Emphasis was on interactions that were extensions of cultural expectations for intimacy, family, and sex roles. Pregnancy provided the impetus for reinvesting in the partnered relationship and constructing a family. Several health centers in eastern Taiwan were randomly selected to recruit participants in the year 2000. Each senior received a total of seven home visits, including intervention conversation, newspaper/ book reading, painting/handcraft activities, and physical exercise. 24, No. Women were managing numerous, complex problems as they actively worked to maintain their mental and physical health and that of their children. There were high proportions of Latino (67.7%) and non-Latino Black (28.0%) participants from South Bronx. Development of nursing education in Ghana between 1957 and 1970 is characterized by dynamic change and growth. Its population is concentrated mainly in urban areas and is expected to exceed 28 million by 2030. Today, Nursing Research continues as a preeminent journal in the field, and is the official journal of the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) and the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN). Includes bibliographical references (leaves 349-385). Journal of Nursing Research and Practice (ISSN 2632-251X) is a peer reviewed Journal aimed at exploring the novel strategies in the field of patient care and Nursing.The Journal provides a complete overview of the topics in this field on an Open access platform. The purpose of this integrative literature review was to determine the state of the science of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis regulation in adults who experienced CSA, with a focus on the health outcomes of MDD and PTSD. Featured Articles ". " Following independence in 1957, developments in nursing education continued to be strongly influenced by external organizations and their designated experts. Nursing's claim to professional status is debatable. Mexican American and African American women (n = 617) with active STD entered a randomized study of behavioral intervention to reduce STD recurrence. Animal studies suggest that dysregulated biological stress systems are a potential mechanism, but there are multiple challenges involved in conducting translational studies in humans. About Western Journal of Nursing Research. The purpose of this historical study is to describe the official classifications of American nurses as professionals or nonprofessionals, from 1910 to 1935. OnlineFirst Among the recovery variables, resilience and self-differentiation are significant for children support but community support is not significant. Current Issue. Each issue offers clinical research reports broadened by commentaries and authors' responses. It is concluded that the 12-item version of the DSCPI is reliable and valid when used with adults. Under laboratory conditions, participants who had the opportunity to observe a fish tank experienced significant decreases in blood pressure (Katcher, Friedmann, Beck, & Lynch, 1983). All rights reserved. Access information on our current projects within CANR. Subscribe Western Journal of Nursing Research at MYSUBS, India’s leading Journal Subscription company. A variety of methods for HPA axis measurement were used in the 10 reviewed studies. Journal Impact 2018 di Western Journal of Nursing Research è 1.380 (Ultimi dati nel 2019). Support for the model possess implications for development of theory-based education and counseling interventions to support participation in life activities by targeting cognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial aspects of living with the asthma. How to publish in this journal. EQS was used for structural equation modeling analyses. ISSN: 1552-8456,1552-8456,0193-9459 Está en índices de citas (Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index) = +3.5Está al tiempo en WoS (AHCI, SCIE o SSCI) y en Scopus (Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index) = +1Está en dos o más bases datos de indización y resumen o en DOAJ (Academic Search Premier, ASSIA, CINAHL, … Summary statistics for key variables were calculated; we highlight baseline contrasts between Latino and non-Latino participants. Sex-role identification with abusive behavior occurred across generations, emulating roles from the past and perpetuating expectations for abuse as part of intimacy. Data was collected using intensive individual interviews and focus groups. This study examined the association between sexual abuse, sexual risk behaviors, and risk for reinfection and HIV among minority women with STD. Men were more concerned than the women about how MS affected their sexual relationships. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between marital status, marital concern, perceived impairment, health-promoting behaviors, and acceptance of disability using cross-sectional and longitudinal data from a sample of persons with multiple sclerosis (MS). Histories of family violence are predictors of adolescent acceptance of interpersonal violence within intimate relationships. Register for eToc Alerts Request Info View most read articles for this month . Further research is needed to verify these findings. Western Journal of Nursing Research (WJNR) is a widely read and respected peer-reviewed journal published twelve times a year providing an innovative forum for nurse researchers, students, and clinical practitioners to participate in ongoing scholarly dialogue.WJNR publishes research reports, systematic reviews, methodology papers, and invited special papers. There were 36 articles reviewed that represented a variety of disciplines, nursing (n = 21), social work (n = 6), medicine (n = 5), and sociology (n = 4). It may be helpful for administrators and nurse managers to use the information for staff education and development decisions. About this journal. Changes in nursing education occurred within an economic climate that presented ongoing impediments, yet the vision of the first generation of Ghanaian nurse leaders facilitated the tremendous progress seen during this period. The Journal Impact 2019-2020 of Western Journal of Nursing Research is 1.380, which is just updated in 2020.Compared with historical Journal Impact data, the Metric 2019 of Western Journal of Nursing Research grew by 10.40 %.The Journal Impact Quartile of Western Journal of Nursing Research is Q2.The Journal Impact of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the … Contact. Homepage . Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Nursing Research Taiwan Nurses Association www.twna.org.tw ". " Our partners are the School of Nursing & Midwifery at Western Sydney University, South Western … Trends from the 1960s to the 1980s, The Wartime Experience of Military Nurses in Vietnam, 1965-1973, Analysis of Nursing Administration Research, 1976-1986, Maternal-Newborn Nursing Research Published From 1977 to 1986, Strategies for Teaching Nursing Research: Review of "Strategies for Teaching Nursing Research," 1979-1986, Ethical Issues in Nursing Research: Events in 1980, A Review of Discharge Planning Research of Older Adults 1990-2008, Licensed Nurses Disciplined in Oregon Between September 1996 and June 2008, New Perspectives on Old Problems: Health Behavior Change Research in the 21st Century, Cardiovascular responses of patients ambulated 32 and 56 hours after coronary artery bypass surgery, The Effectiveness of a Stimulation Program on Cognitive Capacity Among Individuals Older Than 60, Factor structure of the Denyes Self Care Practice Instrument (DSCPI-90©), Baseline Characteristics and Latino Versus Non-Latino Contrasts Among Bronx A1C Study Participants, Predictors of Self-Care Abilities among the Institutionalized Elderly, HIV Risk Behaviors Become Survival Techniques for Aboriginal Women, Aboriginal Adolescents' Pregnancy in Eastern Taiwan, Aboriginal Nurses' Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values about Sexuality in Taiwan, Substance Abuse and Chronic Venous Disorders, Life Histories of Rural Mexican American Adolescents Experiencing Abuse, Abuse Experiences, Perceptions, and Associated Decisions During the Childbearing Cycle, Childhood Sexual Abuse, HPA Axis Regulation, and Mental Health: An Integrative Review, Women in Substance Abuse Recovery Measures of Resilience and Self-Differentiation, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Risk Behaviors of Minority Women with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, A Definition and Description of Nurse Abuse, Transitioning Through Family Homelessness and the Effect of Substance Abuse on Social Support Systems, Abused African American Women's Processes of Staying Healthy, Innovative Model for Building Academic Nursing, Preparing Academic Nursing's Future Leaders: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Nurse Faculty Scholar Program, Testing the Acceptance of Asthma Model With Children and Adolescents, Acceptance, Cognitions, and Resourcefulness in Women with Diabetes, Marriage, Impairment, and Acceptance in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis, Improving Access to Health Care Services for the Medically Underserved Residents in a Small Lakeshore Community in Western Michigan, Project Access: nursing research on the move, Researchmanship: Some Issues in Gaining Access to Subject Participants for Clinical Nursing Research, Defining the Eligible, Accessible Population for a Phenomenological Study, Accessing and Recruiting Children for Research in Schools, Accessing Vulnerable Populations for Research, Strategies for Accessment and Recruitment of Subjects for Nursing Research, Publish or perish: how to accomplish the former and avoid the latter, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Western Journal of Nursing Research website, Western journal of nursing research, WJNR, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper, Internet Resource. 27, No. Date: November 26, 2020. nursing assessment nursing protocols nursing practice qualitative research systems theory ethnography. The review revealed several interesting findings. Leaving an abusive relationship was not considered unless the partner ended the relationship first or the woman perceived an increased risk of danger. What is This? Postpartum up to 2 years after birth was a critical transitional time for women. Specific examples from an ongoing study are used to illustrate helpful strategies. € OnlineFirst Version of Record - Jun 23, 2013 € >> Version of Record - Nov 28, 2013 Downloaded from wjn.sagepub.com at UNICAMP /BIBLIOTECA CENTRAL on January 23, 2014 In this study contextual factors (diabetic and depressive symptoms) and cognitive factors (positive cognitions and acceptance of diabetes) were examined as antecedents of learned resourcefulness in 82 women with type 2 diabetes. Thesis (Ph. The official journal of the Midwest Nursing Research Society, the Western Journal of Nursing Research is a journal devoted to the dissemination of research studies, book reviews, discussion and debate, and meeting calendars, all directed to a general nursing audience. The results suggested that changes in HPA axis regulation are present in many adults who experienced CSA-with and without a current MDD or PTSD diagnosis. The purpose was to explore the fit of the data to a specified latent variable acceptance of asthma model. The journal s editor-in-chief is Vicki Conn. Welcome to the Centre for Applied Nursing Research (CANR) a joint venture between the School of Nursing, Western Sydney University and the South Western Sydney Local Heath District. School-age children and early adolescents (N = 118), ages 9 to 14 years enrolled in Grades 4 to 9, diagnosed with asthma and their parents completed self-report instruments. Western Journal of Nursing Research. Microfilm. Comparisons of these behaviors using chi-square, t tests, and logistic regression were made by history of sexual abuse. The purpose of this study was to test the effects of a multistimulant home-based intervention program on cognitive function, anxiety, and depression among older adults with cognitive impairment. Fifteen African American women with a history of intimate partner violence (IPV) were interviewed to examine (a) the ways in which poor, urban African American women stay healthy, and particularly how they protected themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV while in abusive relationships; and (b) the roles of intersecting contextual factors such as lifetime experiences of violence, mental health symptoms, and substance use in women's processes of maintaining their health. Read More. This study evaluates the factor structure and concurrent validity of a measure of self-care, the Denyes Self Care Practice Instrument (DSCPI-90), when used with adults. Adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse (CSA) are at increased risk for major depressive disorder (MDD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). How to train and cooperate with Aboriginal nurses to execute these programs are also needed for further nursing research. The purposes of this study were to explore Taiwanese aboriginal nurses beliefs. Related Journals. Abstract Full Text PDF Full Text HTML Full Text ePUB. Contributions are accepted from nurses both within and outside the United States. Export: RIS | BibTeX | EndNote. Midwest Nursing Research Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 2003. 2016; 39: 1533-1546. RNs tend to be disciplined more for substance abuse and LPNs for substandard or inadequate care or for unprofessional conduct. The specified model was a good fit to the data and accounted for more than 70% in the explained variance of vigilance, 30% of participation in life activities, 25% of taking control, and 20% of asthma health behaviors. DOI: 10.12691/ajnr-9-1-3 Pub. Though the family is the first line of defense against problems, little work done has been done that focuses on building partnerships between patients, families, and health care providers. Most popular services . Nordic Journal of Nursing Research. The coexistence of diabetes and depression occurs frequently among young and middle-age women. Read More. Western Journal of Nursing Research March 2002, Vol. Eight HIV-positive women were interviewed for the study, representing about one third of the population. This study is undertaken to better identify the types of errors being made by nurses in Oregon, to have a more thorough understanding of who is making the errors, and to examine how the Board is sanctioning nurses through Board (Board of Nursing) discipline. This study demonstrates that professional status cannot be assured by attainment of professional criteria alone, but is defined by more diverse and complex issues. Although researchers have explored adult acceptance, few have explored child or adolescent acceptance. Contributions are accepted from nurses both within and outside the United States. Baseline data were analyzed from 941 participants randomized to either telephonic/print or print-only intervention to improve glycemic control. This telephonic intervention study succeeded in randomizing a large number of low-income, diverse participants with poor diabetes control who are under-represented in studies.

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