Meg’s VOD, “Always On: How to Be Ready to Communicate in a Crisis,” will be coming soon to a device near you. Lather, Rinse, Repeat: How Preparation helps Communicators Respond to Crises. Protegido: Blog. She also oversees the Western Union Social Ventures department and the Western Union Foundation, together with its Board of Directors. Repeat. Understand the stakes of each presentation personally — know why the outcome is important to you, and let the audience know it too. Michael helps individuals, teams, companies and brands with personal and corporate branding, executive and team coaching and one-of-a-kind PowerPoint training (“How to Put the Power Back in PowerPoint”) that turns corporate presenters into uniquely effective communicators. A large U.S. chain of department stores gathers information on what customers say they would like to see in store with sales associates to help them inform the merchandising process. Why is it that when we contemplate proposing marriage to someone, we immediately start making plans according to what the other person likes; how the other person thinks; from the other person’s POV? Para verlo, por favor, introduce tu contraseña a continuación: Contraseña: Instagram. His current endeavor: leading the marketing and communications team at Arrow Electronics. Arezou also established global Customer Experience Management programs, infusing customer centricity into the fabric of the company. Anticipate resistance and 2. The Butterfield Blues Band: East-West Elektra EKS-7315 Format: 33rpm-LP Manufacturer: Speakers Corner Status: New release, in stock In 1965, just one year after Paul Butterfield had formed his blues band – named after himself - and launched one of the very best groups among the white Chicago blues community, the band produced this dynamic and visionary album (IBM even ranks the most prolific and popular advocates.) @mpgonring #CSR is usually a great source of #brand content, but it depends on program objectives. More and more organizations are coming to understand the importance of becoming publishers as they recognize that marketing is no longer a game of control, but one of influence. Bernie has passion and a drive for excellence that extends beyond his work. @WestmeathGlobal A2: Second mistake is forcing staff to participate and being too controlling. Nothing. So, today my friend and I … This is what we call a “Content Value Exchange.”. @AS_BioTrackTHC Sure. Check out their highlight clips from their Speakers’ Corner webisode, “Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing.” • creation of measurement dashboards among many other foundational steps. You should avoid jumping on the bandwagon without careful due diligence and planning. This is also where you build relationships with the media. When someone asks a question in a search engine online, your blog will come up. By Speakers’ Corner Presenter and Western Union Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Diane Scott. There are many notable leaders who have deliberately and strategically leveraged robust content and specific channels to move the needle. Be on the lookout for expressions or body language that feel like someone is confused, uncomfortable, or lost. While CPO requires a great deal of front end work, including: • persona development, At Speakers Corner we're lucky to work with some amazing speakers and we often turn their thoughts into words on our blog page. I recently had the opportunity to discuss this important topic on the Speakers’ Corner video-on-demand series with my colleague Amanda Turner. Are you good at listening? Meg VanderLaan is the Chief Communications Officer of MWH Global, headquartered in Broomfield, Colo. Having lived and worked in Asia and the U.S., Arezou brings a thoughtful international perspective to business, which has solidified her reputation as an adept leader of global cross-functional teams. When you are getting ready to present to an audience, knowing as much as you can about that audience should be your same starting point. Data Analytics and My Stream of Consciousness. Below are a few tips to get more traffic, followers and devoted readers: 11 – Edit your headlines. While there, he managed the SAP account, directing the integrated communications campaign and building a global team in more than 40 countries. It’s true that many companies start with small pilot programs, but author/pundit Jay Baer said it best: “If your employees aren’t your biggest fans, you’ve got bigger problems than social media.”. – Perhaps the biggest barrier to a successful advocacy program is stale, self-serving content. Author, speaker, and entrepreneur Amy McIlwain shares her knowledge at events around the world ranging from audiences of 1,000 to small executive boardrooms. It’s this philosophy of “measuring them” that allows us to continue to get a holistic picture of the customer and how they want to engage with a company or engage with your competitors. Tie your passion to your purpose. Regardless of where you land on the emotional spectrum, IKEA is one of the biggest global brands, welcoming over 716 million customers through its yellow and blue doors in 2014 alone. #SCVOD, — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, . It reminds me of the instructions on the back of shampoo bottles: Lather. Every Saturday at noon, a member of the committee will be at Speakers’ Corner to encourage members of the public to have their say – to Get It Of Their Chest. This is often larger than what you would first pick as aesthetically pleasing. Don’t hide from the media, even if you cannot provide much, and consider communicating to all of your stakeholders. @CSG_PR Yes, #advocacy should be gamified – example is in ranking of participants based on frequency, reach #Gamification #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, A2. If you’re not sure, you need to fix your culture before you think about advocacy. Fra Øivind Andersens bok "Ved Kilden". Jeffrey holds a BA in communication and French from the University of Colorado. This blog features more insights from our speakers on focus topics as well as presenters’ commentary and perspectives.  Speakers’ Corner covers the “REAL” of marketing: By Anne McCarthy As Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Diane Scott is focused on developing new products and services for consumers and businesses by leveraging existing assets to increase consumer loyalty and retention, attract new consumers and obtain a higher share of wallet. We work with 7500 speakers, with 1000 on our website. In this role, VanderLaan serves as the senior public relations executive and primary company spokesperson. Personal achievements include completing over 40 marathons (including ultra-marathons), 50 triathlons and climbing trips to Mt. It is always interesting to me to watch crises as they unfold and to realize how companies forget two very important words: communication and respect. I dag er dette Skriftens ord oppfylt for deres ører! She is equally strong in left brain and right brain thinking—a differentiator which informs her intentional approach to seizing opportunities and solving problems. And we do so based on an intimate knowledge of that person. That means no hype, no fluff, no dishonesty and no hiding. And to win business with your blog, you need to do more than write valuable content. For more info on Bernie Charland and Employee Advocacy, click here! He has held key executive and management roles in the U.S. and U.K., including Chief Marketing Officer at HBOS Cards Services and Head of Commercial Management at Barclaycard, a strategic business unit of Barclays Bank. As General Manager of Data Services, he is responsible for driving Tendril’s Data Services business unit and leading a team of highly talented, analytics professionals to extend the value of Tendril’s data driven products and services. @DavidMortazavi highly regulated companies require more rigorous training and strong #socialmedia policies. Last year, he wrote, “Just Add Water,” which shares his secrets on great presentations. Avoid saying “No Comment.” While feeling right at the time, it may raise suspicion in the news consumer’s mind. Prevention is the best cure, but certainly how you respond to a crisis when it presents itself can make all the difference. As a community leader, VanderLaan was named the 2014 Outstanding Woman in Business in Media, PR and Communications by the Denver Business Journal. 2. At its core employee advocacy helps amplify your marketing efforts – increasing the credibility, reach, audience and engagement well beyond levels for typical corporate outreach. Know the communications team at your client or site so you understand their protocols. In her spare time, VanderLaan enjoys skiing, mountain biking and traveling. Crisis management is becoming more complicated with so many different channels. Most of Anne’s career has been spent communicating the business of business. @annakadric are you referring to disclosure rules? Anne participated in the 2009 Summit on the Global Agenda (World Economic Forum), was named one of the Business 100 by “Irish America” magazine (2009-2013). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and a master’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Finance, from the University of New Mexico. In his latest blog our MD Nick Gold explains how external speakers are upskilling…. BOND STREET. @AS_BioTrackTHC A2: Allowing #employees to add commentary on approved #content (positive and negative) makes things less contrived. For me, surviving a crisis is just like that. For Disney, this means bringing together a cast of actors, production specialists, tour guides, designers, food service, marketing gurus, and IT teams together to create a “magical” experience. As listening and conversation are the foundation of social marketing, we have found that there are some conversations that are more important than others and we would like to share our thoughts with you in this video. As for the potential benefits of employee advocacy, they have been well documented and are backed by robust research and results. Be consistent, but human, and always use caution when responding in the heat of the moment. @Steelpig66 Companies can, should monitor what #employees post online – but should also give benefit of doubt. En esta ocasión y va a ser recurrente en adelante, vais a poder obtener post de otros blogs donde colaboramos como autores. Most of this work begins before a crisis happens. Always savvy that the rapid shifts between traditional and social marketing can be challenging to navigate and harness, she addresses the most pertinent issues regarding social media, resulting in a clear approach that allows you to cut marketing costs, consistently build your network, and increase your revenue. A Speakers' Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed.The original and best known is in the northeast corner of Hyde Park in London, England.Historically there were a number of other areas designated as Speakers' Corners in other parks in London, such as Lincoln's Inn Fields, Finsbury Park, Clapham Common, Kennington Park, and Victoria Park. And don’t make assumptions about them — do that and you are playing with fire. Employee advocacy is mobilizing trained employees to share company-approved content through employee-owned social channels to engage consumers, peers and family. Written in an informal but informed style, these posts encompass between 500-800 words and engage the readers in… Fancy fonts stand out, but may be hard to read, so use them for headings and subheadings only. For more info on Speakers’ Corner including pricing, package options or how to get involved, email us at, Speakers' Corner VOD Throughout her career, she has provided valuable communications council to corporate leadership. Since 2008, VanderLaan has chaired the fund-raising task force for the 9News Parade of Lights, a 40-year holiday tradition in Denver. Genuine contact, eye-to-eye, is the only way to make a meaningful connection with someone, and the only way to communicate real conviction in a visceral, human way. She and her husband, Evan, live in Golden, Colorado, with their son. I keep thinking back and remember when organizations were struggling with bytes of data, that then became kilobytes, then megabytes, and regardless of its size, it was always a bigger byte than they could chew. Success isn’t going to happen overnight. Know your allies and partners and work with them. Speakers Corner in Browns Bay, Auckland. Viola!  Eureka!  I redeemed my credibility and perhaps a bit of my ego! Whether it was showing up at the starting line of his first Iron-distance triathlon having never participated in a triathlon before, grabbing a camera without a producer to shoot public service announcements as a college intern at a local PBS station, or driving into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina with nothing more than a copy of his radio station’s license as a credential to be able to lend a hand, this is a man who defies gravity while producing results. He clearly outlines those who survive and those who do not and points out the importance of the balance of logic and emotion. You’ll have to turn this aqueous and malleable data into concrete insights about the customers. Connect with Michael on social! @AS_BioTrackTHC A1: Need organic #employee gen content for #authenticity…employees control what, when and where they post. He has served on the Faculty at Visa Europe Business School and is a frequent conference speaker. Nothing persuades like the passion of conviction. This helps human readers and crawling search bots find your content. Martha followed suit in 1867.Mid-way between their passings, in December 1863, daughter Sarah Doughty died in London. Since 1866 Speakers' Corner has been a place of public debate, dialogue and arguments galore. Respect the media and injured parties-they are not adversaries. Join us in this Speakers’ Corner webisode as we discuss the five social conversations that all brands should care about, and how they have provided us with invaluable insights about our customers, helped tens of thousands of customers through our 24×7/ 365 social care and created a lot of brand advocacy and awareness along the way. You need to think and plan. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two boys and runs her own firm, Amanda and Bernie’s VOD, “Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing”. Speakers’ Corner is a London institution. She’s lived in Amsterdam, Boston, Chicago, London, New York, Philadelphia and Tokyo. As the head of internal communications, she oversaw financial and strategic messaging, a global rebranding, the introduction of new leadership and the acquisition/divestiture of numerous entities. Potential problem with informal employee commentary #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, . Once upon a time this station had a frontage designed by Charles Holden, but that has long since gone, as the space directly above the station is now a shopping centre called West 1 (name taken directly from the postcode). During his early years in academia, he was at the forefront of systems and decision science research, and completed a PhD in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia. Its approach coined in the experience principle of “fanatical support” is driven internally to engage employees who are key in delivering a refreshing and energizing experience in a category where customers spend the majority of their time listening to hold music. PASSION. Rinse. It is relationship driven.  So it only makes sense that we as a business leverage social media to engage with our existing customers, while continuing to grow a strong customer base.   As such, we are utilizing social media to build a critical mass audience that is engaged with the Western Union brand, drives awareness and advocacy, and provides high quality care. There are different ways in which organizations can manage the pain-pleasure gap. It’s a lot of data”, says Nick Gold, the managing director of London-based speaker bureau called Speakers Corner. You can download the full 15-step checklist in this PDF! NB! 43. Build relationships with the media and always respond to their inquiries–even when you cannot provide information due to legal actions, confidentiality or pending investigation. Steven’s VOD, “Unleashing the Power of Content: Turning Content Into a Strategic Asset,” will be coming soon to a device near you. The companies that are the most progressive at how they look at data, like Google, Uber and AirBnB, are creating significant value and changing the economy.  They way they look at data and figure out how to extract value has become a compelling and sustainable advantage. For example, in most organizations, the PR function is extracting and packaging content for the media, while the social media team is creating streams to cultivate a community, while advertising is centered on brand building activities all of which are often not aligned. Steven is best known for his creatively strategic, metrics-based thinking that he applies to the firm’s clients’ challenges and opportunities, including crisis management, company and product launches, brand building, thought leadership and business accelerators. You’ll see a sign marking the area, and usually, large crowds of listeners and hecklers gathered around various speakers. As a result, driving value from data must now be contemplated as part of an overall business strategy. Brother Bill, a popular deejay at 102.1 the Edge throughout the 90s and into the 2000s, heard that episode, and mailed me his tape of Speakers Corner outtakes. Think of the foundation for a house; the through line of a scene; the key chords to a piece of music; if the foundation for your presentation — your crystal clear objective — isn’t crystal clear, your presentation will be fatally flawed. Training is also critical. Given that the ability to leverage data significantly impacts a company’s ability to compete, in the next five years, fortunes will be made and lost based on which leaders can most effectively reorient their approach; initiate enterprise-wide; data-led transformations; and effectively monetize this new type of asset. What do they want to hear from you? Programs that are dictatorial or stifle creativity will not be successful. Opportunities can hide in plain sight.  Some ways to positively impact the bottom line using data include: The conditions for data monetization for a wide range of businesses are great: However, these same trends create challenges for businesses.  Too often companies get off course by diving right into the masses of data that is available.  Instead, the focus needs to shift to thinking about the right questions and the answers to them — the value is in the answers, not the data. blog. In this era of universal access to information, don’t attempt to fake it. Optimize For Increased Traffic But how can you get your blog in front of more people? No Comments. Every Sunday, in the north-east corner of Hyde Park near the Marble Arch, folks (guys mostly) attempt to persuade both the passersby and the intentional “attendees”. Whether a company is redefining its mission, introducing a new strategy, acquiring a competitor or simply seeking to improve upon the status quo, Amanda identifies how to best engage employees and align them toward a common goal. Do you trust your employees? @annakadric#Gamification can be effective depending on #culture, often great fit @ CPG companies. As program expands from pilot to company-wide, internal Q&A could be great training/promotion. Luella received the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and in 2014 was recognized by the same organization as one of Colorado’s most powerful women. Lenin, Marcus Garvey, William Morris etc…all going to etch their names in history. When it comes to speaking and presenting, there is only one thing you need to know: Nothing will accelerate your career faster than developing your ability to communicate. In December 2014, the university also awarded VanderLaan the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa. • shared value identification, The park has been graced by esteemed individuals like George Orwell. @mmcfroehlke1 A2: But need to keep active through crisis to be credible. -LinkedIn As a purpose-driven company that “moves money for better,” placing strong emphasis on our customer experience and engagement is of utmost importance. Interested in reading more musings from Jeffrey? Arezou previously served on the board of the YWCA in Vancouver, Washington. Five important considerations when creating a strategic Leadership Platform: 1. -Highlight Clip #1: Mitigate the Risk of an Employee Advocacy Program In order to be more than a ‘one hit wonder’ a true leader must have more than one facet to his or her life. We have created a checklist to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and blog content, make sure you have your blogging platform setup correctly and offer new ideas to get more people seeing your blog articles. Next article Jong in Amsterdam. Located at the corner of Queen and John, the Speakers Corner booth was a uniquely Toronto innovation that democratized media long before it was fashionable, or indeed even practical. 5. Bernie and Amanda’s VOD, “Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing”. Simply put, Westmeath takes the mystery out of business communications and builds programs that are tied to the business results. However, there are things to do in London that will cost you nothing. Our latest guest blog features Cally Beaton with 5 tips to handle this changing world…. So how do you know if you are on the right track? A survey by Temkin Group of over 200 companies revealed that 63% of companies said they planned on using customer journey maps in 2015. • packaging of content, and 15 – Add social sharing buttons to your blog page. Westmeath offers four complementary marketing and communications services:  Advisory Services; Performance Diagnostics; Acceleration Plans and Engagement Services. Steven started his career as an outside communications consultant for Ernst & Young, Lehman Brothers and Prudential, as well as consumer companies, including Sharp Electronics and the United Ski Industries Association. Las Reglas del Juego han cambiado-col. ... Posted on octubre 8th, by Speakers Corner in Novedades, Sin categoría. Advocacy programs are an excellent way to foster employee participation in your brand story, both as messengers and content contributors – or storytellers. Starting as an engineer, she was promoted to R&D project manager, Design Center program manager, and R&D section manager. If you are not already in the mode of listen-learn-adapt, however, these benefits will be lost on you. We talk about these and other examples in our Speakers’ Corner webisode “Measure Them.”. Leaders today need to be more than one dimensional. Bernie has been owner and principal of Thinktwice Communications since 2009. Now you have your awesome custom content ready to go, but you need to present it in a way that is easy to digest. Posts about Speakers Corner written by thejohnfleming. Today the park is used by the public… Here are our top 7 tips…, Here at Speakers Corner, we understand that strong, inspiring and motivational leadership…, Here's our top virtual event tips a must read for any event organiser or meeting…, Here's 10 virtual keynote speakers who are inspiring audiences to meet the challenges…, Here's our top recommended themes to discuss in your first team meeting as we gradually…. Will you be social in good times and bad? Eight years separated Henry SPINK and his wife Martha DOUGHTY but a few months after he reached his allotted span in 1858 Henry died. – No matter how well you design and execute your advocacy program, it will lag if your social media policies confuse or inhibit your employees. Speaker’s Corner is more than just a corner While you’ll usually find speakers convened around the area commonly known as Speaker’s Corner, the speaking area of Hyde Park is actually much larger. Communicate your crisis plan to your employees. His expertise stretches across healthcare, tourism, telecommunications, financial services, oil and gas, services and consumer electronics. speakerscornercastellon. Is your social media policy overly complex or restrictive? Optimize For Your Audience By aligning teams under a unifying brand principle, these brands have been able to get outside of their departmental marketing silos to create a consistent and excellent customer experience. What information will they find helpful, informative or entertaining. 3. Please send me your latest blogs, speaker interviews and free event invites via email.Â. In this role she was responsible for instilling a consumer-centric culture and processes globally. LIMELIGHT. Be prepared both internally and with your clients or sites. We were asked by our CEO to project market performance for our brands in the upcoming quarter.  My team and I got to work, derived a great model with high correlation values and proudly presented our insights to our executive office.  Big bust! It’s critical to have carefully planned messaging, use honest, empathetic and human language. VanderLaan is an active member of the board of directors for several organizations, including the Downtown Denver Partnership Management Group, Downtown Denver Partnership Denver Civic Ventures, Downtown Denver Events and the Foundation for Global Scholars. Speakers’ Corner, desde 1983. 📱625328380 📞964223425 ¿Quieres que pasar el mejor año de tu vida? VanderLaan has a passion for taking the complex subjects that often accompany MWH projects and effectively communicating those topics in a way that is relatable, accessible and easily understood for people in communities around the world. It is imperative that we learn about our clients’ crisis plans. From a business perspective, I believe in developing a Leadership Platform, which is all about finding the intersection between the business’ purpose and the executive’s passion. He also recently realized his ambition of meeting Bono! Companies like IBM, Target, Dell and Starbucks are sharing very positive updates about their programs, and a range of providers are promoting their plug-and-play platforms. We’ve pulled together a shortlist of 10 inspirational speakers to consider for…, Our latest blog will answer the most popular questions we’re asked by businesses…, Here's our top 5 Christmas virtual event ideas perfect to celebrate the year we've…, Team meetings up to 30 people can still take place in a physical environment so here's…, Our MD Nick Gold looks back over the last 6 months and examines what the future may…, Our experts have picked 10 incredible keynote speakers who can inspire your next…, The pandemic presents new challenges to event organisers. • promotional channel analysis, Many of your blog viewers may be coming to your site from mobile devices like phones and tablets, so it is important that it will be legible and have a clean layout on any device. In November 2014, mobile devices surpassed desktop access to the web for the first time, and it is only growing. It must be simple, single-minded, and everything you say or do must be in service of that objective, or you don’t include it. Boring is bad. Steven Shapiro has designed and executed successful business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing and communications strategies for more than 25 years. Monday evening we get in from the first day of the weeks work, the dog wants a walk, the sun is out and it is cool. In addition, VanderLaan leads message development across various media channels for the company’s operations in 35 countries. Furthermore, your staff will likely want to have their voice heard in tough times. Her content-packed action items help you tackle the complex compliant issues within the financial industry so you can yield immediate results. Arezou is a passionate advocate for women’s and children’s rights and equity in the workplace. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University. Este contenido está protegido por contraseña. Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg. Remember that your blog is a tool to start the conversation with a potential client, and not a direct sales tool. – Beyond the marketing boost, a big advantage of employee advocacy programs is the acquisition of content-related data and insights on your customers and employees. Anne earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Michigan State University and has completed executive education programs at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and at INSEAD at Fontainebleau. Seeing the joyous face of a 3-year old captivated by the “magic” of Disney is a sure way to rid any parent of any long wait. Lessons from Fast Food: Serving Up a Delicious Omnichannel Experience, Holy Smokes! #SCVOD, . At ACCO, Arezou’s responsibilities quickly grew from being solely focused on Document Finishing products to overseeing the entire ACCO Brands product portfolio. Prior to launching Westmeath Global Communications, Anne led large communications and marketing programs at Sara Lee Corporation, IBM, Polaroid, DuPont, SAP, Western Union and CH2M HILL. The best programs assume their employees have good intentions, and give their staff plenty of leeway – including choosing the role and content that fits their skills and interest. Hvordan påvirkede coronakrisen vores private finanser? Previously he served as CEO of Beyond Analysis – North America and was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Knowledge Network International (KNI), a global financial services consultancy. Gabe holds a B.A in Economics & Economic History from the University of York in the UK and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Send us a message or call us, and we will contact you within 24 hours! #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, . • content and subject matter expertise audit, In addition, her book, The Social Advisor: Social Media Secrets of the Financial Industry, has been featured as a best-seller in the Amazon business category. Speakers’ corner is a stage for short blog posts by students, graduates, academics, experts, diplomats and practitioners who take notice of a particular human rights and/or democratisation issue and wish to raise attention or debate on it. Furthermore, not all organizations are equally adept at translating their data into value, and their ability to do so is impacting their ability to compete.  Some businesses, such as information service providers, have always been about deriving value from data. Take a serial entrepreneur, add an altruistic core, throw in a dose of chutzpah for good measure, and you’ve got Rich Kylberg. Du må klikke på tittelen for å komme til kommentarfeltet. Beyond the profile boost for your branded content – the explicit messages you are sharing – advocacy programs send powerful symbolic messages to both consumers and employees. Steven started the firm out of a desire to improve the role, reputation and delivery of what had been traditional public relations, and evolve it to what is now the framework of CSG’s â€œcontent-based influencer relations” philosophy. I hadn't been there for quite a few years as, at some point, Speakers' Corner was really quite touristy. Here are a few key points of the Q&A: . FD? Every company will approach data monetization differently, and getting it right can be hard.  However, you can improve your changes for success by stepping through a simple four-step process: To learn more, get some top tips and recommendations on tools that can be helpful, check out my Speakers’ Corner webisode, “ Monetizing Data: Are You Doing Enough?”. Before starting Thinktwice Bernie was Vice President, Internal Communications for Iron Mountain, the global leader in information management services based in Boston. One of my favorite books is Deep Survival, by Laurence Gonzales. Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park here in London is famous since the 1800s for people expressing their views and to encourage public debate. During her three-year tenure at Crocs, Arezou designed and deployed innovative programs bringing consistent integration of Voice of the Consumer and Voice of the Ambassador into business management processes. However, the ability to use and monetize data is now impacting almost every type of business. July 4, 2020. Diane and Luella’s VOD, “Western Union Case Study: The 5 Conversations All Social Brands Should Care About,” will be coming soon to a device near you. She is equally passionate about mentoring and coaching professional women, and is a board member of the Denver Chapter of the Ellevate Network, a global organization dedicated to empowering women economically and in the workplace. Arezou holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology and Washington State University, respectively. Can you be authentic? In our presentation Amanda and I positioned employee advocacy as the next big thing, and with good reason – as I detail below. The best crisis communication begins long before the next crisis occurs. – Very low employee morale or engagement is not a good foundation for an employee advocacy program. In the mid nineteenth century, riots broke out in the north-eastern corner of Hyde Park in reaction to the Sunday Trading Bill, which forbade buying … Gabe is also a member of the CMO Club, a group of industry peers, and writes and speaks frequently on creating a brand-centric organization. Advocates typically do not have social outreach as a formal part of their jobs (like subject matter experts who blog on the company’s behalf.) I spent sometime reflecting on where we had gone wrong.   We knew what to look at qualitatively and measure quantitatively.  We definitely had clarity about our signal (market position).  We understood very well what the signal was telling us (25% lift in value market share in less than two months).  All good, except we failed to ask “So What?”. In our case, we have our employees working on client sites every day. Know your stakeholders. Key is to encourage – not coerce. Is there anything else you can be doing to help boost your blog views? Valuable content has become the vehicle to build that relationship. To help you get started, we’ve created a document to help you start your data source inventory process. Whether you are an athlete, a musician or a business guru, think about your role in the community and those talents and skills that make you a more interesting, compelling character. Budgeting, Saving hacks, Speakers' Corner Norsk ekspert på privatøkonomi: Det er faktisk på tide å tenke på jul Even though the calendar only says October, it's time to start planning Christmas During his agency days, Bernie worked with a range of leading organizations including Ford, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, Gerber/Novartis, Toyota, Nationwide, MolsonCoors, Visa and Sprint. With this insight, the business was able to better forecast for the upcoming quarters and become more accurate in financial projections (the Now What piece). TRANSPARENCY. Read his other blogs. With all of these challenges, corporate brands and individuals can lose credibility immediately, and it is critical to have a foundation for crisis management and a plan to deal with crisis. Scott began her career working in the advertising industry at McClain Finlon Advertising, where she worked across a wide a variety of industries domestically and internationally. Companies that truly measure their customer base look beyond the obvious ones like market research, transactional surveys, purchase data, or visitation data to new sources like contact center transcripts, usage data, or online sentiments. #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, . Also, when sharing on social media and via email, make sure your headlines are intriguing. Key areas of research included multi-objective optimization, artificial intelligence and decision theory. Old content or broken links may deter readers from coming back. Thus was born the tradition that became known as Speakers' Corner, the place where free speech is … Rackspace, a cloud computing service based in San Antonio looks to turn a support call into a positive customer experience. But despite the huge potential benefits to companies (and employees), staff advocacy programs are not a magic bullet, and not for every company. As you go through this process, inspiration for data monetization can come from the questions, from the data, and from the analytical methods. And nothing works harder against you than any hint you are phoning it in. She is actively involved with the American Ireland Fund and the Aspen Ideas Festival. A Professional Lifeline for the Front Line There are other data sources that may make sense for you to collect and analyze. Michael is an accomplished leader in the communications industry with more than 25 years of experience building global brands, leading international teams, solving complex strategic problems and developing high-impact creative campaigns. Lo Speakers Corner. A small chain of quick service restaurants review regularly the menu items that are customized so they can create flavor fusions that customers would want to purchase in the future. It’s breathing vigor and passion into a customer journey that has historically been extremely painful. Just like any brilliant Supreme Court oral argument, you want to build your case, point by point, in a logical flow that ends in checkmate — an inescapable end point that makes your POV the obvious one. She began her career at Hewlett-Packard, where she spent 13 years in increasingly significant roles. Michael spent eight years with Ogilvy & Mather, where he was the Worldwide Account Director. Both Disney and IKEA deliver an excellent customer experience by interpreting brand and experience synonymously. At the heart of a streamlined content marketing effort is what we call “Content Process Optimization” (CPO). Anne has spent more than 30 years in corporate communications serving Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and Asia across a variety of industry segments including technology, financial services, health care, engineering and consumer packaged goods. @Monigle A2: Next step is to offer training, eg how to write effective @LinkedIn profile. Though Bernie’s career spans a variety of settings – including agency, corporate, trade association, politics and consulting – for the past 15 years he has specialized in employee communications, leadership outreach and social media planning. #SCVOD, . Recently, my team and I were faced with a major challenge that required a herculean analytical effort.  The project was the type that any data junkie such as myself dreams about (new, exciting, big challenge and big visibility) and is deathly afraid of (huge risk, big challenge, big visibility), all at the same time. The Speakers’ Corner Committee (How did you think it was organised?) Met Nouhaila en Anne Martien van der Does. In other words, treat this as a conversation and not a pushy hard sell – which is anathema in social media. She currently lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with her husband, John. The heartbeat of CPO is a consistent work flow application of a content supply chain around a shared value with the audience, including: • creation/extraction of content, Since launching a formal social media campaign about two years ago, the practice has been a resounding success, creating a strong following of consumers, customers and other notable external stakeholders and influencers.   Today, we engage with more than six million followers across our Western Union social channels. This misalignment causes inefficiencies in the allocation of human and financial resources, marginalizes marketing outcomes, and perhaps most importantly, dilutes what your brand stands for in the minds of consumers and stakeholders in the cacophony of voices they are peppered with each day. Placing these buttons right at the beginning or end of your blog encourages the reader to share with their friends, because it makes sharing on any channel so easy. By Speakers’ Corner Presenter and Social/Digital expert, Amy McIlwain. She also worked in marketing for a dot-com start-up and managed marketing programs in the health insurance industry. We work with 7500 speakers, with 1000 on our website. Jeffrey Daigle is a senior research analyst at E Source who writes and speaks on topics such as marketing, customer analytics, customer experience, website and channel design, and customer care. Facebook. Mitigate the Risk of an Employee Advocacy Program, Employee Advocacy: Game Change but not a Panacea, Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing, Michael helps individuals, teams, companies and brands, Identify your best customers – your target new customers, Improve your operations and drive up your margins. Prior to joining Monigle Gabe led the Analytics and Brand Valuation practice for Interbrand in Canada. Don’t forget to conduct media training and communicate your crisis plan to employees. 12 – Always write meta-descriptions. What do you care about? #EmployeeAdvocacy #SCVOD, . When you are in a crisis situation, there are several steps to take. And don’t be afraid to press pause; to stop and ask someone if there’s a problem or a question that needs to be asked. San Giorgio a Cremano, in un blog i pensieri di giovani allievi del Liceo Urbani sospesi in quarantena di Mario. Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in both English and Communications from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Speakers’ Corner. Gabe Cohen brings a wealth of practical brand-building experience in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Brazil helping executives across a range of sectors better align and measure their organizations around the customer and employee experience. With over two decades of experience in industry and academic settings, Hunter has spent his career focusing on the development and application of value driven analytics to improve business performance. Therefore, it is important to start with the key questions that can most greatly improve your performance. I enjoyed the challenge immensely.  However, the most valuable part of this experience for me was the reminder to follow my own recipe: By Speakers’ Corner Presenter and Western Union Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Diane Scott. Authenticity is the price of admission. During a crisis, honesty and ethical behavior comes through loud and clear in your communication. #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, . It’s not a new concept, but it has become more of an imperative in the marketing communications world. Key is #authenticity. What’s a 50-Cent Hot Dog Got to do With Customer Experience? Gabe’s background includes a stint as a TV commentator at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and analyst for the South Africa World Cup. @CSG_PR Disclaimers can also be addressed through hard-wired company hashtags – example #targetscoop suggest them on all personal platforms, . #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, . Thank you to all who joined our first LIVE Q&A on the topic of Employee Advocacy.  Bernie Charland, Principal/Founder of Thinktwice Communications teamed up with Amanda Turner, President/Founder of ClearChange Communications, to share their insights on this hot topic and field your questions together to provide you the best answers possible.  Below, you’ll find a full listing of questions with their respective answers.  **Don’t forget to download this FREE list of Employee Advocacy Stats to reinforce your own employee advocacy program! They may wonder: “What are they hiding?” Another act of respect when relating to the media is to respond quickly to media requests. A great many historical figures have spoken at Speakers' Corner including George Orwell, Karl Marx and Vladmir Lenin. Market forces, whether it be the advancement of ad blockers or the “consumer spring” that empowers stakeholders to verify and validate authenticity, have required brands to build an audience and trust with consumers like no other time in history. Also, being extremely helpful will help build trust and credibility. A sound leadership platform is intended to drive a specific agenda, reaching a specific set of stakeholders to achieve specific results. What most of us don’t know is that part of IKEA’s winning formula can be attributed to something incredibly simple and inexpensive…a 50-cent hot dog. How the Pope’s View on Climate Change Can Spur Action in North America, The E Source Journey into Workplace Safety, Content marketing must work because here you are. #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, @SpeakersVOD that’s right. There's been plenty of virtual events and speakers to be inspired by this month! Make sure that your titles and headlines are full of search-friendly keywords. This can translate into a boost in online profile, reputation and fan base. How do they think? Although our sophisticated model commanded 93% accuracy, we did not have any answers to our CEO’s questions.  We had done the job we were asked to do very well but ultimately we had failed in providing business-worthy insights. As we methodically peeled the onion, we learned that due to a large order two months prior and the softening of the market, our inventory was healthy enough to support the market demand for the quarter although our consumer sell-through continued to be healthy and growing.  In summary, even though our market position continued to gain strength, our account orders remained the same as previously anticipated. søndag 29. november 2020. Does Customer Engagement Matter for Brands? On October 14th, 1855, a carpenter set up a soapbox in Hyde Park, near Marble Arch in London, and made a speech to onlookers complaining abut high food prices. Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing. Prior to that he managed the Global Internal Communication function at Dell Inc. and led strategic planning for the award-winning Conversations & Communities (social media) team. Arezou Zarafshan is a charismatic leader with a reputation for delivering game-changing business results of monumental magnitude. Having a program # would make it simple & safe for employees to share #content, . In the US he held senior positions at Partners First (formerly Wachovia Bank) and Providian. • influencer ecosystem mapping, and Following HP, Arezou was recruited to join ACCO Brands, one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products, as its Vice President for R&D and Product Development. Speakers' Corner VOD A Professional Lifeline for the Front Line Marketing and Communications Professional Development and eLearning. She is based in Englewood, Colorado, at Western Union’s global headquarters. Speakers Corner is a few minutes walk from this station. Our MD Nick Gold has published a book on public speaking and here are his 5 top tips! These are the descriptions that show up in search results, so it should be a short description that encourages someone to read your full article. With more than 15 years experience in interactive media, Amy has appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates as a social media expert and delivers keynote presentations to financial service organizations around the world. And companies are doing just that and transforming what they’ve gathered on their customers into actionable insight. Is your content compelling? He is a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin. Even with all of this data, I tend to advocate continuing to collect even more data on your customers. It sounds simple … until you sit down to do it and you discover that it is anything but, because it isn’t crystal clear in your own head. A random collection of slides (too common a problem with presenters) has nowhere near the impact — or the power — to convince audiences, change minds, and close deals. A compelling Leadership Platform takes time to build and requires soul searching and reflection. Prior to joining MWH in 2009, VanderLaan spent 13 years with Gates Corporation, a world leader in industrial and automotive solutions, ultimately serving as the vice president of corporate communications and public affairs. Gabe’s VOD, “What’s a 50-Cent Hot Dog Got to do With Customer Experience?” will be coming soon to a device near you. @annakadric First include company #hashtag, for other cool disclaimers give #employee leeway – don’t micromanage #SCVOD — Speakers’ Corner VOD (@SpeakersVOD) August 31, 2015, @SpeakersVOD but #employeeadvocacy platforms allow for adding program’s # thus giving it @FTC stamp of approval? are promoting its intended use as a platform for public speaking and debate. It’s called “active listening” in acting, and it’s what differentiates the great speakers: reading the faces and body language of the people in the room non-stop.

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