Sony RX10 IV vs RX100 VII. Feel free to use 24 FPS (Hi) if you want, especially for sports and action. Assist], contrast equivalent to that of normal gamma can be reproduced. Het heet ‘Sony RX10MIII/IV Nederland & Belgie The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV is a premium all-in-one bridge camera with a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor and a long-range 24-600mm equivalent … I´m very interested in these tips (settings) for using the RX 10 IV with her capabilities to get best and pleasant results soon! Hello Wim, I just bought the Sony RX10 iv as my first venture into the world of “proper” photography, 99% to record bird species. When you record audio movies with lower volumes, set Audio Rec Level to a higher sound level to make the sound easier to hear. Regardless of the Audio Rec Level settings, the limiter always operates. Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 IV: Getting the Most from Sony's Advanced Digital Camera - Ebook written by Alexander S. White. Disadvantage: ISO range is (like in iAuto) fixed and only usable for jpeg shooting. Delete one or multiple images stored on your SD card. We want to set the camera up with modes for capturing surfing which will be of a decent range and skateboarding. DMF: The same as Single autofocus, but lets yo move the manual focus ring any time for instant manual override. MENU > Camera 1 > page 3 (explained below). Sony packs the RX10 IV with extraordinary large aperture lenses, a state-of-the-art BIONZ X™ processor ensuring high resolution out to the images' edges, capability to shoot dazzling bokeh and steady close-ups, and much more. I forgot to write that my camera is a Sony RX10 mk4. Yosemite Falls by Starlight. This setting allows you to register up to 3 often-used modes or product settings to the product and up to 4 (M1 through M4) to the memory card. page as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may UB Time Rec: Sets whether or not to record the time as a user bit. This setting basically changes the order of your ‘My Menu’ selected function. MF assist will need to be turned on if you want to use this feature. fill flash: A fill flash is useful even in daylight to fill the shadows with light (like a person in the shade). But for travelers, landscape and sports photographers, and enthusiasts who like to have one camera/lens combo that covers just about every imaging contingency, it might just fill the bill. HFR REC Timing: Selects whether to record a set amount of time after pressing the MOVIE button (Start Trigger), or to record for a set amount of time until you press the MOVIE button (End Trigger). You can either set the white balance to Auto, where the camera tries to guess what the neutral grey value is, or use one of the preset white balance settings for different lighting conditions or customize the white balance according to your preference or using a grey card. Did I hear you say Selfie? Auto Time Correct. Sony's menu system is poor, so you'll wind up erasing and resetting these by accident for a while until you realize that MEMORY really means ERASE MEMORY. You’ll need to select your SD card first using the ‘select Rec. Set this on the top left dial. Bill. De Vlaams-Nederlandse markt is helaas wat te klein om hier alles in het Nederlands te schrijven. Bit-rate: Approx. Hello Wim. It is possible to connect your camerato your smartphone in order to Geotag your images. 3.) If you decrease the value, gradations in dark areas will be smoothed out, making the areas appear in crisp black. This is also suitable for capturing image material to be modified with a computer. When set to [High], the knee’s automatic adjustment starts at lower input signal levels than normal. Many thanks, Sumiko. If you’re interested in flash photography, you’ll need to purchase a hot shoe flash. Je zeer gedetailleerde handleiding heeft mij makkelijk over de verschillende drempels van de recent gekochte Sony RX10iv heengeholpen. Thanks. Bit-rate: Approx. Sony has many confusing Digital Zoom options. 100 Mbps, 120p 60M/100p 60M: Records 1920 × 1080 (120p/100p) size movies at a high speed. Use the standard file naming system or a customisable one. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV camera. Is it possible to have many setting changes assigned to a single menu item or a single button. When a trimmed image is recorded, both the image before trimming and the trimmed image will be recorded. You can check how much space is left on your SD card (have pictures in your desired quality and how many minutes of video). (Do not perform the Bluetooth pairing operation on the smartphone setting screen!!! Bit-rate: Approx. I have also found the camera’s ability to discern and follow the bird in this mode to be very, very good. The higher the bitrate, the higher the image quality. Selects which tone to prioritize when shooting under lighting conditions such as incandescent light when White Balance is set to Auto. I can't imagine that Sony's quality control is poor enough to allow the supply of a camera of so poor quality but there you have it. More discussions. A few things have remained the same, like the 24-600mm lens, but it’s the first RX10 camera to include on-sensor phase detection, with 315 AF points covering 65% of the frame (slightly over 80% in each direction). This function adjusts how much detail is applied to the subject’s image edges. Video rate, file and format settings are hidden in MENU > Camera 2. Shifting Black Level in the minus direction emphasizes the black color in the image, while changing the level in the plus direction weakens the black color. Set if you want the processing engine to apply noise reduction for images captured with a long exposure time. If you experience error messages with the Sony RX10 IV, try the following solutions. I have both the III and IV, and regardless of what I’ve read about minimal differences, it ain’t so. Long time exposures out to at least several minutes are easy to do. This produces a cinema-like atmosphere. (if not, you run the risk of getting paint-like, smeared images at higher ISO values). Either standard or with the magnification used on the previous image. In regards to your second question, no this is not possible and I would guess as a safety precaution. Whew! When I am shooting birds or anything else I have no problem but when I want the whole picture in focus for landscapes they’re always blurry. This anti-Red Eye setting quickly fires the flash before your image capture starts, reducing the red-eye effect often seen when using a flash. I think I know where you started editing…, Hi Brian, all the latest Sony cameras do have very similar functionality. Grateful for any comments/tips on the issue. As an RX10iv owner for three days, I am finding it most useful, however I do have a couple of questions. I’d be happy to do that. And WHAT I THINK OF THE RX10M4: Selects if the Exposure compensation function ( -5 in 0.5EV or 0.3EV steps) also reduces flash power or not. Jeff. you’ll need a lens that is sharp at f/11-f/16 with all that light. You’ll need to connect the computer physically to the camera using the supplied USB cable, and you can push selected pictures to your Sony PlayMemories desktop software (installed from the CD or downloaded from their website). Location Info. Hi I am new to Sony, I have just bought the RX10 IV, is it possible to crop/ edit on the camera. Leave it ON as there is no way of duplicating this process in post-production, except to take a black frame of the same length in the same atmospheric conditions. If set to Off, you won’t be able to engage the shutter when there is no SD card in the slot. Bit-rate: Approx. It's off by default, and critical to making this camera run brilliantly. : Creates a high-contrast image in black and white. Our kids surf and skate. It would be hard to sort out if there are hundreds of clips. Set the advance mode (Fn > wind the box at the bottom left for advance mode) to continuous (the bearded rectangle) and choose a frame rate of Mid (10 FPS) or Hi (24 FPS). Thank you for excellent help. Best regards Pls guide. Hi Paul, I don’t understand. You can adjust settings related to touch pad operations during viewfinder shooting. I have already transferred all the stills to the computer successfully. The position of the metering circle depends on the setting for [Spot Metering Point]. It’s also the first Cyber-shot to include Sony’s “High Density” AF Tracking system, from the a9, and the company says that they have improved Eye AF. I have programmed this into Custom Memory 2. The items that you can register are displayed on the menu of the camera. To use the location information linking function of the camera, you need the PlayMemories Mobile application on your smartphone and transfer an image to your smartphone to test the connection. Note that formatting permanently erases all data on the memory card, and is unrecoverable. Oops; Sony needs to add a way for fast recall, not fast saving. When you consider that Sony … To switch between configurations I press the Fn button, press enter (to select memory recall), scroll left or right to memory 1, 2 or 3 and press enter. Bit-rate: Approx. Likely I saved it wrong or retrieved it wrong. Best, Wim, Great work Wirm. Thank you very much for your excellent and useful guide. Setting folders by date will make organizing your images easier. bigger. This is called Orientation linked AF points in Canon language. I would use the ‘Wide’ focus area for skateboarding, and for surfers ‘Lock-on AF: expand. Wide: Wide focus area uses all focus points on the sensor. Required fields are marked *. [Off]/[4:3]/[13:9]/[14:9]/[15:9]/[1.66:1]/[1.85:1]/[2.35:1], Safety Zone: Sets the safety zone display. Thanks. Is there a way I can switch the life view on the monitor on and off to conserve battery power or is this not possible…feel like sticking a tape over the sensor on the eyepiece… Faces)]. Shoot the face from the front in a brightly lit place. Because Detail makes image edges wider, the original texture of a subject consisting of very fine lines may be lost if too much detail processing is applied. Your camera shares the connection information for [Send to Smartphone] and [ Connection Info.] You can switch this OFF or anywhere in a range between 70 and 100.The Zebra Pattern is a highlight warning indicator that is common in video cameras. MENU – (Camera Settings1) – [Face Registration] – [New Registration]. No pdf available Amit, you could print it if you wanted. HDMI Only(30p): Outputs a 4K movie in 30p to the external recording/playback device without recording on the camera’s memory card. Other than the video features would the main difference between the cameras be the increased noise at ISO above 400? Hi Sumiko, in what mode are you? Bit-rate: Approx. If you turn it on it may get you cleaner images, but you'll also be waiting around in the dark twice as long for each exposure while it exposes dark frames. Movies can be recorded at 120 fps/100 fps. Thank you very much for your advice. But I would guess that the problem is that your RX10 is basically randomly choosing a focus point on what it thinks your subject is. Say you often change Raw file type from compressed to uncompressed, or maybe you don’t want to spend your time scrolling through the entire menu system looking for the SteadyShot settings. You can also select either standard or large metering circle in the Spot Metering mode on the same page. If you are coming from a smart phone for example and looking to get much better quality sports photos, then you really made a great decision with the RX10 IV for starters! A RAW file saves all information the camera pixels register during shooting and will make for better quality images if you want to edit in something like Adobe Lightroom.A jpeg is a compressed image (available in FINE (larger) and STANDARD (smaller, less quality) which takes up less space on your SD card but is less suited for editing afterward. 50 Mbps, 30p 50M/25p 50M: Records the movies in 1920 × 1080 (30p/25p). You can also move the tracking start area to the desired point by designating the area as a flexible spot or expand flexible spot. The RX10 II and RX100 IV share the same slow motion capabilities. Hi Brooke, set your camera to AF-C, ISO auto and a fast shutter speed, over 1/1000 sec. You can check your captured image on the screen directly after shooting. Auto: Establishes a Mass Storage or MTP connection automatically, depending on the computer or other USB devices to be connected. Wouldn’t wanna be without it! Finally given me the confidence to play. Point the cursor to ‘Lock-on AF’ on the Focus Area setting screen, and then adjust the desired area to start tracking by pressing the multi-selector left/right. It focuses, and locks. Shooting or Spd Priority Cont. Rear Sync is a creative technique, if you’d like to know more about this type of photography, I’d suggest doing a Google search on ‘Rear Sync Flash Photography.’. Jeff. The FULL / ∞-3m slide switch lets you limit the range over which the autofocus system operates: FULL lets the camera operate normally and focus at all distances. Ik ben Nazario uit limburg Belgie en woonend in Paraguay, graag had ik uw instellingen voor Macro… kan geen fatsoelijke macro foto eruit halen…:( It would be very easy to damage the lens if they would allow this functionality. Hi Ana, use Lock-on AF, that should keep up with them. Manually set the Monitor brightness (recommended leave to zero) or change to a brighter setting for Sunny Weather. Sony has removed the playmemories app from every camera released after 2016, including the new A7rm3. Landscape: The saturation, contrast, and sharpness are heightened for shooting vivid and crisp scenery. No one needs 20MP; it slows your computers. I’ll be going over the entire Menu structure in this post, and giving you tips, pointers, and tricks along the way. I have also found out that you could use Custom button 3 to activate and deactivate the monitor …Menu ..Purple camera 9…custom key ( shoot ) Fully resets the camera to factory settings. Drive Mode (single shooting, continuous shooting Lo-Mid-Hi), Self-timer and Self-timer cont (multiple images with the self-timer) can be changed by using the Fn button. Hi Wim, just got my Mk4. @ Phil Millns >> All my old digi-cameras, Olympus C700UZ and SP550UZ a.w.a. SONY RX10 IV - absolute novice settings Hi, I’ve only just joined and need some good advice. Buffering (temporarily capturing a movie on the camera) starts once the shooting standby screen is displayed. – When using the flash to shoot dark scenes with the Flash Mode set to Fill-flash or Wireless. This format supports a higher bit rate. Movies with S-Log gamma are assumed to be processed after shooting in order to make use of the wide dynamic range. The RX10 will hang-up and display "PROCESSING" for as long as your original exposure before you can do anything else. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 IV: Getting the Most from Sony's Advanced Digital Camera. They are therefore displayed in low contrast during shooting and may be difficult to monitor, using [Gamma Disp. Under these conditions, a dynamic range of 1,300% is obtained with 90% reflectance white. I have a question: If you select a higher setting for [Point] and a gentler setting for [Slope], you can obtain video-like sharp highlight effects. If you have a storage card error, you can try to rebuild the database to retrieve lost images possibly. This is the Electronic Shutter, set at MENU > Camera 2 > page 5.Â. The background (sky) is frequently significantly brighter than the subject so it is prudent to dial in some positive EC. For landscapes however, you really should focus manually because there is no camera in the world that can accurately asses where you should focus for your specific framing of a landscape. Especially if you want to charge both batteries at once, get the tiny folding-plug BC-TRW external battery charger so you can charge one in-camera via USB and one in the external charger. This way if you lose sight of a subject while zoomed-in, it's easy to find it again. If you select Shoot Time Priority, the recordable duration is longer than in Quality Priority mode. The image is flawless, detailed and sharp. Now just hold down the shutter button and the RX10 Mk IV does the rest, and motors along with a silent shutter. Adjusts this camera’s standard for the correct exposure value for each metering mode. You can set a value from -1 EV to 1 EV in 1/6 EV increments. by Itsed65. Depending on the [REC Timing] setting, the relationship between when you press the MOVIE button and the recorded section of the movie is as shown below. It can be set to detect automatically and focus on (registered) faces and enable a function called Smile Shutter. A RAW file saves all information the camera pixels register during shooting and will make for better quality images if you want to edit in something like Adobe Lightroom. Use Large Spot. Thanks. Don’t think so Stephen. All the bridge cameras I have tried close down and have to be switched on and zoomed before you can take a shoot, is this the same. HFR Frame Rate: Selects the shooting frame rate from 240fps/250fps, 480fps/500fps, and 960fps/1000fps. It seems you can only turn the flash off completely in automatic mode, which I don’t want to use. Secret settings for Sony RX10M4 / RX10 IV. > Custom Button 3 > Memory, that function SAVES the current state to that memory location; it doesn't recall it. When set to [Low], the knee’s automatic adjustment starts at higher input signal levels than normal. Thanks for the excellent, useful manual. On: Uses Auto Slow Shutter. It is supposed to be the best camera on the market! High speed burst mode (24FPS) is essential to allow you to better track rapidly moving birds. Here it is at 600mm equivalent: Sony RX10 Mk IV, zoom set to 600mm equivalent. You can program a button to zoom out as you hold it, and zoom back to where you were when released. Birds move: burst mode and AF-C minimises the potential blurry shots. Op facebook zit ook rx10 pagina en daar kan je ook info vandaan krijgen. You can choose the quality of recorded video here. MP4 it is in: MP_ROOT -> 100ANV1 (not available for RAW captures) this feature Shoots three images with different exposures and then overlays the bright area of the underexposed image and the dark area of the overexposed image to create a picture with an extended range from highlight to shadow. Ik wil er wel wat voor betalen hoor. We’ll start at page 1 of the camera Icon (camera settings). If you donate $10 or more, you can get any camera guide on this website sent to your email for free. 100 Mbps, 30p 60M/25p 60M: Records the movies in 3840 × 2160 (30p/25p). How can I turn off the Clicky noise when a picture is taken, I shot alot of wildlife and this noise will scare them off. No Dual Video record on the Model 4. and [Custom Key(PB)]. Stabilization A wonderful piece of work. Hi Katherine, you have a setting in the metering mode menu on MENU → Red Camera Icon → page 7 (Exposure Settings) called Spot metering point. I have it set to red, as this contrasts nicely with most scenes you capture. 4.) The Canon R6 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, while the RX10 IV is a fixed lens compact. I'm a complete novice with cameras, unsure of configuration of aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. Any clue if that’s possible and where that is located? It automatically is switched off when you fully press the shutter. Deletes all previously added functions of your ‘My Menu’. 3. Many thanks for all the work you have put in to this guide. Hi Wim, Many thanks for your help. Hi Yvonne, this is not possible in this camera. Sets SteadyShot effect when shooting movies. displays the QR code or SSID used to connect the camera to a smartphone. From 75mm to 600mm equivalent it gets longer and longer and longer. [Range] should be set narrower when you want to control the quality of dark areas. Power Link: The video light turns on/off in sync with the ON/OFF operation of this camera. (A): The point when the MOVIE button is pressed It will reduce weird color tints at the sides of images or hot pixels; it doesn't reduce high ISO grain or noise. Sets whether to fix the exposure when you press the shutter button halfway down. Select Off to adjust the focus and the exposure separately. To maintain this shutter speed, sufficient ambient light is necessary during shooting. Leave ON. When a lower value is selected, the color of the image is restrained and subdued. Thank you very much for your excellent and useful guide. Touch Panel Only: Activates only the touch panel operations when shooting with the monitor. No Wind. Sets where in the world where you are using your camera. This function adjusts the luminance for each color phase. If your access point has the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button, you can register the access point to this product easily by pushing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button. If needed, you can always very quickly override the F4 setting by turning the control wheel on the lens. It can all be selected here. Selects the language to be used in the menu items, warnings, and messages. The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Mark IV is the best all-in-one camera you can buy, whether you’re a photographer or videographer. Canon R6 vs Sony RX10 IV. The Clock Set screen is displayed automatically when you turn on your RX10 IV for the first time. Which focus method would be optimal for my little bird? "HFR" on the mode dial and menus means high video frame rates. Sony RX10 IV / M4 + Join Group Bluetooth Settings controls the settings for connecting the camera to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. ITU709 ITU709 gamma curve (low-light gain of 4.5). Hi Boon, great tip, I’m sure it will be useful for others too. Sets whether or not to adjust the shutter speed automatically when recording dark scenes. AF Point Only: If you switch to portrait mode, the RX10 IV  will automatically move the AF point in use up to align with your subject. Select whether you want the camera to repeat slideshows when all pictures are viewed or not, and choose the interval between slides. Plays back movies recorded with the product on an NTSC/PAL system TV. People instinctively know that anyone who has to look at the back of his camera is clueless; either he doesn't have his camera set properly or has little confidence that his images are any good. I need to get more from this zoom on the camera…….somehow, or am I expecting too much? Hi Diane, you’re right, it is confusing in these new models. It is shocking. The exposure will be stable even if the composition or the position of the subject changes. I find it very informative. This is suitable to determine the quality of the composition when shooting landscape, close-up, or duplicated images. Have you tried accessing it from the Fn Menu? MTP: Establishes an MTP connection between this product, a computer, and other USB devices. have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. If camera is set to standby in 10 sec’s (lowest standby time setting available), it will come to live as it was when it went into standby. Selects whether to focus automatically when you press the shutter button halfway down. (B): Recorded section This includes composite layering (layering different shots on top of each other for HDR style pictures) and automatically choosing what it thinks is the best image. This enables you to shoot images with less noise. It will continuously buffer video, and stop and record whatever just happened for a couple of seconds before you press the shutter! I was wondering uf you could help with appropriate saved menus for both types of photography and video for easy access prior to shooting. Is there a way to have the camera record this info within the photo? Start trigger is normal (records for a couple of seconds after you press the shutter). I'm a complete novice with cameras, unsure of configuration of aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. A higher set value lowers luminance while deepening the color. At Least 64 GB. It retracts just a little as zoomed from 24mm to 75mm equivalent, and at 75mm equivalent is back at the 24mm mark on the barrel. This at the cost of raising the ISO and noise in your images. Under these conditions, the maximum value of video output is 94%. I have set up a similar configuration as Custom Hold 3 with the AEL button to access this. S-Gamut3.Cine Setting based on the assumption that some grading work will be performed after recording. You can set whether the dials will be locked by pressing and holding the Fn (Function) button. You can release the lock by holding the Fn (Function) button down again. Camera settings. Moving subjects in the dark… Well, I don’t think there is a camera made yet that does a good job, unfortunately. ∞-3m prevents the camera from focusing closer than 3 meters (10 feet). I cannot choose Flash off in either mode A or S ( the ones I mainly use). Touch operations when shooting with the monitor are referred to as “touch panel operations,” and touch operations when shooting with the viewfinder are referred to as “touchpad operations.”. Do you want to take a single picture when you press the shutter button or multiple images? It doesn't reduce any grain or random high ISO noise; it reduces hot pixels and colored fog. I think your guide says this but I’d like to have it confirmed. Gallery Hi Folke, have you tried Center Lock-on AF? Posterization: Creates a high contrast, abstract look by heavily emphasizing primary colors, or in black and white. You can shoot with a stable focus by ignoring the influence of anything in front of the subject. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 IV: Getting the Most from Sony's Advanced Digital … If you want to review your image, you can simply press play to do so. TC/UB Disp. The RX10 IV also becomes the latest RX series camera to offer 4K (QFHD 3840 x 2160) movie recording at 24/30p, while Sony reckons its Fast Hybrid AF system (more on that in a … This setting is available only when the focus mode is set to Continuous AF. I have a problem! Also: sometimes the camera misses the focus on the first shot. Before starting the procedure, check the SSID name of the access point, security system, and password. Because I quite often want to jump between custom configurations I have programmed Memory Recall into the first Fn button location. – a FOCUS CANNOT BE ADJUSTED REMOTELY neither via desktop program nor via smartphone app (AND THIS REALLY SUCKS; OTHER; MUCH CHEAPER CAMERAS EVEN HAVE REMOTE FOCUS VIA APP OR DESKTOP PROGRAM) Bit-rate: Approx. When the MOVIE button is pressed again, or when the recordable duration of time has elapsed, movie capturing ends and the camera starts to record the captured movie to the memory card. Is it a software issue of the camera? You can set the exposure mode for movie shooting. The only time I get a clear landscape is when I sent the camera to landscape photography which gives me no control over my picture or settings. You set this in MENU > Camera 2 > page 1 > HFR Settings > REC Setting. Thanks It is now also possible to save your camera settings to a memory card and recall them later (or on a different camera). Jpeg images will also have in-camera noise reduction applied, something you might or might not want to take care of yourself later, depending on your style and preference. The last feature is by far the most interesting specification. m4/3 (micro-four-thirds) which are panasonic and Olympus cameras have a 2x crop factor. Then focus between that and a place where both the foreground and background remain perceptively sharp. Spot: Measures only the central area (Spot metering). Medium speed burst mode (10FPS). First look at Sony’s latest bridge compact, the Cyber-shot RX10 IV Sony has released a new bridge compact camera into the market in the form of the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV. I can’t find anywhere in the menus to use cropping. bigger. The IV is a different beastie! If so, how many settings can be assigned and how many menu items or buttons can they be assigned to? A great detailed overview of the IV. A great job! If softer film-like highlight effects are desired, select a lower setting for [Point] and a steeper setting for [Slope]. The zebra function shows a zebra pattern on the screen while shooting in any area that is in danger of highlight clipping. – [Location Info. Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 IV: Getting the Most from Sony's Advanced Digital Camera - Kindle edition by White, Alexander. If you accidentally perform the pairing operation on the smartphone setting screen in step 1, cancel the pairing and then perform the pairing operation by following Steps 2 through 7 using the camera and the application PlayMemories Mobile.). STD and 1/32000 to 30′. I are taken a photo at full zoom but then realised I could zoom further in with the touch screen, can I save this zoomed image. If a message such as “C/E:□□:□□” appears on the screen, refer to the self-diagnosis display. 1. 50 Mbps, 120p 100M/100p 100M: Records 1920 × 1080 (120p/100p) size movies at a high speed. Strange place in the Menu for this option, but you can adjust the interval of the subject’s motion here. The camera automatically adjusts the color tones. Either by accident or automatically after a firmware update. Even for a bridge camera, the Sony RX10 IV is a chunky affair – weighing in at 1,095g it makes some DSLRs look lightweight. It was asked how to do timelapse shooting (Adam on December 3, 2017, and others might have the same question). your Canon d7 would have a crop factor of about 1.5 so that your 600 mm have more reach than what 600 would give on a full frame camera. In steps 2 to 7, the pairing operation is performed using the camera and the application PlayMemories Mobile. New Trust me, it works much better with Image Review off (MENU > Camera 2 > page 8 > Auto Review.). Selects whether the product produces a sound or not, for example when the focus is achieved by pressing the shutter button halfway down. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. media’ function inside this menu. Useful for checking details and focus. Black & White: For shooting images in black and white monotone. Besides my Nikon I have been shooting with the Sony hx400v for quite a while which has a 50 * 24 to 1200 Zoom which focuses perfectly for landscapes no problems. Outputs video in 4K resolution to an HDMI-connected TV that supports 4K. Sets the initial position when enlarging an image in playback. Heading to Alaska next week for snow and glacier scenes. Assigns the focus function or the zoom function to the front lens ring and rear lens ring. Sony RX10 Mk IV (72mm filters, 38.4 oz./1,090g with battery and card, about $1,698) bigger. Best guide for the RX10 IV I’ve run across yet. Workshops That doesn’t appear as an option in the list on the left hand side. Bonjour Wieder, super que vous trouvez mon guide utile. It’s better to get a sharp but noisy image than a blurred one…. Align the guide frame with the face to be registered, and press the shutter button. RAW does not have any corrections. If you want to recall the originally saved preset, you have to select it again. and have never seen this happen before. Bracketing is taking a series of pictures, each with different settings, useful for combining your images with various exposures for HDR effects in software afterward, to name just one example. – a focus that cannot be adjusted neither via desktop program nor via smartphone app (AND THIS REALLY SUCKS) I’m new to Sony menus as well. Nikon Coolpix P520 all wakes up from stby as they were when they went into stby. You should do this as quickly as possible, just to get it out of the way. In the beginning of your guide you mentioned that the best setting will be described in a chapter before your conclusions. Under these conditions, a dynamic range of 1,300% is obtained with 90% reflectance white. The RX10 IV has Long Exposure NR off by default. 17 Mbps (Avg.). When the captured data fills the buffering capacity, old data is overwritten sequentially. I’m trying to figure out how to silence the shutter sound for an upcoming safari, but can’t seem to locate that in the menu. Do you want your screen on all the time, switch between screen and EVF once your eye has been detected near the viewfinder? flexible spot. Great help! Does the rx10 4 have that too ? For our first slow motion video shot with the RX100 mark IV , I simply compiled a series of random actions and situations that looked interesting when seen in … It was my dream camera, so I am really upset about it. 2 sec, 5 seconds or no limit. The same computer was used. Surely this setting exist somewhere on a £1800 camera, right? See also Sony's RX10 IV User's Guide PDF. – a desktop program that does not adjust to higher resolution monitors (letters and icons get so small one cannot decipher them anymore). Proxy movies are recorded in the XAVC S HD format (1280×720) at 9 Mbps. Memory Card HDMI: Simultaneously outputs to the external recording/playback device and records on the camera’s memory card. Thanks for the info and the great explanation of the menus. Set auto ISO to aminimum 100 and maximum 400. custom button 3 and choose Deactivate Monitor. 1/8000 ― 30″: The ISO sensitivity starts to change at the shutter speed you have set. The higher the frame rate, the slower the motion, but potentially at a lower resolution. Not only do I shoot Birds but really enjoyed shooting landscapes. MF: Manual Focus. Thanks. I have been a Canon user for many years, but sadly due to some health issues I can no longer hand hold the cameras with the prime lenses for any length of time and a tripod is not always a viable option. Thanks Wim for your fantastic guide! We have SONY A6000, two Canons, and other cameras and never anything like that happened. The larger the image size, the more detail will be reproduced when the image is printed on large-format paper. If you use burst mode with AF-S you have several blurry images. De manual is summier, de Help Guide is beter, maar jouw uiteenzetting is de beste. Range available between Wide, Middle or Narrow. Soft High-key: Creates an image with the indicated atmosphere: bright, transparent, ethereal, tender, soft. Hello Wim A fail-proof way of getting the camera to focus on what you want. Keith, you’re absolutely right. The video P, A, S, and M exposure modes are even more well hidden. It does not change much at all when the color is achromatic. Sets the initial magnification scale when using [Focus Magnifier]. If not I am no worse off than with Multi. The RX10 IV is expected to be available from late October and will cost £1800. A positive value results in more vivid colors, while a negative value presents faded colors. Sunset: For shooting the beautiful red of the setting sun. If so, how many settings can be assigned and how many menu items or buttons can they be assigned to? Contrast: The higher the value selected, the more the difference of light and shadow is accentuated, and the bigger the effect on the image. A lower setting will turn white grayish, while a higher setting will discard gradations in high luminance areas. Bracket order: Sets the order of exposure bracketing and white balance bracketing. MENU > Camera 1 > page 1 > Long Exposure NR. I can’t find anywhere in the menus to do this. You can create smoother slow-motion images using compatible editing equipment. Best, Wim, what is the latest firmware my camera says 1.00 Hi Rodger, you’re right about the ZONE system, it’s not part of the AF area system anymore. By far my favourite way to capture slow-mo on the Sony RX100 Mk IV and RX10 Mk II is the regular 1080/120fps mode. The RX10 IV is expected to be available from late October and will cost £1800. 50 Mbps, 24p 50M: Records the movies in 1920 × 1080 (24p). I would go full manual for this. )[End Trigger]/[End Trigger Half] How do I switch off the operational “Beep” sound on the RX-10 MK4. Assign this by pressing MENU > Camera 2 > page 9 > Custom Key (shoot) > (select a Custom Button to which to assign this) > Zoom Assist. The basic contrast and coloring are defined by the combination of [Gamma] (gamma curve) and [Color Mode] (color characteristics) settings. If you have a Wifi-enabled TV, you can see pictures and slideshows directly from your camera through your home wireless network. I’d just like to see the picture in normal magnification in the screen. Set the advance mode (Fn > wind the box at the bottom left for advance mode) to continuous (the bearded rectangle) and choose a frame rate of Mid (10 FPS) or Hi (24 FPS). Your email address will not be published. When a confirmation message appears, select [Enter]. BTW – no matter the stby time (it doesn’t have to set to 10 sec’s) – it/they always wakes up/returns as set when going into stby – including zoom-setting and all. Feel free to use whichever you prefer. YC-RX10-IV-0893.JPG YC-RX10-IV-0893.ARW 9,122,684 bytes 5472x3648 1/250 sec f11.0-0.3 EV 220.0 mm focal length ISO 400 When set to Auto, the RX10 just figures this out on its own. Can you tell me how to do multiple delete, at the moment I just format the card after downloading to pc. This is more easily controlled via the right thumb wheel when you’re in SCN mode, but you can also select the presets for different scenes (like sports or portrait) from here. The resolution advantage of the Sony RX10 III implies greater flexibility for cropping images or the possibility to print larger pictures. Go to MENU → Purple Camera Icon → page 7 (Display screen and Auto Review settings).You can set the behavior of the EVF and screen in the Finder/Monitor menu here. Sony packs the RX10 IV with extraordinary large-aperture lenses, a state-of-the-art BIONZ X™ processor ensuring high resolution out to the images’ edges, capability to shoot dazzling bokeh and steady close-ups, and much more. 2. The Sony RX10 IV’s impressive zoom lens is just part of what puts this camera at the top of its class. This is used for synchronization of video in post-production. In spot or center, the camera only considers what is in that spot or the center (per example, if your subject is completely black, the camera will try to compensate by overexposing the image). I bought this camera in feb this year and really needed the time to play with some really good instructions. With Large Spot hopefully I frequently have the subject in the spot to get good exposure. Distant landscapes also stand out more. I’ve amended the post to reflect this. Change the color temperature of the viewfinder (colder-warmer) to you liking. Set this into Custom Memory 1 and this is the setup I normally use when I walk around. Enable this at MENU > Camera 1 > page 14. Select this setting when the audio deviation is a problem during audio monitoring. Autofocus Controls, Sony RX10 Mk IV. You can choose Graphic Display, all info, no disp info, and histogram. Some functions are available only when they are assigned to a custom key. Good luck, let me know how you get on. Select a setting that will help you frame your shot. You guide will help me find my way much faster for which many thanks, So that a single menu item or button will change many settings at the same time. You can assign the desired function to the desired key. [Off]/[On], Aspect: Sets the aspect marker display. HD video is perfectly happy with FAT32. Hint 2: Turn off Image Review so the viewfinder isn't trying to show what you just shot while you're still shooting it. Assigns zoom in (T) or zoom out (W) functions to the rotational directions of the lens ring to which the zoom function has been assigned. Hi Wim, Many cameras with fixed lenses offer big zoom ranges, but none in this category compete with the speed and autofocus performance of the Sony RX10 IV. Since the Sony RX10 IV has the same menu layout as recently released Sony Alpha cameras, you’ll quickly find your way around if you already own one of those. You can either decide to choose which images you want to transfer on the camera or the wireless device (via the Sony PlayMemories app, available for free in the apple or android store). Hi Mark, if I’m not mistaking, again it’s pressing the DISP button UP to toggle the display. If you have none of these problems, you don't need to use Long Exposure NR and can save a lot of waiting around in the dark. This balance variation may cause the black color in the subject to appear different when cameras are switched. Nu nog downloaden als printable PDF. I’ve read a little that the minimum Focus distance changes for different focal lengths. This is a new functionality. You can assign the desired functions to the following keys. S-Log3: [S-Log3] gamma curve with characteristics closer to those of film. 60 Mbps, 60i 24M(FX)*: 50i 24M(FX): Records high image quality movies of 1920 × 1080 (60i/50i). 2) And i’m trying to decide between the Sony and the Canon EOS77D. Hi Amit, strange, it’s definitely in there. Is this a new release of firmware or am I doing something wrong? This new model follows from where the RX10 III left off, arriving roughly a year and a half later. Your email address will not be published. As feature-packed as the camera is, there are only so many miracles Sony can pull off. Are you looking for an advanced manual with tips and tricks on older models? Responsive: Sets the AF sensitivity to high. Off: Disables the [Picture Effect] function. I go for the point of focus. You can zoom and focus more intuitively using the two lens rings (front and rear). Hi Martin, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. 2. Use “Wide” as I think it is practically impossible to keep a flying bird sufficiently close to the centre of the frame to ensure that the camera focuses on the bird and not something else. Sets the markers to be displayed while shooting movies. You can display several markers at the same time. turn the ring to focus. Join their respective Facebook groups, click on the PHOTOS gallery, to see 100’s of great sample images. The camera continuously tracks your subject as it moves. My settings are normally aperture priority mainly f8 and above focusing set too wide it doesn’t matter if I shoot single Auto or continuous there still out of focus. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. A great manual, Wim. Each memory also recalls your zoom setting, so I set mine about midway between tele and wide so I'm at a normal setting first. i just bought the Sony RX10 IV , and you extensive manual helps me to have a good initial start , Thanks a Lot ! These are only available when quality is set to Jpeg (Not in RAW). The biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything. I just migrated from Panasonic FZ2000 to the Sony RX10 m4 and got dazzled by the 600 page manual. Self-timer: Shoots an image using the self-timer after a designated number of seconds have elapsed since the shutter button was pressed. Also sets the number of seconds until the shutter is released if using the self-timer. You can adjust the audio recording level while checking the level meter. It is not recorded into the resulting image.I have it set halfway at around 75, and it is a very useful indication of correct exposure of the entire scene. Cont. A high high shutter speed for eliminating/reducing motion blur and minimising effect of camera shake. Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV – Features. Do you edit your pictures on your desktop? You can also move the tracking start area to the desired point by designating the area as a flexible spot or expand flexible spot.” You use the low-resolution files for easy, fast editing and creating EDLs (Edit Decision Lists) that you you then use to guide your system reading timecode from your original 4K files to rendering your final 4K output offline —  while you're sleeping or otherwise not waiting for your system to render. The camera keeps adjusting the exposure while shooting in Cont. 5.) Mvg, Wim, “Because I quite often want to jump between custom configurations I have programmed Memory Recall into the first Fn button location.”. Does not adjust the exposure when you press the shutter button halfway down. Selects whether to always display the first screen of the menu when you press the MENU button. This guide starts from your Menu settings and goes through all aspects of this interesting camera. I believe there is a “night” SCN in the RX10 Sweetbabe. So there is nothing you can do really, except the problem seems to be worse when underexposing, even slightly. You can find those posts here: When you switch on your Sony RX10 IV you’ll be asked to enter a date, time and time zone. Long Exposure NR makes a second equally long exposure with the shutter closed, which detects any noise that might be picked up. It allows you to build a custom menu. It is recommended in cases where [S-Gamut3], a wide color space, is not required. I have had my RX10 IV for a month now and have a question regarding the flash. It helped a lot to keep oriented with such a vast amount of functions. With practice you can shoot even with each eye seeing a different magnification, and keep the camera both zoomed-in and on-target. If you must look at menus or played-back images while in public, use the electronic finder. No worries if I want smaller apertures; I just flick the rear dial until I get the combination of aperture and shutter speed I prefer. Change the orientation of images in-camera. Doing so enables you to record more realistic audio. You’ll see a type of noise outlining the parts of your image where the focus lies, and you can adjust the sensitivity to high, mid or low. TC Make: Sets the recording format for the time code on the recording medium. It turns back on at your previous zoom setting, even if it was 600mm, so if you don't expect to be needing 600mm for the next shot, zoom out to a wider setting before you turn it off to save yourself from having to wait for it to motor out the next time. The RX10IV is the best all in one bridge camera. Touch Pad Only: Activates only the touch pad operations when shooting with the viewfinder. Best, Wim, Thank you for a most helpful guide which saved me a lot of guess work and frustration. Best on class. If that is the case I will need to be in touch with the seller, because my camera doesn`t allow it. The time code can be set between the following range: 00:00:00:00 to 23:59:59:29.  You can select how long the image will stay on the screen (10, 5 or 2 seconds). Tracking and rapid burst mode is not essential and it is important to have as small as possible focus area to avoid the effect of branches/twigs etc that get in the way. Point the cursor to ‘Lock-on AF’ on the Focus Area setting screen, and then adjust the desired area to start tracking by pressing the multi-selector left/right. Sony does this because you need to use EXFAT card formatting to record files bigger than 4GB, and that requires an SDXC card. Thanks for the setting guide. You can change the display quality from standard to high at the expense of shorter battery life. Press the in the center of the control wheel. When turned ON, it allows you to track a subject. Sony RX10 II setup, tips, and tricks Introduction. High Contrast Mono. Depending on what your subject is doing, it either focuses and locks like the S position, or continuously tracks the subject as in the C position. Sets the zoom speed of the camera’s zoom lever.o either normal or fast. When I put the SD card into my PC, some clips are listed NOT in chronological order. Set the AF mode switch on the front of the camera to C, for continuous autofocus. These have a larger sensor then the sony … Should I choose the sports setting of the Scene programme can I also use continuous focus. You can get 17 MP stills while rolling video, but only with HD video. Because each of the 6 colors — R (Red), G (Green), B (Blue), C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow) — can be adjusted individually, you can apply this function to just the colors you want to emphasize. I find the fastest way to recall a Memory Recall setting is to turn the top dial away and back to the MR position, select the setting I want, and then hit the center button to get to it. Can you tell me what references you are referring too, that would be helpful. Standard: For shooting various scenes with rich gradation and beautiful colors. Tous droits réservés. It’s tricky because once the boats pass by, there is no second chance (not like a long tennis match, etc.). Normally I can right click on a picture in “Photos”, click “info” and get the camera setting for the picture(zoom, aperture, iso). Deep: For shooting images with deep and dense colors, suitable for capturing the solid presence of the subject. You can save a number of settings here to a customized  Shoot Set. Continuous AF definitely, and at least a 1/200 second shutter speed for movement, although I would even go faster. For sports, set facial recognition ON at MENU > Camera 1 > page 14. 4. You can also store these on your SD card and move them from camera to camera. The all-in-one versatility of the RX10 IV’s 24-600mm zoom lens really helped with these shots, letting Kaisa shoot wider for a more environmental feel. You’ll see the icon for the recognized scene appears on the top right hand of the screen. Very good. If you want to simulate an old film, or capture winter morning fog, the black level value should be increased. The Sony RX10 IV is not a camera you can slip into your pocket, being 5.25x3.75x5.12 inches in size and weighing in at 2 pounds, 6.7 ounces with card and battery. This fourth generation of bridge compact in the RX series is equipped with Sony’s latest 1-inch 20.1-megapixel Exmor RS CMOS stacked image sensor with DRAM chip, along with a powerful BIONZ X image processor and front-end LSI. Vivid: The saturation and contrast are heightened for shooting striking images of colorful scenes and subjects such as flowers, spring greenery, blue sky, or ocean views. We purchased with the intention of an all round use, Thankyou for your detailed guide. First let me thanks for providing this information, it’s appreciated and easy to understand. Hi Wim AVCHD it is in: PRIVATE -> AVCHD -> BDMV -> STREAM. This is a useful and exciting setting. Auto Area Adjust. Used when [Gamma] is set to [S-Log3]. If you select ISO AUTO you are in  P (Program Auto) or A (Aperture Priority) mode; you can set the shutter speed at which the ISO sensitivity starts changing. The difference in shutter speed at which ISO sensitivity starts to change between [Faster], [Fast], [Standard], [Slow], and [Slower] is 1 EV. I cannot find it in the menu. 4. : Sets whether to automatically correct the date setting of the camera using information from a linked smartphone. Audio: LPCM, AXAVC S HD: (default setting):Records movies in crisper quality than AVCHD with larger amounts of data. 1. The HFR shooting screen will be displayed. For example, when [Frame Rate] is set to [960fps], the shutter speed per frame will be faster than approx. The unit feels solid in your hand if it will be able to withstand weathering with the moving parts. The highlight detail in auto HDR is better than that in DRO and with reduced noise. The camera will automatically start recording as soon as you finish shooting. Best, Wim, We bought the RX 10 M4 in October 2018. Think of this menu as an Instagram app right in your camera, with all kinds of retro filters and effects. Secret settings for Sony RX10M4 / RX10 IV. I would think that either you or someone else changed the date in the camera at one point. It was asked how to do timelapse shooting (Adam, on December 3, 2017 and others might have the same question). For the BIF suggestions; is the Large Spot metering mode the Entire Screen Avg selection. Can you tell me if I have a focus problem with my camera is there something I’m not doing right. PLEASE HELP. © Ken Rockwell. When the latter is enabled, the camera will automatically capture an image when a smile is detected. my problem is how to return the button to its original function without resetting the whole camera. It took me a long time to figure out why my camera was mysteriously reselecting those AF areas on its own! As a matter of interest the combination of lens and sensor in the RX10 produces an image quality equivalent to the Canon 7DII plus Sigma 150-600mm Sport except in very high contrast situations or at high ISO settings. Center: Sets whether or not to display the center marker in the center of the shooting screen. The Sony RX10 IV will also use the most appropriate FOCUS AREA, and ISO value (the ISO range cannot be changed in iAuto though). Selects the functionality (what is shown) on the screen when you press the DISP button (on the control wheel). . Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV ... own gear list and ratings, likes, more forums, private messaging, thread follow, notifications, own gallery, all settings, view hosted photos, own reviews, see more and do more... and all is free. Bit-rate: Approx. You can adjust the desired exposure mode by selecting MENU- camera Settings-High Frame Rate. I have saved it as a PDF file and loaded it onto my Kindle and iPad for convenient reading. Diag. Sony packs the RX10 IV with extraordinary large aperture lenses, a state-of-the-art BIONZ X™ processor ensuring high resolution out to the images' edges, capability to shoot dazzling bokeh and steady close-ups, and much more. I have also owned Canon, Nikon and Panasonic cameras as well It’s also is the first in the series to include a touchscreen. Because settings other than [Level] are quite complex, we recommend you start by adjusting only the [Level] setting first. If you’re shooting RAW, these styles are embedded, but can always be zeroed after importing them to you RAW editor of choice. You can press Register to save these custom shoot presets to your SD card. One question: I have saved the in-camera help guide in the C3 key and this is what my menu shows but I cannot retrieve it. (14.2mm actual), f/3.2 for five minutes at ISO 100. bigger or full-resolution file to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely display the full resolution properly). Sets whether to simultaneously record low-bit-rate proxy movies when recording XAVC S movies. Hope you are well! This function determines the strength of detail image processing to be applied. The camera's processors are so busy shooting 4K that the stills are simply the native 8MP image size of 4K. After this is set up, press the MENU button. Very best regards, I started out using a Sony RX10 III which has since been replaced by the Sony RX10 IV.The RX10 series is essentially a bridge camera, or a point and shoot on steroids.

sony rx10 iv moon settings

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