Magnepans to great effect. On each channel. Running current through "pot metal" in a glass tube that allows RF to be broadcast is also not a great concept. Topzustand aus 1. The first sub they hooked up was a REL Q150E Mark II. Be the first to share what you think! Despite the low-cost emphasis, there has been zero compromise on build quality: the T-5 is beautifully constructed. First, as they are dipoles, they require at a bit of space around them, four or five feet if you can manage it, but you can probably get away with a bit less. I want subwoofer bass below Magnepan's limit of 40...Magnepan will not recommend any but thei... Feb 05, 2018 Best REL Subwoofer for Magnepan 3.6's. These higher frequencies are not useful to provide the foundation of very low frequencies that the REL is working at. Once you have tried a Magneplanar in your home, we know that the probability is high that you will be a life-long Maggie enthusiast. True, my speakers varied from year to year; there were Focal Mini Utopia, Magnepan 3.6, Zu Druid MK4 and Dynaudio Special 25s, and they could all make bass down to 50Hz or even lower. The sensitivity is low, which might suggest you need a high-power amplifier. Nevertheless, these two 35-pound, 10 1/2"H x 10 1/4"W x 12"D boxes were just too cute to not give a try. At around the same time, Harry Pearson struck on the idea of using the bass panels of the Magneplanar Tympani T-IV as, if not subwoofers, then at least woofers for other speakers. Many of you know the obvious advantage of two subwoofers versus a single – it allows you to optimize the bass output in your room so much more evenly than a single one can, and also allows more bass excursion with less distortion than a single subwoofer can provide. They’re right. Unit will have to be shipped via freight. As a previous owner, I know Magnepan discourages use of subwoofers with their speakers. Much appreciated! I've always liked the REL subwoofer in that they do not put any crossovers in front of your own speakers. Ok this REL is 1/8 the size of my older one but is faster allowing amazing detail in the bass. At night, the pilot light will illuminate your entire living room, it's that bright. Subwoofers. REL controls have detents you can feel when rotating them. For sale is a one-owner legendary REL Acoustic Stentor II is Rosewood with a Glass Top. The way that a planar speaker works is that the diaphragm is supposed to move in a rigid frame to produce sound. The latest Magnepan speakers (the .7 series) finally come complete with far better stands that reduce the sway and this problem....Kudos!!! Depending on the rest of the components, the rest of the cabling, and the types of music that you prefer, we can help narrow down the best choices for you. How do you choose Magnepan speakers and subwoofers on eBay? Beautiful condition with the exception of a very minor nick. In this case, Magnepan supplies a chrome plated "U"-shaped stamped metal jumper bar. Free shipping on all orders. Rel è uno dei primi marchi hifi a proporre i suoi subwoofer in stacking, in questo caso 6 nuovi S-510. REL Subwoofer set-up with Magnepan speakers. A six pack of REL no.25 subwoofers is by no means overkill, especially once you’ve had the experience. Especially good treatments to experiment with include the. In Store Only. Our Reference subwoofers allow us the opportunity to pursue the perfect reproduction of sound, while letting nothing get in our way. AR and KLH brought the design of sealed boxes to science and Theile&Small did the same for vented/ported systems. Our award-winning home theater subwoofers with wireless capabilities elevate any system. The Drake. A short walk across the bridge brings you into Lambertville, NJ. I have read consistent positive recommendations for use of REL active subwoofers with Magnepan speakers. Joined Sep 5, 2014 Messages 110 Reaction score 31 Points 10 Real Name William Jun 5, 2015 #1 of 2 Hello. Starting At: £4,799.00 My system : Sunfire Power Amp Conrad Johnson PV11 Pre-Amp Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD Player Magnepan 1.6QR Speakers JPS Lab interconnect & speaker cables Jumpers - Tweeter and Midrange Attenuator Circuits. The Stentor is a beast of a subwoofer, rated to go below 20 Hz (- 6 dB at 15 Hz). REL Acoustics Stentor II - Legendary Professional Sub. Magnepans are known for having a natural sound, and I want to compliment that. The single most common reason for the fuse(s) to blow is that the amplifier you are using to power the speakers is clipping - i.e., it does not have enough power to drive the speakers at the volume level you are trying to achieve without distorting. Older Magnepan speakers (pre-2005) came with very rudimentary stands that did hold the speakers upright, but that is about all. Comes complete with box etc...thanks for looking. Share Followers 0. Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. They range in price as follow $1300, $1600, and $2K. The approach that has been the most successful for our customers are the, We had to arrive at this area - after all, we. I am considering trying a subwoofer with my Magnepan...The REL subwoofers seem to be highly p... Apr 05, 2010 Best subwoofer under $1,500 for Magnepan 3.6R. selected. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Thank you, Michael . Because this jumper is directly in the signal path, upgrading these metal jumpers to a high-quality, copper wire jumper makes a nice, inexpensive upgrade that immediately improves the sound quality of the speaker. Magnepan MG-1.6/QR Magneplanar Loudspeakers (pair) - Black Cloth/Cherry Trim 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Magnepan MG-1.6/QR Magneplanar Loudspeakers (pair) - Black Cloth/Cherry Trim It can complement even the finest speakers with additional musical information that can provide clear lifelike steps towards reproducing the real event. I'm looking to add a powered subwoofer to my...Magnepan 3.6R speaker set up which … A few years back, I reviewed Magnepan's 3.7i loudspeaker and was blown away. Since I am a new on subwoofers I would like your opinions of this combination. The easy-to-use, zero-compression, embedded wireless system for No.25, Serie S and Habitat1 that frees you from conventional cables. Shop through subwoofers in the marketplace on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community. The room size selected is not recommended. (1) $2,599.98 Your price for this item is $2,599.98. Magnepan’s newest entry-level speaker is a full-range quasi-ribbon speaker, completely different from its predecessor, the old MMGi. I am currently waiting an REL T3 sub that I am going to match it with Magnepan MG12 speakers and Rotel RC1082 and RB1080. Find a great deal on high-end audio equipment or music for sale. In our experience, it is best to start the Crossover control at 15 clicks from the minimum setting. I have read consistent positive recommendations for use of REL active subwoofers with Magnepan speakers. Unit will ... $4,500.00. Per your original product recommendation, I purchased another REL T/7i Subwoofer for my stereo system. We hope you will take the challenge. REL subs and Magnepan 1.6's I just returned from Audio Perfection in Minneapolis. Whether you are looking for cutting-edge emerging technology, practical easy-to-use products or have questions about a product, technology or consumer electronics industry in general… let us know, we’d love to talk with you and help in any way we can. save. But shipping to the UK is very costly. Thread starter William Moore; Start date Jun 5, 2015; Post thread ••• More options Who Replied? The Magnepan owner’s manual also specifically recommends against the use of conventional subwoofers, saying that the transition between the “fast” planar panel of the LRS speakers and the “slow” subwoofers will be audible. I actually tried to use the passive Magnepan DWM Bass Panel. best. Usually, subwoofer discussions start with tales of thunderous, booming bass that rocks the house. In a perfect world, however, a sealed sub should be more accurate and probably a better match for Maggies. Hifi-Technik für höchste Ansprüche in vollendetem Design: Regallautsprecher, Subwoofer, Soundbars, Standlautsprecher, Einbaulautsprecher, Surroundsysteme … I've been reading about supplementing my Magnepan 20.7s with a sub, the general preference being REL. W. William Moore Stunt Coordinator. no comments yet. But upon arrival, it seemed as though two small subs had been sent to do the work of a single real subwoofer. You are at a major disadvantage if you live in the U.K. REL is huge in the U.K., and makes some beautiful subwoofers, and if one goes back a decade or so, they deserved their praise. Just wondered if anyone has any experience setting up an REL T-9 sub with Magnepan or similar speakers. Many different speaker cables work well with Magnepans including (and depending on the ancillaries) Cardas, MIT, Acoustic Zen, JPS Labs, Analysis Plus, Purist, Synergistic Research, Kimber, Shunyata Research, and Silent Source. Plug in and play, zero-compression wireless system for Serie T/i that eliminates the need for costly and restrictive cables. That is a mighty big sub! Articles is our blog where we share insights, information and opinions on subwoofers, hi-fi systems and the joy of sound. It quickly trigged the protection circuitry in the PrimaLuna amp. As for a "fast" sub vs a slow sub, a sub is a sub. All this stuff I have been picking up over the last to 5 months finally gets put to use! So, put on your favorite album, mix yourself a drink and kick back, you might be here awhile. If you don’t see your speaker, or a like speaker, contact us We refer to these as clicks and use them to guide positions of these controls. Generally, for the same money, a ported sub will play louder and lower, but it does it at the expense of some overhang below the tuning frequency. This giant, four-panel, four-way, ribbon/quasi-ribbon line source loudspeaker is the best… Integration with my Thiel CS 2.4 Loudspeakers is very good in my humble opinion. For a majority of systems, the final set point for the crossover will be within + or – 3 clicks of this starting point. Not a good match. The approach that has been the most successful for our customers are the REL Subwoofers. Of these, speed in your main speakers is a main driving force for us in assessing when to guide a customer toward pairs of modern RELs. This 10" super-sub dominates its 12" rivals. Reply to this topic; Start new topic ; Recommended Posts. The LRS 60-day, money-back, home-trial program allows you to sample Magnepan's full-range ribbon technology for $650 pair in your home against the very best box speakers (at any price). Model: S5 BLACK-SHO. It’s capable of making big bass noises, but is also more than capable of freeing up the loudspeakers and liberating them from the dictatorship of the room. 2. REL subwoofers enjoy a stellar reputation for performance and quality, so my expectations were high. The fuse is directly in the signal path on these speakers, and relying on a piece of "pot metal" to carry your signal adequately to the drivers is just not a good idea. Schwarz. (REL calls them “sub-bass systems,” which is technically accurate, but for now I’ll use the more common term “subwoofer.”) I have always had full-range main loudspeakers, from Infinity RS-1bs to Magnepan 20s, 20.1s, and now 20.7s. Color: High-gloss black. Equipment report. I seem to have gotten myself into a bind with purchasing a subwoofer. Here's a list of the subs- REL 205, 305 and B3. Britischer Aktivubwoofer. Recent real world example; visiting a favorite dealer in Boulder, CO we walked into their high-end demo suite to find a pair of very fast, musical Magnepan 1.7’s (less than $2,00/pr.) Per your original product recommendation, I purchased another REL T/7i Subwoofer for my stereo system.

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