Beatrice, Brooklyn. Please read our Disclaimer. Baby names inspired by space include names of constellations, celestial bodies, comets, meteors, and satellites. Bert Jansch, the English singer-songwriter is its namesake. For example, if you would like your twins’ names to reflect the word “lion,” focusing on the virtue of having a “heart of a lion,” then their names can be Ariel and Leo. You might have to delve into a lot of advice and have doubts about every single thing you do, and you are sure to provide only the best for your baby. Video: 50 Latest & Modern Baby Girl Names with Meanings Picking the perfect name for your little girl may seem tough, but our Baby Names tool makes it easy. Besides, Abigail was also the name of David’s sister. 80 Best Space Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings. This quaintly old-fashioned and lovely will remain in our book of bright names. Nathan was the name of one of the prophets of the Old Testament. Colin means cub, and … Abhay. Home Baby names by theme > > > Random name generator ... Popular boy name meanings Videos on baby names About Contact Useful links Archived Pages > > Twin baby names girl-girl. Riley is derived from an old Irish name Raghallaigh and means ‘valiant.’ This moniker is sweet sounding and unpretentious, which adds to its appeal. This lovely name is associated with Sunny Mabrey, the American actress. The English name Faith is derived from Latin word ‘fides’, which means ‘faithful. Isaiah was the name of one of the greatest prophets in the Bible. The name Zachary saw a revival in American in the latter half of the 20th century and reached an all-time high in 1994. Today, this name is used exclusively within the English speaking nations. Zac, the diminutive of Zachary has acquired enough reputation to work on its own, just like Max and Jack. The extreme usage of this name has popularized it as one of the time-honored picks. Yes, you guessed it right. Fearless. Checkout here as we bring you more than 150 Sanskrit names list for both boys and girls including twins with meanings for you to choose from. Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, and are often associated with girls. Brianna is the feminine version of Brian meaning "strong, virtuous and honourable". Abigail was a beautiful wife of Nabal, who displayed great tact in dealing with David’s army. The one with the double N is more popular in the United States. Meaning. Twin Baby Names Twins mean twice the joy and twice the number of names you and your mate need to settle on. Consider your favorite season for inspiration or your twins’ birth season to name them. Nadia is a lovely, unique and not-so-underused name, meaning ‘hope.’ It’s derived from the Russian name Nadezhda. Petunia was the name of Porky Pig’s girlfriend. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or Brangelina as they are popularly known as named their children Vivienne and Knox. [ Read: Baby Names After Places And Cities ]. Orlando and Rodrigo – Famous. You can even choose names that sound or rhyme the same. It means ‘he has given.’. Make an effort to choose names that are compatible stylistically. Your children will twinkle just like the stars with these names. Callie, Cecilia. 51 Most Fashionable Baby Names Inspired From Fashion Designers, 200 Elegant Baby Names With Meanings That Are Posh And Refined, 50 Exclusive Xitsonga Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Popular Norwegian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings. Very few people know that Landon originated as a place name. Names With Similar Meaning For Twin Boys: Asher and Felix – Fortunate. Such is the power of a name! To be more specific, Zulu baby names for both genders are in abundance. 25. So why not name your child after it? Aditya, on the other hand, means ‘belonging to Aditi.’. If you’re having one of each, you’ll also find baby names pairs for your twin boy and girl. The concept and meaning behind this name make a cool option. Sanskrit is the cornerstone of every other language known to mankind. Meaning. This name feels stylish and chic in its confident way. Simply reverse the spelling of one child’s name, to get the other’s. It may be hard to believe, but Asher is also a Biblical name. We’d suggest you select names with the same number of syllables. And despite its Biblical ties, this name feels thoroughly modern and stylish. If you want them to be based on the Hebrew faith, specifically, “Who is like God?” then the names Michael … The name Jade has been rising in popularity ever since Bianca and Mick Jagger chose it for their daughter. The trendy name Dakota was one of the trendiest names of the 90s, but is lagging behind a bit now. Augusta, the feminine version of the name August also gives a nod to the month of August. Twin Names That Mean Beautiful & Brilliant. It’s no secret that the Bible has been the inspiration for many spiritual … Now that’s incredible. Alden and Ramona – Wise. Grace has experienced a successful history in the baby name world. Try these out: Same letter names have been a trend for long, and have not lost their sheen. After Nabal’s death, she married David. Many believe naming their child after some favorite or famous celebrity may bring good luck and inspiration to their kids. The name sounds sophisticated and beautiful. 23. Do not choose two entirely opposite names for your twins. Mia entered the world as a diminutive of Maria, but became a rage as a standalone name, thanks to the American actress Mia Farrow. Aidan is the spelling variation of the name Aiden and means ‘little fire.’ The popularity of this name in America can be attributed to the growing interest in Irish name. Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of fertility and love. Jayden is the male version of Jade. Abhaya. Nia — A name of Welsh origin meaning “purpose, bright.” Therefore, before making your final decision, it is essential for you to know and understand different Zulu boys names and beautiful baby girl names and meanings. Clifford Lee “Cliff” Burton, former bass guitarist for Metallica, would be its most famous bearer. Gwyneth Paltrow used it as a middle name for her daughter Apple. Have a look at them below! Choose two modern names or two traditional names, but avoid mix and match. He was also the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The topographical name Cliff is familiar as a short form of the names Clifton and Clifford. It’s currently one of the top 20 names in Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden. The name Jade has been rising in popularity ever since Bianca … If you are having twin boy and girl, you would want to name them on a similar theme or sound but want them to be distinct enough to be identifiable with their respective gender. This prim and proper name is highly popular with the Latin families. Girl. Who doesn’t want their child to be happy always? The name Brooklyn has experienced a major makeover in the past few years. Verona, the name of the stunning Northern Italian city, has become a modern variation of Veronica. The list of cute Swahili baby names and their meanings is endless. And it’s the name of a star. Julia Roberts, our “Pretty Woman” named her children Hazel and Phinnaeus. Louis and Walter – Warrior. Bronx, a place in New York was named after the early Dutch settler, Jonas Bronck. Many important tasks will now have to be accomplished- the most important one being the name selection for your twins. 237. Peak Popularity: Francine was in the top 500 names for girls from 1932-1972 and fell off the top 1,000 list in 1989. Hope is a quick, one syllable name that’s easy to spell and easy to pronounce. We love the wintry overtones of this name. If you like the name William, but hate the fact that it’s too common, you can go with Wilson, which means ‘son of William.’. Avoid choosing too complicated names, your little girls might frown later. Abigail is a Hebrew, Biblical name, meaning ‘source of joy.’ There are two references of Abigail in the Bible. Charlotte, the feminine version of the name Charles has an enduring charm to it. Jamie Lynn Spears, the lead actor of “Zoey 101” gave spunk and charm to this name. If you have a twin boy and a girl, you have to prefer the names with sound either well together or alone. Sanskrit baby names are very popular amongst Indians. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Fearless. Nathalie is a lovely spiritual name, meaning ‘born on Christmas.’ Some even relate this name to Nathanael, one of the twelve apostles in the Bible. But ensure that they are meaningful. Twins have a fair share of adorable names that match. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. It’s currently one of the top 200 names in England. List of twin baby girl names after a special place are below: Virtue names represent qualities and send a positive message. The name Charlie has been in use since the 16th century and was born by a number of kings and rulers. They’ve been separated and categorized into names for boys, names for girls, unique names, and classic names. It was once a dignified title of honor given to the wives and daughters of the Roman emperors. If you know the gender of your little ones, you may be looking for a pair of twin girl names or twin boy names. Coldplay’s vocalist Will Champion has babies named Juno and Rex. Samuel has not fallen off the top 100-baby name list for over a century. Nur and Nura. There is a wide variety of South African baby names to choose from today. 24. Naming of a child is the most fundamental Hindu “sanskar” or scripture based tradition. We’ve collated more than 100 pairs of baby names for twins to help you find the perfect names for your two babies. Ira is a beautiful Hebrew name, meaning ‘watchful one.’ Jane Ira Bloom, the American jazz saxophonist, is its namesake. Marie, the German, French and Scandinavian version of Maria brings to mind Marie Antoinette, the glamorous, elegant but ill-fated queen. Sinister baby names are never boring as they are magical, dark, and supernatural. Therefore, MomJunction has come up with a comprehensive list of unique twin names for boy and girl. Parents search for a unique and tough name for their baby boy, which reflects positively on his manly personality as he grows up. Other factors to consider when you decide on names for your girls: It is said, ‘Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names’. Currently, it’s one of the top 10 names in France. Jade and Jayden (stone of the side):. This moniker reached its highest point in the 1990s. Felicity is one of those names that bring a smile on our face. He was the teacher of Solomon and the adviser of David. Do their names lend themselves to nicknames and, if they do, is that what you want? So naming your little boy with a gypsy name ensures he will stand out in the crowd and his … Rhyming names are the ones for you then. Colin and Colm. Let us know in the comment section below. With the popularity of word names being all time high, Beach would make an intelligent pick for your son. Ari is a majestic Norse name, meaning ‘eagle.’ And in the Hebrew language, Ari means ‘lion.’ With these meanings, your child is sure to be a strong and brave, like the name. Hazel and Hugo. And the host of nicknames associated with this name makes it friendlier. This name means ‘God is salvation.’, The four-syllable name Isabella is elegant royal, beautiful and an all-around gorgeous name. A name pairing perfect for quirkier parents, Hazel literally means "hazel trees," … Amelie, Adrienne. Flora is associated not just with the greenery around them, but also with the Roman goddess of springs and flowers. Here are a few names referring to the gracefulness of a girl! Alison is derived from Alice and means ‘of the noble kind’. Here is our quick random pick for you. Coming up with two good names is not easy. Biblical twin girl names. Bethany, Bridget. All rights reserved. Manara and Munira. Addison, Avery. You can even spell this name as Beech. It came into the mainstream via “Loony Tunes”. Augustus is a Latin name, meaning ‘great and magnificent.’ This grand name fell off the baby name charts in the 70s and 80s, but is making a mild return now. Rhyming Twin Names The ‘wild and bold’ meaning gives the name an added edge. Daniel and Ebenezer Emma is the female variant of the name Emmanuel. Its etymology might be ‘manly’, but the name is absolutely feminine. Here are a few twin baby girl names hindu, that work in pair wonderfully. Also belonging to a Saint, the name Flora has been a favorite in Scotland for ages now. Brian comes from the Old Gaelic-Celtic word ‘brig’ and means ‘noble.’ This name was a crowd pleaser in the 1950s and reached its popularity in 1970s. Hindus select names such that their meaning can inspire the child to follow the path of righteousness and divine qualities. Bertha was also a 20th-century favorite. It means ‘God with us.’. The name Rose needs no explanation, right? Fidel Alejandro Castro (Ruz), the 17th President of Cuba, is its famous bearer. The time-tested name Sophia has been consistently on the charts since the government began tracking naming trends. Meaning: Arianna is a Greek baby name with the meanings "chaste" and "very holy". When you’re searching twin girl baby names, ask yourself the following questions: – Do the names emphasize that your children are a pair? The nine months preceding the arrival of your double bonanza (twin girls) are full of festivities and blessings. Does that mean your twin girls should have the names that are mirror images of each other as well? Dallas, inspired by a place name in America is actually an Irish name meaning ‘skilled.’ This moniker has a laid-back feel and a broad appeal. Addison, Ava. Sanskrit names have thoughtful meanings. It started as a name for girls, but it’s now used more for boys. Zulu baby names and meanings. Landon is derived from London. Twin names with meanings that relate to brains and beauty can make an appealing pair. “Legen-wait for it-dary” Neil Patrick Harris named his children Gideon And Harper. Zac Efron is its stylish namesake. This shimmery name is traditionally given to girls born on Shavuot, the harvest feast. If you have other children, consider how this pairing will sound in combination with their names. This duo will be connected so many ways, hence it would be appropriate to consider a set of names that are distinct from each other and yet sound harmonious as a pair. Julia is a Latin name, derived from Julius and means ‘soft-haired and youthful.’ The name is short to spell, but boasts of a rhythmic three-syllable sound. You may have fond memories associated with a place you visited or grew up. [ Read: Sanskrit Baby Names For Girls And Boys ], Aditi is a popular Sanskrit name, meaning ‘mother of gods’. 28 Home Remedies To Get Relief From Vomiting And Nausea During Pregnancy, The Four Parenting Styles And Their Influence On Children, 11 Best Parenting Magazines In India You Must Read, 150 Nice, Beautiful, And Cute Baby Boy Names With Meanings, 10 Essential Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women, 50 Best Names Of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi For Your Baby Girl, 100 Beautiful Baby Names After Cities And Places, 175+ Beautiful And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names With Meanings, 50 Zimbabwean Shona Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 10 Wonderful Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince. They are twins, yes, but they are individuals too, and a day will come when they’ll be women. Alejandra . Your little ladies will be identical. Juan: This simple name is a strong and traditional one that means “gracious” or “merciful.” It’s a … Amir is a lovely Arabic name, meaning ‘treetop.’ Actor Omar Epps chose this common Middle Eastern name for his son. Calm, a modern virtue name would sound at in this pressurizing world. Start discussing possible twins baby girl names with your partner; keep a list of favourite names handy so you can jot down whenever a name pops into your head. Avoiding embarrassing initials or nicknames. Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, which is generally associated with girls. This unisex name got into the female territory when Dakota Fanning, the American actor came to the forefront. Latin name Nova, meaning ‘new beginning’ would make an apt choice for girls. There are so many ways to match the names of your baby. Ethan is a biblical baby boy name with the meanings ” strong, the gift of island” while Emma is a popular name for your little girl with a beautiful meaning ” whole, complete” Verona and Eden: Lovely names for your little darlings and becoming quite popular these days too. You can even go for its variation, Lettice. The name Chloe arrived in America via the Puritans. Trinity -Nevaeh (“Heaven” spelled backwards – a popular trend of late), Amrita-Dhara (Spiritual holy water- Constant flow), Jyotsna-Swara (Radiant like flames- Self shining), Aditi – Smriti (meaning freedom – memory), Antara – Akshara (second note in Hindustani music – everlasting), Anaya – Shanaya (god answers – first ray of the sun), Himanshi – Ekanshi (part of snow – of one part), Tarini – Manini (Goddess Durga/Parvati – a lady), Vanya – Tanya (gracious gift of God – fairy queen), Ella – Emma (beautiful fairy – universal), Amelie – Abrienne (hardworking – feminine of Abraham), Kellyn – Kira (descendant of the brightheaded one – light), Savannah – Sierra (from the open plain – dark), Suzie – Shawna (graceful lily – God is gracious), Ursula – Uma (little female bear – tranquillity), Crystal – Neva (evoke the snow of winter), Carolina – Catalina (Southeastern US – California), Victoria – Vienna (Australia/Canada – Austria), Adra – Ajanta (West Bengal – Maharashtra), Manasa – Manvi (Madhya Pradesh – Karnataka), Vaishali – Vaishno (Bihar – Jammu & Kashmir). And as most of you would know, the clover is associated with good luck. Baby Names for Indian Twins - (Boy - Girl) Boy Name. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Parents would also want their names to be something unique and naughty, and there are a lot of choices. Dhruv and Tara are Sanskrit names, meaning ‘polar star’. Could there be a nicer gift to your little girl than a moniker that signifies friendship. Amir is also the title of a high official. Briana, the feminine form of Brian, keeps moving in and out of popularity list. The Name Akash and Dhara indicate the meaning of open-mindedness and the earth. Celebrity naming- is the latest trend. Standing at the #30th spot, Caleb is at its peak of popularity. This graceful name would make an excellent middle name as well. Amira is the feminine version of the name Amir. All rights reserved. Garret is a variation of Gerard and means ‘strength.’ This upscale name of the 90s is now dawdling at the bottom of top 1000. Mason, as a surname, dates back to the 11th century, when the last names were used as identification. And Freya goes with the Valentine’s month, too! And it has Irish spiciness too! We hope this list of twins baby girl names comes handy for you to choose unique yet meaningful names. And is sounds cooler than April and May. This longtime favorite of Americans is indeed one of the ‘greatest’ names. Laris is a Latin name, meaning ‘happy.’ We think this moniker would make a perfect cross-cultural name. Bay is a usable and of course pleasant nature name for your daughter. Petunia is inspired by the beautiful, trumpet-shaped flower that blooms in summer. The French occupational name Forest is more common as its variation Forrest. In the year 2015, Eden was given to over 500 baby boys. It’s borrowed from the Latin word ‘Felicitas’ and means ‘happiness and good fortune’. Cute, isn’t it? The moniker Pine is an excellent alternative to its siblings Juniper, Elm, Oak, and Spruce. Please read our Disclaimer. Christian twin boy names. Baby names ending with the same last letter would be great. And what more could you want for your child than positive ‘hope’ for the future? Liberty — Meaning “freedom,” this patriotic option has been one of the top 600 baby girl names throughout the last ten years. Also it holds a pinch of style statement! Twin baby names girl-girl, containing popular twin baby girl-girl names. This incredibly popular name is borne by Amira Ahmed, the Somali-Filipino model. This classic name is hit with the parents for its antique charm and beautiful meaning. It became super popular when the rockers Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson used it for their son. Alisa is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘great happiness.’ This name is fairly less used than its other forms Alyssa and Alicia, probably because of its association with Lisa. Interestingly, this name is familiar in two whale countries- Alaska and Hawaii. Remember, your darlings has to live forever with the choice you make, so select right names, because names are powerful and influential! The name Andrea has been in circulation since the late 19th century, but did not see real success until the 1940s. Amare & Solon; Calix & Sana; Amabel & Ramona; Twin Names Meaning Black & White. While it may seem cute to imagine the two cherubs with matching names, do your girls a favour and think about their future. Leon, meaning ‘lion’ is a top name in Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Austria, Sweden, and Ireland. Noel, meaning ‘Christmas’ would make a cool choice for traditional parents. January, the new year brings with it new resolutions, which is especially true when you are trying to lose the baby weight. Julius is an ancient Roman family name derived from Julianus. It means ‘God is my oath.’. Oliver experienced a heavy usage at the turn of the 20th century, but went out of favor by the 1960s. And it’s the name of a character in “The Wizard of Oz”. Frederick and Milo – Peace. Reagan is an Irish surname, meaning ‘impulsive.’ It will forever be associated with President Reagan. 19) Marcella and Matilda Marcella is of Latin origin and means "warlike". Want to sound poetic whenever you call out to your twins? Charlotte, … Be it twins or siblings, many parents love to pick names that sound similar or rhyme with each other. A happy sounding name will always inspire your princesses to spread more happiness around! Letitia, meaning ‘joy and happiness’ was the name of a Saint revered highly in Spain. Logan and Molly. Jemima is also an Old Testament name, borne by the eldest daughter of Job. Daisy: Many girls are named after these dainty white and yellow flowers. Here are a few baby girl names meaning flower! Before you go, take out a fun quiz below ! The name Olivia was first coined by Shakespeare in his play “Twelfth Night” as a feminine version of Oliver. Felix is an energetic and strong sounding name, meaning ‘happy.’ This name reminds us of Felix the Cat, the highly popular cartoon cat. The unique ring of this moniker makes it highly attractive. 22. Nikko is a cute Japanese name, meaning ‘sunlight.’ Brian McKnight also chose this lovely name for his son. After being out of favor for centuries, this moniker took a turn for better at the beginning of the 20th century. Molly originated in … Benjamin is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘fortunate or right hand.’ Benjamin was the name of Jacob and Rachael’s youngest son. Emmanuel is a Hebrew name, appearing in chapters seven and eight of the Book of Isaiah. We think it would sound amazing. Bert started as a nickname of Bertram and Albert, but it’s now being polished by the British. It’s dignified, classical, handsome and intelligent and harkens back to the days of ancient Rome. Emica (エミカ) this name means charming or blessed and beautiful. The name Caleb first appeared in the Old Testament’s “Book of Exodus’, where Caleb was a contemporary of Moses. Biblical boy names There are literally hundreds of Bible names for boys in religious texts, and you can use any of them to give your baby a fantastic name. We love how this name rolls off the tongue. Sort through our wide list of names and meanings by gender, religion, numerology, what … Cyrus and Samson – Sun. Do you want them to have the same initials? Fun Fact : Fran Drescher is the nasal-sounding actress who played the main character Francine “Fran” Fine in the TV sitcom The Nanny . 19th Week Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes, 20 Important Things To Know When You Are Pregnant For The First Time, 8 Reasons Why You May Be Put On Bed Rest During Pregnancy, Swimming During Pregnancy: Benefits, Safety And Warning Signs. Logan is of Scottish origin and translates as "from the hollow". Max is one of the most common Max names, which include Maxwell, Maximum, and Maximilian. 120 Best Indian Baby Girl Names for Twin Girls As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, your mind is sure to start whirring with questions about what you can do for the baby. Prefer Akshay and Akshaya, the name Akshay gives the meaning of eternal, indestructible and immortal and the name Akshaya indicates Goddess Parvati. Origin: Spanish; Meaning: Protector and defender of humankind; Alternative Spellings & Variations: Alejandrina, Alyjandra, Alajandra, Alexandra, Alexi, Alex, Lexi, Ali, Allie, Ally; Famous Namesakes: Singer Alejandra Guzmán, Olympic athlete Alejandra Garcia; Peak Popularity: Alejandra was most popular in 1993 when it reached number 147 on the list of the top 1,000 names for girls. Check out these vampire and demon names and meanings that … Leena and Liyana. It’s inspired by the body of water that is connected to a lake or ocean. These names sound similar, but have different meanings. What do you think? It’s been in use in America for over a century and is still going strong. Both Harsh and Harshini mean ‘happy.’ No wonder it’s embraced by so many people all over India. But it’s enjoying a revival in America now. Renny would make a cute nickname. This moniker is just too lovely for words. Names with Similar Meaning: Aarushi- Ahaana (1st rays of sun) Aarzoo- Aakansha (desire) Aashi- Aashita (happiness) Clarisa- Leonara (bright) Alice- Freya (noble) Karishma- Kashish (attractive) Aadhaya- Aakarsha (powerful) Anshika- Anwika (a part) Aasha- Aashita (hope) Mohini- Menaka (beautiful) If so, do the nicknames work together as a pair? The list of biblical twin names for boys is long, so let’s see some best variations: Andrew and Barak; Andrew is the name that has Greek origin, and means “a strong man.” Bible mention – Matt 4:18. But don’t worry, we’ve sorted it out here, and put down a collection of unique twin baby girl names (with their meanings) that will be both individual and special while not being too unusual – just what you need. It’s for parents who want to move beyond traditional floral names like Lily or Rose. This sweet-smelling floral name would sound great as both a first and middle name. Then, why not choose a baby name inspired by space for your baby? Sinclair Lewis used this name for a character in his novel Babbitt. Eden, as in the Biblical Garden of Eden, is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘place of pleasure.’ This moniker has been rising dramatically, jumping over a hundred places in the past year. It is now a less common name. Twin Girl Name. The meanings may be different, but beginning with the same letter keeps the names related. It sounds familiar, yet friendly while retaining the charisma of a foreigner. Names That Start With the Same Letter. Ren is a Japanese name, meaning ‘lotus.’ This name is famous for its association with Ren McCormack, Kevin Bacon’s character in “Footloose”. Celebrity boy-girl twin names View this post on Instagram Twins Ophelia and Apollo have reverse first and last letters (Ophelia starts with O and ends with A, Apollo starts with A and ends with O). Gypsy Names for a Baby Boy with Meanings. Aboli: This is an uncommon Hindu name that means flower. Whatever you choose, say your babies’ names aloud with their middles names(if any) and your last name. The baby boy name February derives from the Latin word ‘februa’ and means ‘purification feast’. With so many chic Z starting names, we think Zoey would be the best. Did your twins’ names feature on the list? 50 uncommon Xhosa names for boys and girls with meaning 2020 11 months ago 107044 views by Parmenas Kisengese Deciding what to call your daughter or son is one of the most exciting things, second after giving birth itself. Even though the name London was coined for boys, it’s more popular for baby girls. You can also choose two romantic yet feminine names or even go with something androgynous. From being a Borough Boy name in the 90s, it has become the 21st most popular baby girl name. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Top 10 Baby Massage Oils: Know What's Best For Your Baby? Clover is a charming and perky pick for a nature baby name. Do you love the stars, space exploration, astronomy, and all things not found here on our Earth? Jonah is an Old Testament name born by the hotheaded prophet of Israel. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing names for twin boys and girls. This name is associated with Forest Steven Whitaker, the American actor. Stick with the theme. Steering clear of monikers associated with bad memories. Sunny would make a bright and vibrant baby name for your little girl. It is now a less common name. We also think it would make a distinctive variant of Amy. So it would make a unique name for your child. Barak is the name that has Hebrew origin, and it means “thunder.” Bible – Judges 4:6. This name got a huge bounce after being chosen by Britney Spears. Madison is a German name, meaning ‘mighty battle.’ This name was influenced by the hugely popular film “Splash”, where Daryl Hannah played a mermaid of the same name. Andrew is one of the most appealing old-timey baby boy names. Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah, Here are some similar names from the Quran that I can think of, you can put the names in the search box to find their meaning: Leen and Leena. Specific traits in the meaning that you’d like to associate with your little babies.

twins baby names boy and girl with meanings

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