How Weber Q1400 vs Q2400 are the same. Let’s take our time to review the two main grills; Weber Q2200 and Weber Q1200 to enable you choose the one that will match your needs. A comparison chart is always a good way to start as it puts things into perspective quickly. In the early 2000’s, a timely collaboration between Jim Stephen, CEO Weber-Stephen Products Inc, and Bob DeMars, CEO of Original Ideas, Inc, the line of Q grills and products was born. I don’t know, maybe some units have a gas blockage or some other problem, because I get good heat time and again. The in-built thermometer is placed on the top of the lid for trouble-free monitoring. It would seem that you can get another three or four pieces on there with the extra size offered by the Q2200. However, they have a difference to some extent in regards to the price and weight. Weber Q2200 Review – Another Winner from Weber. Carrying the grates separately makes Q2200 grill lighter and convenient to carry. Also read: Napoleon TravelQ 285X Portable Grill Review. The first major problem that people have highlighted is that, especially in winter, this grill may be a little underpowered and you’ll have your work cut out for you to generate good searing heat. Only I used chicken fillets but hey, it’s just for illustration. Explore the world with big taste and your Q 1200 portable gas grill by your side. According to the design and features of the two, Q 2400 is bulkier than the other. Nonetheless, you now have adequate information to decide on the grill that is best for you. Also for: 1000, 2000, 2200, Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, Q2200. It uses standard 14 or 16-ounce propane tanks (not included) and has a 189 square-inch porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate that makes it a big, little grill. The Napoleon comes with a 285 sq. The lid on Q2200 is taller. Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 Review. So let’s find out what is the difference between the Weber Q 1000 vs 1200. Both of them use electronic ignition, offer you folding side tables, built-in lid thermometers, Weber’s trusty porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and a glass reinforced nylon frame. As previously mentioned, the Q2200 is identical to the Q1200 with the exception of the Q2200 having 48% more grilling space.Both grills have electronic ignitions, heavy cast iron grates, side tables and a lid thermometer. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS IN THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Depth: 20.5 inches, Height: 26 inches (Take a look: Weber Q1200 vs. Q2000). Weber Q1200:*paid link 189 square inches On both models you get a D-burner that distributes heat nicely around the inside of the dome. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, or Not really ideal for large roasts that need slow, indirect heat. These grills have several parts in common. Just below, I have highlighted the key features and suggest the best grill for you to purchase. Both grills are great as tabletop grills but are hard to transport for use as portable grills. Cooking Grate: Two piece grate made of heavy porcelain enameled cast iron. LP Gas Grill. Q 2000 and 2200 are Weber's large portable gas grills with 280 square inches of cook surface and a single 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner. If you’re confused between these two products, which one should you buy then this post can be […] Weber Q3200 Review: Still As Good As Ever? The Q1200 can accommodate eight normal size hamburgers, while you can fit in 11 on the Q2200. But in general, their size and weight are almost the same. Time for a more in-depth look at the differences and what practical impact they have. So clearly, the dimensions, heat output and available cooking space are really the only big differences between the two models. Performance. This superb LP fueled grill is available in only one standard color option. The price difference is roughly $50. Use your imagination hard enough and they can turn into hamburgers. In this article, we are going to compare it’s two top quality, popular and tabletop/portable gas grill Weber Q1200 and Q2200. All of the Q series grills from Weber have cast aluminum coated housing, and cast iron cooking grates that are porcelain-enabled, as well as glass-reinforced nyln frames and removable grease pans. Portability The Q grill sparked the growth of a new category in the barbecue industry- portable grilling. Q1200 is just easy to transport. Burner: Single burner rated for 8,500 BTU/hr that traverses the outside edge of the grill grate. Hopefully this article will help you make the right choice . For the conclusion of Weber electric BBQ grill 1400 vs. 2400, the biggest factor to consider is the size of the two as Weber 1400 is sufficient for less than 10 people and 2400 is preferred for more. Its body is solidified with a cast aluminum top and body and attractive cast-iron cooking grates. Finally, I still feel that Weber Q1200 is definitely the best because of its impressive grilling performance and superb quality making it a high quality grill regardless of its smaller space and expensive price. Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 Comparison Chart. Weber q 1000 is less expensive compared to the Weber q 1200. Your email address will not be published. The Q2200 is a little heavier than the Q2000. cooking area, which is equivalent to about 11 hamburger patties. Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 compares the entry level portable grill line. It features a D-shaped stainless steel burner generating 8,500 BTU. These portables, originally called Baby Q, were a hit coming out of the gate. Its aluminum cover makes it light weight, though the heavy grates makes considerably to the whole weight. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Required fields are marked *. This manual comes under the category Barbecues and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 8.2. Some look forward to Ugg Boots and pumpkin spiced lattes. 1. Features These two grills are larger, but still retain their portability. If grilling in one of you favorite hobbies whether indoors or outdoors, you will definitely look for the perfect grills that are easy to collapse, transport and offer great features as well as convenience. The Weber Q1200 brings some color to your grilling world. This allows more option in grilling. It weighs 42.5 lbs. As you can see, the biggest difference between these two grills is the size and of course the price, which we’ll get to at the end of the article. As with the Q1200, the side tables are also rather flimsy. Hello there, Today we’re going to make another comparison among the two very popular grills by the brand Weber which are Weber Q1000 vs Q1200.We’ll be talking about its models launched by the name of Q-series. The TravelQ 285X has a tool holder while the Weber Q2200 doesn’t. Both the Weber Q1400 and Q2400 really sturdy grills. On the other hand, the weber q 100 is more portable as it has less weight compared to the Weber q 1200. The Q2200 offers you extra size, which you’ll certainly appreciate if you’re cooking for a large family of a bunch of friends. Once again the Q2200 suffers complaints about low heat, but while this thing is probably not going to sear like a champ under all conditions, it distributes heat evenly and cooks beautifully. A comparison chart is always a good way to start as it puts things into perspective quickly. - One stainless steel burner produces 12,000 BTU-per-hour to heat 280 square-inch total cooking area, - Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body, - Easy-start electronic ignition and infinite control burner valve settings, - Uses disposable 14.1 or 16.4 oz. Weber is one of the most reputable brands in the grilling industry, It doesn’t need any introduction. Nonetheless, you now have adequate information to … I … On the other hand, Q1200 has no problem and heats up perfectly, producing sufficient amount of heat to roast steaks properly. Weber Q2200 vs. Q1200 Finally, I still feel that Weber Q1200 is definitely the best because of its impressive grilling performance and superb quality making it a high quality grill regardless of its smaller space and expensive price. Both grills are very identical, and most people might not be able to differentiate between them. No one tests grills like we do. Also, I will not forget to say about its perfect electronic ignition system that arrives with excellent infinite control valve settings. Weber indicates the difference in hamburger count. View and Download Weber 1200 owner's manual online. What does one have that the other lacks? They both have similar features and are simple to use. The Q 1000 and Q 1200 are identical in terms of grate size, heating capacity and quality of construction. Weber Q1200 has a smaller cooking space and BTU's with only 8500 as compared to Q2200 which is around 12,000 BTU. Both are excellent grills that work well as a portable option that you can use to cook for your family. The arched lid enables considerable space for whole chicken or other small roasts that can fry on low heat till cooked through. Proper pre-heating is necessary if you want a good sear, but otherwise it’s a nice, even grill. in. If you need want quality and quantity, then Blackstone’s Griddle Station is the total package. Weber Q 2000 & Weber Q 2200. When it comes to the Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 roundup, the winner is clear. in. The price for the Q 220 is usually around $230 ~ $250. So, we’re looking at a 91 square inch difference. However, you can tell one from the other by its weight. Best Charcoal Grills Under $200 – 2020 Roundup, Weber Genesis II – Overview of Weber’s New Gas Grill New Range, Blackstone 36″ Stainless Steel Griddle Cooking Station. When deciding between the Weber Q1400 vs Q2400 electric grills the question will be more about how much outdoor space do you have and how much food do you intend to grill (or for how many people). WeberQ1200 has a thermometer in its lid, together with the fold-out side tables. Weber Q2200 vs. Q1200 That tells you a story, doesn’t it? Both offer a great amount of cooking space and BTUs, but the one that stands out more is the Weber Q2200. The Q2200 is a bit larger than Q1200, so choose the one that will fit well in a vehicle. The only problem with Q1200 is that larger birds such as whole turkeys won’t fit thoroughly. The Q1200 is not a big grill, but if you’re only ever cooking for two or three people and want something that’s easily portable for those camping trips, it’s a good choice. Weber Q 1200 What the Q 1000 and Q 1200 Have in Common. Nobody is a stranger to the Weber family of grills and for good reason. Weber Q2000 offers a 280 sq. Weber offers many varieties of the Weber Q model. The arched lid provides adequate space for larger bakes and roasts, and also it is still pretty hot at lower settings. It’s the little things that make life feel big. Weber has its detractors, but its grills top the customer satisfaction scores and no brand even comes close in that respect. For an event of Weber Q vs Coleman RoadTrip that needs the power of a large grill with the portability of a small grill, the Weber Q 2200 should do the job. Width: 51.4 inches When it comes to the lid thermometer you may not see it with q 1000 model. If you want to go a little more funky then, the Q1200 has you covered. Height: 24.4 inches Weber Q2000 vs Q2200 Comparison. Copyright © 2020 As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The extra space in this unit perhaps needed just a little more punch from the burners to get good searing heat. Weber Q2200:*paid link 280 square inches. The build quality on both units is superb. Also, Weber decided that their grills have to perform better than the average grills out there. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This gas grill is ignited by an electronic starter, in addition you get a battery of Weber to get you on. #60059 - Weber Q Lid Handle With Spacers, Q100/120-Q1000/1200 And Q200/220-Q2000/2200 DETAILS #60073 - Side Handle Set, Q2000/2200 (Model Years 2014 And Newer) About the Weber Q 2200 View the manual for the Weber Q 2200 here, for free. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. In a direct Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 comparison, the Weber 2200 is larger in size than the other and is 15.5 (H) x 51.4 (W) x 19.5 (D) inches with the lid closed, and side tables retracted. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, there is no similar color range available for the Q2200. The Weber Q2000 and Q2200 are both compact grills that run on propane gas. in. Also see my articles on the best gas grills under $200 and $300 to see what your other options are. Weber Q1200 vs Q2200: Final Thoughts. It sounds like quite a bit, but due to the nature of squaring anything it turns out not to be that big a deal after all. In addition, Weber Q2000 also has higher heat output than Weber Q1200. Performance cooking area, suitable for up to 8 hamburger patties. While there are smaller grills in the Weber Q series that command a smaller price tag, the Weber is the loser when it comes to price. The Weber Q1200 has a built-in thermometer and foldable side tables. 1200 grill pdf manual download. It’s fun because you don’t need to deal with the pain of charcoal and the filth that comes with it. It maintains the cooking temperature if you avoid opening and closing the lid over and over again. Both are in the portable/tabletop section of the market, and they bring a lot of value to the table. As you can see, the biggest difference between these two grills is the size and of course the price, which we’ll get to at the end of the article. in. Choose the appropriate grill for your daily cooking needs. Let’s take a look at which of these two will be the better choice for you as I round up the most important differences for you. The other complaint, and one I can agree with, is that the side tables aren’t as sturdy as they can be and you can’t put all that much on them. Okay, let’s put it into a picture, that should be fun for everyone. The Weber Q1200 has a cooking area of 189 square inches while the Weber Q2200 has a cooking area of 280 square inches, which is a difference of a full 91 square inches between the two grills. Bigger means more grilling space, but one of the nicest size upgrades from the 1000 and 1200 is the taller lid. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 – Product Comparison. You will probably notice the two obvious differences right away between these Weber portable propane grills. On the other hand, Weber Q1200 comes with an 189 sq. Weber Q2200 comes fully immersed in the box, and only minor parts are left which can be fixed at any time. The Weber Q-1200 Portable Gas Grill is a master of design. Grill a quick afternoon lunch of burgers and hotdogs, or a fish fillet for family dinner. Blackstone Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle Station. Here at Busted Wallet look forward to firing up our Weber Q 2200 gas grill and getting the tailgate party started! Last updated on February 12th, 2020 at 03:40 pm. The Weber Q2200 offers a total of 280 square inches of cook space, and a stainless steel burner that is capable of putting out 12,000 BTU. cooking space while the Weber gives you 280 sq. So, in this Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, we have the two best products from both these brands. The Weber Q2200 grill cooks nice and quickly, and reaches 550 degrees easily. Features. LP cylinder (sold separately), - One stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area, - Uses disposable 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP cylinder (sold separately). Full Disclosure: I earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. It has four burners that run on propane which will require a 60,000 BTU heat complements. It packs up small with the side tables folding into the grill body, yet is large enough to cook up several steaks at once. Below are just a few of the color schemes on offer. As the air starts to cool down and the leaves start to change, that means one thing: Tailgate season! Do a proper pre-heat and you can get a nice sear and seal on those steaks. The Q1200 and Q2200 are arguably Weber’s two most popular gas grills. You also get the different color schemes, if that’s at all important to you (check out that snazzy black unit before you snort too loudly in derision). ... or a fish fillet for family dinner. Otherwise, the electric grills are pretty much the same. #60059 - Weber Q Lid Handle With Spacers, Q100/120-Q1000/1200 And Q200/220-Q2000/2200 DETAILS #60073 - Side Handle Set, Q2000/2200 (Model Years 2014 And Newer) With the Q1200 you will find additional features such as electronic ignition system, built in thermometer, side working tables, as well as a variety of colors. Depth: 25.1 inches. Unlike Q2200, the Q1200 comes fully packed in the box, so you’ll miss nothing in this grill. What are the Differences between Weber Q1200 vs Q2200? The first thing people are looking for is the Weber Q 1000 vs Q1200 cooking review. Weber Q1200 vs Weber Q2200; ... camp in the woods or near the shore. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Weber Q 1200 51060001 grill. The Weber Q vs Coleman RoadTrip would be good at … Not a big difference, but if you have a lot of stuff to grill it can cut down on some time. Weber’s Q Series 2200 portable grill makes grilling on the go simple and a lot of fun. Width: 40.9 inches The Q1200 is a tested and proven grill. Just as Q2200, it reaches 550 degrees without difficulties.

weber q 1200 vs 2200

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