With electric lift and manual push, SPN series semi-electric pallet stacker is easy to control, and environmental efficiency, which is widely used in overhead cargo and pallet moving and stacking. Has a maximum load size: up to 80" (Height) up to 76" (Diagonal). If you are experiencing tightness in the hamstrings, inner thigh or groin area, you should learn how to do seated straddle splits. Watch Queue Queue However, the QL straddle stretch tends to give me a tense neck and headaches. Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapping System. Straddle stretch. Packaging Equipment. Semi-Straddle Stretch = Hamstring/Hip/Lower Back Health - Bend one knee in, extend the other leg out. This pallet stacker is a great economical solution for stacking and positioning pallets as well as stocking and refilling shelves. Create Your Own System S-300 S-300 Rev. $5,000.00 + shipping . Automated pallet wrapping solutions can save you both time and money while improving employee morale. We showcase our Lantech brand wrappers due to their consistent quality and longevity, but we work with other highly-vetted manufacturers that may provide an option that works better for your unique production. The following step-by-step guide is a complete straddle stretch routine. Learn about our S-300 Semi-Automatic straddle stretch wrapper. 20 Amps. Getting into a straddle position, also known as the center splits, is not an easy task for most people. Extended Wrap Height Increase the wrap heights of your loads. Lantech S-300XT . Skip to primary navigation; Skip to main content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer; English. View this product on the company site : S-300XT Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper. Reach the raised arm over to the other side to lengthen the side of your body, ensuring that both glutes remain on the mat. LANTECH Q-300 SEMI AUTOMATIC STRETCH WRAPPER W/ RAMP (PREOWNED) $7,500.00 + shipping . Stretch Wrap Film; Lantech S-300 Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper . Deutsch; LantechNet +31 (0) 485 751 700; Lantech | Region 2. S-300 Rev. S Series Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrappers - Models. A … Extended Wrap Height Increase the wrap heights of your loads. Capable of speeds from 25-35 loads per hour. By keeping the palletized load in a fixed position, the S-300 straddle wrapper delivers precise application of wrap force by wrapping the film around the pallet. Straddle Leg Manual Stacker (1) Wrapping Solution (3) Semi-auto Stretch Wrapping Machine (3) Accessories (8) Wheels (3) Nylon Wheels (1) Polyurethane Wheels (1) Trolley Wheels (1) Bearings (1) Fork Extension (1) Manual Scissor Lift Table (8) Single Scissor Lift Table (4) Double Scissor Lift Table (2) Extra Large Scissor Lift Table (2) Forklift (5) Safely and quickly wrap pallets with unstable, tall, lightweight or heavy loads. Find out what the panted XT Cut and Clamp technology can do for your packaging line. 03/28/16 Page 1 of 2 S-300 Part #31024958 S-300 More Lantech Field-Tested Packaging Soluions @ www.lantech.com Ideal for Very Light, Very Heavy or Very Unstable Loads • Load Doesn't Rotate. Lengthen your spine to sit up tall and reach one arm towards the ceiling. LANTECH Q-300 SEMI AUTOMATIC STRETCH WRAPPER W/ RAMP (PREOWNED) $7,500.00 + shipping . Recommended for you. This stretch routine will provide a great stretch through your hamstrings, inner thighs, torso, shoulders, back, calves and feet. Case Erectors; Case Packers; Case Sealers Replace the 203 cm (80") mast with a 279 cm (110") mast. Related Videos. The Waqrrior range of stacking equipment has been designed, developed and built to give outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of lifting, stacking, de-stacking, pallet handling etc.. within industry and commerce. stretch wrapper at www.lantech.com. The Lantech® S-300 Stretch Wrapping System is ideal for wrapping very light, very heavy or unstable loads, or for packaging environments requiring complete washdown capabilities. Tracy Wicklund. Automatic straddle stretch wrappers are designed with labor reduction and increased throughput in mind. Stretch Wrap Films ... Video » Lantech S 300 Semi... COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open and continuing to support businesses during these unprecedented times.... » Lantech S-300 Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper. Lantech Q300 Stretch Wrapper 65" very good working order. 2 Industrial Lantech Stretch Wrapper machines. Stretching will help increase your flexibility in order to achieve a perfect split. 220 V - 50/60 Hertz 15 AMP Adds a transformer to the machine. When you're learning how to do the splits, you must try to stretch every day. Designed with safety in mind, our semi electric pallet stacker gives operators maximum control. $4,000.00 + shipping . 11/30/04 Page 1 of 2 Q-300 Improve: Customer Satisfaction Product Protection Operator Efficiency Productivity Light Loads High Volume Heavy Loads Tall Unstable Loads Product Applications Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapping System Lantech.com bv Hulsbos 2, 5431 NZ Cuijk Remember to always warm up your body and take advantage of yoga poses to help your body prepare for the intense stretch. Noblelift® Semi-Electric Straddle Stacker. It requires a lot of flexibility in your legs which can only be achieved with practice. The straddle splits is also known as the middle splits and can be very difficult to achieve. The Proper Way to Stretch Your Hips for Straddles. • No Weight Limitations. View this product on the company site : S-300 Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper. (Conveyor in picture not included). Learn about our S Series Semi-Automatic straddle stretch wrappers. Description. Stretch Wrap Films . •o Weight Limit N ations. These models can handle up to 110 loads per hour and require zero manual labor. S-300. The Eagle 2000B is contained within our semi-automatic stretch wrappers category, as it does require some human interaction to run. Exhale. Electric Stacker | Straddle Leg Semi-Electric Stacker. Wrap light, unstable, and heavy loads. To learn more about the Lantech S-300XT semi-automatic straddle stretch wrapper, give us a call at (609) 586-7200 or request a quote online. Page 1 of 2. Lantech S-300 Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper. Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapping System S-300 Rev. Used- Lantech S-300 Straddle-Type Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper. Ditch the isometrics and only perform the passive stretching component if... - you’re doing this before bed - you’re stretching to relax (versus doing… LANTECH STRETCH … A sound long term investment!. Ideal for Very Light, Very Heavy or Very Unstable Loads • Load Doesn't Rotate. This video is unavailable. To maximize the benefits of a stretch and reduce the potential for injury, it is often important to stretch only to the point of tension, avoid bouncing and control movement at other segments of the body. To find out more about the semi-automatic rotary arm straddle stretch wrappers available through Hughes Enterprises, give our experienced team a call at (609) 586-7200 or request a quote online. Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrappers Do you find your team struggling to keep up with demand for shipments by manually wrapping your pallets? Our semi electric pallet stackers allow you to move heavy loads quickly and efficiently across your warehouse or distribution center. Wrap light, unstable, and heavy loads. S-300. 03/28/16. Lantech S300XT Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper. But the neck issue remains. The machine is mounted to the floor, and uses an arm with a film carriage to cover a product in stretch film as the arm rotates and the carriage moves up and down. Adjustable support legs and forks are designed to accommodate a variety of pallets and skids. This is your starting position. Semi-automatic straddle stretch wrapper. I prefer the straddle style to other types of QL stretches (such as against a wall), since it also targets the adductors and hamstrings. $13,770.00 + shipping . Volm partners with Lantech to provide many models of semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines. … Lantech S300XT Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper. Inhale. • Precise Application of Wrap Force. Replace the 203 cm (80") mast with a 279 cm (110") mast. If you need to wrap lightweight, heavy, tall or unstable loads, a semi-automatic straddle stretch wrapper may be a good choice for you to use. Maximum load capacity: Your plant floor capacity. Our Tiger Semi Electric Straddle Stacker is manually propelled, electrically elevated and very easy to use. Available in both Turntable Style and Overhead Straddle Style, these user friendly alternatives to handwrapping offer high value performance while requiring no preventative maintenance. Description. Part #31024958. Exercise Variation: This stretch can become more dynamic by performing slow, controlled movements to complete 1 set of 5 - 10 repetitions, holding the stretched position for 1 - 2 seconds. Ask for a quote Send a message. 1/60/115V. Stretch Wrappers. LANTECH Q300XT PLUS 120 V 1 PH SEMI-AUTOMATIC TURNTABLE STRETCH WRAP MACHINE. 220 V - 50/60 Hertz 15 AMP Adds a … (267) 409-6100; Request a Quote. This simple straddle is a great way to lengthen your adductors (aka your inner thigh muscles). Our semi-automatic straddle stretch wrappers are designed for the manufacturers of products that aren't easily spun on a turntable wrapper. •cise Applic Pre ation of rap ForcW e. •s Load to Palle Lock t with Film Cable. I have tried quite a few variations and neck positions but nothing has helped so far. Shop our inventory. Maximize your packaging throughput and efficiency with the Lantech S-300 straddle stretch … Every person’s body and level of flexibility is different, but you will probably need dedication and a diligent effort to make it happen. Lantech S-300XT Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper Brochure; Recommended for you. Has Pre-stretch, used 10" diameter rolls up to 20" in width. Using SPN is safe and efficient in factories, warehouses and logistics centers. Ask for a quote Send a message. How to: Straddle Stretch Trainer:Kayla Itsines Begin seated on a yoga mat, extending your legs out to the side. Automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers, when used by themselves, do not have a weight capacity because the pallet rests directly on the floor. Seated straddle splits is a yoga pose designed to help stretch and open the inside and back of your legs. Wrap your lightest, heaviest and most unstable loads with ease. In a seated position, open your legs as wide as needed to feel a stretch in your inner thighs. Lantech S-1500 . Watch Queue Queue. The biggest feature on the machine is the powered pre-stretch unit which gets the most out of every single roll (up to 250% pre-stretch capabilities), and prevents ripping and tearing of your stretch film. $3,750.00 + shipping . See benefits, videos, and base pricing here.

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