Add reserved eggplant, mix gently. Ingredients mentioned below use standard measuring cups and spoons. Wash the eggplant and cut the it into thin strips of legnth around 1". Een curry op basis van aubergine en garam massala. This mouthwatering spicy dish is served in Sri Lanka on special occasions such as weddings. or until spices are fragrant. The aroma or the sight of Ela Batu Curry makes my mouth water. Sri Lankan thibbatu tempered. This recipe is adapted from the Sri Lankan eggplant pickle, the classic dish Wambatu moj u. Sri Lankan curries have a blend of fiery spices, flavor, and texture. When the oil is hot, deep fry the egg plant in small batches until golden brown. I have to stress that this is not an authentic Sri Lankan curry. In a medium frying pan, combine vinegar, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, sugar and salt and bring to the boil. Ela batu also known as Thalana batu & internationally called as Thai Eggplant is a Sri Lankan delicacy. Its one of the most celebrated curry in Sri Lankan food culture may be not because of its delicious deep taste but for eggplant medicinal values such as high in fibre, antioxidant, brain food, lowering cholesterol (eggplant … Eggplant or aubergine - as the English and the French call it, is a superbly versatile vegetable which can be eaten baked, cooked, grilled, roasted, fried, sautéed or even dried into chips. Its most distinctive character being a vibrant purple skin, which is at times striped or speckled in white. (turkey berry, wild eggplant, pea eggplant) Please make sure to read the recipe instructions carefully to avoid mistakes. Aug 4, 2016 - Give this Sri Lankan Eggplant Curry a try for a weeknight dinner. Use Sri Lankan curry powder. Here are 12 foods visitors should try. If you try this, please leave a comment. It is a delicious curry from Sri Lanka which can be made for your everyday meals and can be … Drain excess oil and set a side. Enjoy ! Op dit moment ben ik aan het backpacken in Sri Lanka; het land van de curry’s! I admit that i suck at vegetarian dishes. This eggplant curry is tangy, rich, a bit spicy, easy to prepare, and a eggplant lovers dream. This is a one pot mixed vegetable curry cooked using eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes and coconut milk. Sri Lankan cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighboring regions of South India and Malaysia. You can serve these little gems with steamed rice. In fact I haven’t seen one supermarket in my travels – all of the food is sold from local shops and markets. Cook 2-3 min. Jul 1, 2014 - Eggplant is one of my favourite vegetables. Lots of recipes will say that you can use madras curry powder, but that tastes different from Sri Lankan curry powder, and will not give you authentic results. Reduce heat to medium, cook 5 min. Eggplant Curry. If you love to try Sri Lankan recipes, try this too. Immediately place them in a plate, sprinkle a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder and combine, do not add salt at this point. The fried eggplants are then cooked in a curry of roasted spices and coconut milk. Sprinkle turmeric over eggplant wedges. You have to love that! 1 large or several smaller eggplants, about a pound and a half ¼c oil 3T fresh ginger, minced 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced ½ t turmeric ¼t red pepper flakes (optional) 1T vinegar ½t mustard seeds ½ … Many dishes can be traced back to colonisation when traditional foods were greatly influenced by external elements. or until onions are softened and lightly browned. Wambatu Curry (Sri Lankan Eggplant Curry) Serves 6 Ingredients. Eggplant Curry – Sri Lankan Mixed Vegetable Curry. If you can’t find it, you can easily make your own following this recipe. Sri Lankan Eggplant Coconut Curry. Heat the oil in a pan. Sri Lanka’s incredible cuisine stems from a liberal use of locally-grown tropical fruit, access to fresh seafood and a coveted arsenal of spices. It is a delicious curry from Sri Lanka which can be made for your everyday meals and can be … Add reserved coconut ground cloves, turmeric and ground coriander. February 8, 2015 June 4, 2020 - Sadia Mohamed. EGGPLANT CURRY Today is my last day on holiday in Sri Lanka. How to deep fry the eggplant wedges. So, here is my Sri Lankan recipe for cooking eggplants in a curry. Sauté 5 min. There are also globe shaped… It’s one of those “hole in the wall” places where the servers get grumpy if you dare to take the time to mull over which 3 curries you want in your lunch pack. Heerlijke, geurige curry’s. As always, I like to hear your feedback. Version en français plus bas. The book Sri Lankan Cooking: 64 Recipes from the Chefs and Kitchens of Sri Lanka by Douglas Bullis, Wendy Hutton was my first introduction to Sri Lankan cooking and enjoyed cooking many Sri Lankan recipes. For Eggplant Moju, heat oil to 180°C in a deep fryer. Ingredients. Transfer eggplant to a paper towel lined tray and set aside. or until liquid has been absorbed by eggplant and mixture is almost dry. 250g of thibbatu(pea eggplants, cleaned,see notes on how-to) 2 tablespoons of oil. Jump to Recipe - Print Recipe. De Indiase keuken is een van mijn favoriete keukens. This eggplant curry can be paired with white rice, dhal curry, fried leeks, and a salad for a simple Sri Lankan meal. Definitely not one for calorie counters! for the Sri Lankan curry. Rice and meat curry is accompanied by a rotation of … Add turmeric powder, curry powder, chilli powder, salt, curry leaves and tomatoes and cook under low heat till it's quite pulpy. You might have already noticed that there are very few veggie items in my blog. It is usually served with a chicken curry and … Sri Lankan cuisine has been shaped by many historical, cultural and other factors. Sri Lankan curry powder has a lot of coriander seeds, and doesn’t have turmeric. I have eaten some amazing food on my trip – the produce here is so fresh which adds to the flavor. Mar 19, 2018 - Give this Sri Lankan Eggplant Curry a try for a weeknight dinner. This is a curry inspired by the famous Sri Lankan eggplant curry we love at New Shakthi Sri Lankan in Homebush (Sydney, Australia). Wash the eggplant, place them on a cutting board cut them into 2-inch or slightly longer, thick wedges. 2 garlic cloves minced. So good is it that I would happily eat it every day of the week if not for the high oil content. Deep fry eggplant until golden brown. Loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters this is a perfect dish for any occasion. Een daarvan is deze aubergine curry, genaamd Baingan Bharta. Crush or finely chop the ginger, garlic and mustrad seeds into a paste. stick, curry leaves and onion. Aubergine curry (Baingan Bharta) Here i am with a vegetarian recipe after a long time. With seafood, an arsenal of spices and fruit such as coconut and jackfruit, Sri Lankan cooking is delicious. At this point adjust seasoning and add eggplant. Add a tsp of fish powder (umbalakada) in Step 7 to add an extra layer of flavor to this dish. It's one of the best traditional Sri Lankan vegetable curries.

sri lankan caramelized eggplant curry

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