Wondering how to pack for fall in New York? Also, unless you’re coming from the Americas or certain parts of Asia, you may need a universal adaptor for American outlets, which use Type A and B sockets. I wear these Blondo waterproof leather boots nearly all fall and winter long for the last decade and they’ve held up beautifully that whole time, though I did get them re-soled about five years ago to keep them looking their best. As I hinted at above, my recommendation for what kind of jacket to wear in New York in fall depends on when exactly in fall you are visiting. Eye mask What to Wear in New York City in May: It can still feel a bit chilly in May, so bring a light sweater to wear under a denim jacket. Boarding pass Lip balm Smart Layering. So I searched to find anyone who had been on a New England cruise that could share their thoughts, talked with different cruise lines, and searched tons of … This data comes from our friends at Weather Underground. Sunscreen I have read it will be warm-ish and some people have said it will be cold so bring jackets. Shopping for odds and ends in New York is likely twice as expensive as it is back home, so I recommend stocking up on what you need beforehand and bringing it with you to New York rather than shopping once you arrive. So stop trying to pack for every possible scenario. They’re ultra-comfortable to walk in and great if there’s some rain in the forecast or if it’s on the chilly side. The good news is that you can pack in only a carry on for NYC any time of year. Everything from leggings and sneakers to a floor-length dress is perfectly acceptable. Slim jeans, a structured sweater, chukka boots, and a water-resistant jacket are a winning combo. What will the weather be like? We go the cleansing oil route, since they gently break down makeup, dirt, grime, and other city-related contaminants without upsetting skin’s natural moisture barrier. New York Weather in October. Gents tend to go for jeans or trousers with a button-down or sweater. Shoes & Accessories What to Pack for New York. The best thing about visiting New York in fall is that you can actually make the most of it and see as much of the city as you set your heart to. I generally find that it performs as well as my mirrorless camera in most daytime scenarios and can sometimes outperform it in low light conditions. November in New York is cold, so you want to make sure you pack enough. Of course, both of those are freak occurrences and not likely to happen during your fall in New York, but just be aware that it’s not unusual to have extreme weather in the late fall in NYC. The Best White Noise Machines, Sleep … The New York Food and Wine Festival takes place in October, and it is one of the best ways to sample the cuisine and wine that New York has to offer. Oh, summer. FALL – October & November: Fall is another popular time to visit Las Vegas. Always, always, always check the weather forecast before your trip. The 7 Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras for Epic Travel Pictures and Videos. Sure, you may not have those endless summer days, where the sun doesn’t set until nearly nine at night, but you also aren’t constantly maneuvering through crowded, sweaty streets desperately seeking out your next hit of A/C. November is when fall in New York really starts to fade away and merge into winter. The Ultimate Guide to Return and Exchange Policies From 79 of Your Favorite Stores. Pack a citified version of what you might bring to a beach destination, such as comfortable sandals, brimmed hats, and sunglasses to stave off UV rays while sightseeing outdoors. Even if you’re staying in a quiet neighborhood, New York can be one hell of a loud city, with sirens blaring, horns beeping, and the occasional drunk reveler bellowing show tunes from many floors below…. And it comes in a travel size if you’re not trying to check a bag.—WTP Editors. Medium Jacket. So let us, longtime or native Finger Lakes residents, give you some wardrobe tips that will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather and let you fit in socially with what you're doing. New York City. There are also two unlimited passes – the New York Pass and the New York Sightseeing Pass – both of which are available as 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, or 7-day passes. Considering how much New Yorkers walk, it is essential to face the elements with weather-appropriate clothes and accessories. From the on-trend jacket that's actually quite useful to the … Ear plugs 2. Temperature changes are frequent, so make sure to pack a little bit of everything. One of the reasons women here carry monster bags everywhere is to be prepared for Mother Nature’s curveballs at all times. PACK WITH ME: NEW YORK EDITION! I’ve experienced everything from literal snowstorms to literal hurricanes in the final week of October! Jeans. You’ll want to wear clothing that feels as light as a feather and a hat and shades to ward off UV rays. New York City Fall Weather. Free, fashion-forward packing guides. The guys skip the galoshes and brave it in water-resistant lace-ups. So … I love my Marmot PreCip jacket and used it in New York all the time. I have you covered with this NYC packing list by season including NYC essentials and NYC outfit ideas for winter, spring, summer and fall. Other Essentials Bras New York City has humid hot summers and wet cold winters. Wondering how to pack for fall in New York? Travel blogs are great for pre-travel research, but nothing beats the convenience of having a well-curated guidebook in your day bag or purse. The weather can change dramatically in a matter of hours, and tourists and visitors should take this into account when planning their trip. And fall is the perfect season to travel with a guidebook in hand, leisurely following one of the suggested neighborhood walking tours or eating your way through the city. You can never go wrong with an insulated jacket, an old-school baseball cap, and street sneakers with ankle support. Also, it's a fabulous city for clothes shopping, so leave space for … Your suitcase packing checklist Socks Save suitcase space by packing minimal toiletries; instead, just use what the hotel provides. Medical insurance card It’s overwhelming. More and more, I find myself reaching for my iPhone X out of laziness when I’m photographing food or general street scenes. Allison is a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures. Aug 12, 2015 - What to pack for summer in NYC, in a carry-on! Essentials fashion clothes to pack for women, men and for kids. Heavy leggings are good to pack, which you can pair with skirts. I’ve seen all sorts of nastiness go down on a New York subway car, so try to avoid touching the railing if you can. Resist the urge to throw in “just in case” items and do a few rounds of brutally editing down choices—accessories included. Moon Travel Guides sent me a copy of their latest New York guidebook to review, and I’m impressed by the quality of the recommendations in the book. 100% cashmere sweaters tend to be everyone’s favorite but I wear synthetic or acrylic … Packing for a weekend trip, yet alone a weekend in New York City – where there are a million activities and plans are constantly changing – is not an easy feat. Communications about the press trip have been clear: Pack Light! For walking around you will need a light jacket and a scarf. Plenty of ladies in New York wear tall rubber boots or true waterproof leather knee-high boots and a pair of wool or cashmere socks. Our latest trip to New York City was one of those moments. Recommendations: Men’s down parka, men’s cashmere turtleneck, men’s water-resistant boots. Money belt Dental floss Instead, pack for the right season (more on that at the end), and think hard about what you want to do. If I had to put it in two words, it would be this: changing rapidly. She's happiest when climbing things, snuggling any animal who will let her, and eating improbably large amounts of food. Of course, seeing a performance gives you an occasion to dress up, which can be nice. Scarves That time of year when the subways feel like saunas (only smellier and far more crowded), throngs of families finally able to travel on their school breaks flood the streets, and there’s a pervasive heavy humidity to the air that so that walking feels like wading through water. Cover-ups It won’t work. Here's the skinny on the best looks for every season in the City that Never Sleeps—plus luggage and shoe recommendations, intel on what not to wear in New York, a handy checklist to ensure all the essentials make it into your bag, and more. All opinions and recommendations expressed are entirely my own. Our best advice? A medium-weight coat or jacket is necessary. Get the guidebook on Amazon or wherever books are sold. Tourist season starts to pick up at the end of the month, so be prepared for crowds around major tourist attractions. That can mean snow, but more likely a nasty wintery mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. She’s happiest when climbing things, snuggling any animal who will let her, and eating improbably large amounts of food. 2. If you need more beauty product minis, there’s a Duane Reade pharmacy practically on every other street corner. Button-up jeans, a striped shirt, and wedge sandals is a no-fail look—especially if you’re taking the Wonder Wheel for a spin before strolling down the Coney Island boardwalk. It is tough to layer your bottom half so start with full-length wool or silk bottoms and singlet/short-sleeved tops. If the thought of packing for New York City whips you into a tizzy, you're not alone. New York isn’t particularly rainy in the fall – expect an average of 7 days of rainfall per month, about a quarter of the time. A cute beanie and some heeled booties are a good idea. On a muggy summer day, the temperature can climb higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit -- but the mean temperature in January is a measly 33 degrees. Here’s my basic New York packing list, winter edition (enough for 1 week): several pairs of fleece-lined leggings, such as these. I lived in NYC for nine years and was never the victim of theft (well, okay, once someone stole the front wheel of my bicycle while I was at dinner, but that hardly counts). I’m headed to the Finger Lakes region of New York for a September conference, and then on to the Adirondacks on a five day press trip. There are five demographic groups visiting New York City all the time. Plus, the bottle looks so cool. Toothpaste Always, always, always check the weather forecast before your trip. No matter what, definitely check the weather right up until you zip your suitcase to leave for the airport. Think heavy … New York’s weather is unpredictable. Swimsuits Recommendations: Men’s chino shorts, men’s suede slide-on sandals, baseball cap. What to Pack. Heavy leggings are good to pack, which you can pair with skirts. There’s too much to do in New York to waste precious minutes contemplating different outfits in a hotel room mirror. While we’re at it… be sure to bring some reusable tote bags as well to avoid creating plastic trash! A really good facial cleanser is an absolute must here. I … Razor Yes, if you wear flip flops, washing your feet before bed is a thing. Arriving 27th October - 6th November. Jeans or other long pants are good options. Here’s a tip: you will never be prepared for New York City. New York in October is beautiful. Tech Pack a few sweaters or jackets that can be layered on top of each other. For one week, I would bring 2 bras and 8 pairs of underwear, as well as 7 pairs of socks. Summers are hot and humid, so pack shorts, T-shirts, tanks tops and a light cardigan or jacket for the evenings. Camera Contact lens solution There are few things that New Yorkers can agree upon, but the fact that fall is the best season to be in New… The leaves are beginning to change colors, and the weather is still beautiful. Visiting New York in fall means that you can actually visit it the way it’s best experienced: slowly, deeply, and on foot. Explore the best of the world. Clothing Believe us, you’ll want all warmth you can get when promenading along Fifth Avenue to see the holiday window displays, gift-shopping at the (outdoor!) Brush and comb Pack clothes like: Long sleeved shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and long pants. The Essentials You'll Need for New England Pack lightweight summer clothing—shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sundresses—for visits between late June and early September, but be sure to bring along a pair of long pants or jeans and a jacket or sweater, especially if you're visiting areas along the coast. To some extent that depends how long you’re here, but generally no more than three. And I’d strongly recommend bringing earplugs as well. Recommendations: White skinny jeans, espadrille wedges, women’s striped tee. Winter in the city is cold and, more often than not, … New York is difficult to pack for. What to Wear in New York City in January: Bring a super-warm coat (down or heavy wool) and cozy layers underneath, like a thermal long-sleeve shirt and faux-fur vest, to stay extra toasty. There are plenty of things to do in New York in October, from attending the NYC Halloween Parade to joining the New York Wine & Food Festival. A word of caution for the ladies: One pair of walking-friendly heels should be enough. Be sure to put it in front of you while on the subway – it’s polite, but it’s also the best way to prevent theft. Lightweight sweaters Travel blogs are great for pre-travel research, but nothing beats the convenience of having a well-curated guidebook in your day bag or purse. All opinions and recommendations expressed are entirely my own. There are few things that New Yorkers can agree upon, but the fact that fall is the best season to be in New York is surely one of them. Sunglasses Whenever it rains, you can easily grab an umbrella on the street in the touristy parts of New York – they proliferate as if out of thin air – but they’ll be overpriced and break within a few uses and just add to landfill. Plus, you’ll slow down your fellow pedestrians, and New Yorkers really hate that. Glasses New York in October is beautiful. More and more, we rely on our smartphones for getting us around as we travel, whether it’s navigating unfamiliar streets on Google Maps, using it as our primary camera, uploading to Instagram Stories, hailing Ubers, or using it to present skip-the-line tickets bought on mobile apps. A peasant blouse and slim all-season pants looks crisp and pulled together, whether you’re admiring the foliage in Prospect Park or heading upstate for an apple-picking day trip. As a rule of thumb, follow the following advice on what to pack for your trip: Fall Season September, October, November These are some of the most pleasant months in New York … For info on these editor-selected items, click to visit the seller’s site. Books The average high temperature in October is 18 degrees Celsius while the average low is … There’s always the chance of a major snowstorm, but it often melts quickly and the sidewalks get cleared (in Manhattan, anyway, though that might not be the case if you’re staying in Brooklyn or other boroughs). For walking around you will need a light jacket and a scarf. Let’s be honest about New York: no one lives there for its weather. October festivities. Apr 28 2019 . Expectation is that we will have one carry-on size suitcase + camera/laptop bag. A pair of sporty, stylish sneakers for sightseeing is a standard choice; same goes for dressier shoes for an evening out. ♡ | Brogan Tate - Duration: 14:55. Yanking a glove off on a busy sidewalk to check your phone is no fun when it’s this cold, so bring a warm pair with screen-friendly fingertips. Hosted by The New Yorker, the festival will feature Dr. Anthony Fauci, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, author Margaret Atwood, and more virtually October 5 to 11, 2020. We recommend using this together with a traditional forecast as you get closer to your departure date. by Alejandro Guillú Mendoza | Comments Off on What to wear in Florence in February. 2 pairs of stockings or leggings– They give you the option to layer … The Oculus. Skirts Body wash I love when tourists get a chance to see the city through our eyes: through our local under-the-radar restaurants, hidden speakeasies, craft beer bars, and offbeat neighborhoods. Winter: Our typical winter day could reach 25 to 30 degrees during … Think urban-outdoorsy for these activities (read: comfortable but not schlubby). Memory card You’ll be glad you did. Here’s a rule of thumb for dressing for Connecticut: casual dressing is common, but the closer you to get NYC, the … Also, please note that this is my packing list for women in New York — men, you’ll want to make adjustments where it doesn’t apply to you, keeping in mind the temperature ranges I listed above. Spring lasts about three weeks, only in bits and pieces, teasing you before plummeting back into winter temperatures or before giving itself over to a miserable, scorching summer. All Rights Reserved. Phone Aug 17, 2019 - Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with Moon Travel Guides. It’s also actually cute and stylish, so you won’t look out of place in New York. How do you create a packing list for a city with 80 degree seasonal swings, world-class opera & gritty music festivals, Michelin stars & $1 hot dogs, parks, museums, rooftops, dive bars, speakeasies, beaches, hikes, bikes, cabs, boats, and horse-drawn carriages? Pair it with a hat and a scarf and you’re all set for a walking tour! Click items to view travel editor-approved options Over 50 million visitors travel to NYC every year to see Times Square, the Empire State Building and everything NYC has to offer.. What works for ladies works for the gents. Of course, other activities, events, and attractions await you, so start planning your schedule! Packing for New York City in winter isn’t that different from traveling anywhere cold. In New York, smart casual is the way to go. I find that if I just accessorize what I would wear on a summer day with some extras – a jacket, a hat, a scarf, some leggings – that’s the perfect recipe for a fall in New York outfit. Don’t be caught off guard and miss a photo-perfect moment. More often than not, anything goes. New York in October holds the world-famous Comic Con, where you can meet the actors of your favorite childhood comic series and other legends of the industry. Face wash Each demographic group represents 20%... What to wear in Florence in February . Walking shoes Headphones Purse Let me put in a quick note on what the weather is like in New York City in fall. Sure, there were times when I wore flip flops when I lived in New York. The lens is definitely a bit on the bulky side, but the A6000 is so lightweight that it all balances out. The short answer is yes—either a thin, lightweight down coat, a parka or anorak, or leather jacket with quilting or a thick lining. Shampoo Since fall in New York gives you the best possible conditions to explore the city, I strongly recommend that you pack the most comfortable shoes possible, so that your travels aren’t interrupted by pinched toes or chafing blisters. New York winter shoes are warm, waterproof, and walkable with a good grip. A dress with long sleeves that roll up works well, especially when paired with collegiate flats and a lightweight scarf that does double duty as a wrap if it’s chilly. Jeans or other long pants are good options. No one will stare if you decide to wear cowboy boots to the ballet or a strapless sequin dress to brunch. Laundry bag Choose pieces that transition well, like a shimmery cami under a blazer or moto jacket and black pants that hit the ankle, and mix in some fun, glam accessories. The weather can be unpredictable this time of year, making packing a bit tricky. Here is what I would bring, but adjust it for your own needs: lip balm, everyday makeup, a moisturizer with SPF for day time, deodorant (please for the love of God), shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a razor, a hairbrush, and hair ties. Once you’ve researched the weather, ... Alex on October 12, 2018 at 2:27 am Dash off to the Great White Way in a fun yet sophisticated outfit that’ll take you from Row H, Seat 9 to a nearby wine bar for post-show drinks. We’ve made a list below of what to pack when visiting New York in October: 1. The 9/11 Museum is included in your New York CityPASS. Of course, it depends on the year, but regardless of the month, a jacket and a sweater/sweatshirt should always be on your packing list for New York (as well as a coat during the winter). New York … What to Wear in New York City in October: Fall arrives in October, so rejoice in breaking out your fave leather jacket. October is an ideal month for visiting the city as it has a very comfortable weather and if you know what to wear in New York in October, it will be even more fun. A long hooded jacket like this one will keep you warm! Our pick has a game-changing front pocket, and all of the brand’s rolling bags come with an optional TSA-approved removable charger. New York gets pretty cold in the winter time, especially around January and February and certain large streets like Broadway are wind tunnels where … Go for relaxed with polished edge, mixing a cotton twill shirt with slim straight jeans and vintage-inspired sneakers. Contact lenses Leggings Come summer, the humidity is brutal and getting stuck on a 100-degree subway platform is a way of life. The smothering humidity lessens to a crisp, fluttering breeze. What to Wear in New York City in November: Yes, a 60-degree day or two may pop up, but plan on bringing winter clothes in November. The festival is … Selfie stick If you want to do it right, we suggest seeking the perfect balance of fashion and function with every item you take. Jackets The unofficial uniform of New York - the suit - is always in style. Tucked between Boston and New York City lies the laid-back state of Connecticut. Copyright 2019 - Eternal Arrival. Even seasoned travelers tell us that packing for a trip is the hardest part of their vacation planning. This data comes from our friends at, Plan for day temps between 10° F and 32° F, Temps will drop near 5° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.07 inches of precipitation in January, Plan for day temps between 24° F and 42° F, Temps will drop near 16° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.22 inches of precipitation in February, Plan for day temps between 35° F and 41° F, Temps will drop near 27° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.19 inches of precipitation in March, Plan for day temps between 38° F and 50° F, Temps will drop near 32° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.21 inches of precipitation in April, Plan for day temps between 53° F and 67° F, Temps will drop near 48° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.14 inches of precipitation in May, Plan for day temps between 59° F and 72° F, Temps will drop near 51° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.12 inches of precipitation in June, Plan for day temps between 70° F and 78° F, Temps will drop near 62° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.24 inches of precipitation in July, Temps will drop near 65° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.32 inches of precipitation in August, Plan for day temps between 59° F and 71° F, Temps will drop near 54° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.25 inches of precipitation in September, Plan for day temps between 44° F and 58° F, Temps will drop near 38° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.13 inches of precipitation in October, Plan for day temps between 23° F and 45° F, Temps will drop near 15° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.27 inches of precipitation in November, Plan for day temps between 30° F and 40° F, Temps will drop near 24° F at night and into the early mornings, Expect 0.22 inches of precipitation in December. A jacket like this one from Columbia is a good option to pack. Answer 1 of 8: Hey, I'm looking for advise on what to pack while visiting in October. PJs New York’s weather is unpredictable. To me, leggings plus a dress plus boots equals the ultimate travel outfit. April 23, 2019 at 3:36 pm. Reply. Weather of NYC in October The month of October is ideal for visiting New York City as it provides the … Recommendations: Men’s black jeans, men’s crewneck sweater, men’s waxed jacket. Power adaptors Expect 0.13 inches of precipitation in October; What to Wear in New York City in October: Fall arrives in October, so rejoice in breaking out your fave leather jacket. Things you buy may earn us a commission. Laptop The crisp fall air is perfect for your leather jacket. It has interlocking zippers, RFID blockers, and slash-proof construction and is basically theft-proof (I mean, I could barely get into my own bag when I first got it, so that tells you how a thief would do with it!). Hand sanitizer Want to save this post for later? You need to check the forecast before packing for a trip to New York City. If you're visiting New York City over the holidays or anytime in winter, you'll want to bundle up! Travel pillow Recommendations: Men’s rain jacket, travel umbrella, men’s retro sneakers. For a longer trip, an ultra-lightweight model is the way to go—particularly if you’re changing hotels more than once. The average low is around 42° F and the average high is around 55° F (for Celsius, 6° to 13°). Generally, for one week of travel in the fall in NYC, I would bring the following: 1 pair jeans, 3 pairs leggings, 3 long-sleeve shirts, 2 short-sleeve shirts, 2 skirts, 3 dresses, 1 chambray button-up, 1 leather jacket, 1 ultra-light down jacket, and my favorite travel-friendly shoes. You can find extremely organized and experienced … Jeans. The bigger challenge with snow is the slushy ice lakes that pool at street corners. A zipped tote is better, but if you tote is opened, zip up cash or your wallet in the inside pocket. If you don’t wear sneakers, include a second pair of all-season, flat or low-heeled shoes. Outfits for Travel provides helpful resources like seasonal, on-trend packing lists, city guides & local reviews. Sandals Fall in New York is crisp and cool, with temperatures from the 40s to the low 60s. Ditto for the opera, ballet, or symphony. 2 pairs of pants– This might include jeans and a pair of black pants. Brainy-meets-bohemian chic is the key to nailing an outfit for the MoMA, the Guggenheim, or the American Museum of Natural History. As a former New Yorker, I love seeing tourists directed towards the city’s finest (and away from the endless tourist traps). New York City. And its Japanese spinner wheels can handle Manhattan and Brooklyn’s cobblestones with barely so much as a peep. Recommendations: Women’s denim jacket, ruffly wrap dress, comfy flats. Of course, if you don’t like carrying a backpack, a purse also works. New York City early spring or late autumn packing list. Jeans – One pair in a dark colour to wear day through night. Passport And it all has to fit in a roll-aboard. If you’re planning what to wear in New York in October or November, it gets a little trickier. Late October gets some rain and sometimes a cold front which still means 50 degrees or warmer. Cut down on plastic waste during your trip to New York and take advantage of the fact that New York City has some of the cleanest urban tap water in all of the entire United States. Makeup Portable charger Plan and pack accordingly! Think about bringing layers. I was thinking about weather and what to pack.....how cold or rainy is it usually? We especially love this olive oil-based cleanser because it’s loaded with vitamin E (an antioxidant) and rosemary (an antioxidant and antibacterial). New York City can be very hot, humid and sticky in the summer, and very cold and windy in the winter. Jul 2, 2013 - What to Wear in New York City in November & What to Pack for a NYC Trip. I love leggings for travel. The most important factors in planning and packing for New York are the activities you’ll be doing on your trip AND the weather. It starts with the New York City Marathon, features the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and, by the end of the month, NYC gets transformed into a holiday- spirited wonderland, with a hug Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and plenty of holiday window displays all over the city. It’s true that New Yorkers tend to skip ultra-casual clothes in favor of something slightly more polished, but you’ll definitely see folks running errands in joggers and sneakers. However, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared in my book! Pain relievers Device chargers Pack lightweight summer clothing—shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sundresses—for visits between late June and early September, but be sure to bring along a pair of long pants or jeans and a jacket or sweater, especially if you're visiting areas along the coast. What to Wear in New York City in August: August can be brutally hot and humid. Now, without further ado, here’s what to wear in New York in September and onwards! The Essentials You'll Need for New England . Recommendations: Women’s quilted parka, women’s leather tech gloves, faux-fur vest. Bank and credit card contact info I strongly recommend bringing a knit hat with you, as well as a lightweight scarf. To help you with this, today we've put together the ultimate packing list for a carry-on-clad trip to the big city this autumn with everything you need—from a style standpoint, at least. I get it. What to Wear in New York City in March: If traveling in the second half of March, swap the puffy for a medium-weight wool coat, parka, or hooded anorak. Unless you’re here for a special occasion, like a wedding or a graduation ceremony, stick to one dressy outfit and shoes to match. 14:55. I love these options because they are perfect to wear for the daytime before transitioning to your heavier jacket at night, and they don’t take up much space in your bag. The leaves are beginning to change colors, and the weather is still beautiful. Using a reusable water bottle, you’ll save a ton of money over buying bottled water, not to mention keep plastic waste to a minimum, and any coffee shop, restaurant, or bar will be happy to refill your water bottle for you (or you can fill it up at any water fountain which you’ll find throughout the city’s main sites and museums).

what to pack for new york in october

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