Thank you, Tim! Add strips of mounting tape to the top edge of the duct tape roll. Using yarn from a center-pull ball is a joy. Leave a 2 inch “tail”. Repeat for the sides of the bearing. Use small pieces of tape to cover the end. Crochet Tools ... wooden ball winder - Google Search. DIY Yarn Ball Winder. I used 6 hangers instead of 4 and put the bottle in a box. If it isn’t, adjust the strips of tape until it is. This will help you to line up the plastic when you roll the plastic into the cone shape. You might want to tack the corners down to keep it from sliding around. Saved by Deanna Spivey. Whatever feels loose, reattach in the correct place with duct tape. Oh wow! I created Knit Like Granny to help show 1,000,000 people the benefits of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Tap that side in. I didn't feel like working in the workshop so I designed this so you don't have to use any power tools or hand tools that would make a mess. I hope you found this review helpful to help you decide whether this instrument is right for you. Slip the tape between the two plates of the bearing at a corner. The other should have a diameter about an inch or two inches larger than the jar or inner cylinder of the turner. Yarn Ball Winder, Knitting Wool Winder Kit with Winder Board Plastic Pins Counter Measuring Tape Weaving Tool Set (#1) 4.3 out of 5 stars 16. WEBS. New Listing Vintage Toyota HAND OPERATED WOOL YARN WINDER BALL SKEIN MADE IN JAPAN. ChiaoGoo Wooden Yarn Butler. Connect all of the circles used to raise the duct tape roll together. C $18.28. report. Remove the circles and the duct tape roll. Place the disk as close to center as you can. 7 years ago Trace around the smaller circle. save. It is a must-have for those who love to do DIY projects especially knitting! When the Oogoo has set, remove the cone form. Slip the tape between the two plates of the bearing at a corner. Place the flat end of the Spin Stabilizer (slanted circle side up) in the center of the first part of the Turner that you attached in Step Four. Actually, any combination of two cylinders that are able to move freely, one in the center of the other.,, Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume, Corrugated cardboard or foam core board or re-used corrugated plastic (we have a lot of campaign signs up around town that eventually will need to come down). 0 bids. Only 9 left in stock. This instructable may look long, but you could make it in a few hours. Using wider pieces of tape, neatly cover this side of the CD. $69.99 Set. The wheel holding the yarn cylinder must also smoothly revolve on the clear plastic drive cone. $210.13 Set. Firmly press the strips of tape into place. The weight of the rack will keep it from falling over. To read the full tutorial, by Crafty Diversions on Instructables, click here. Hi. Tear many narrow strips of duct tape about 2 inches long and set aside so it is readily available for you to use. on Introduction, My Mother's winder broke up a lot of times. Check the height of the rubberband on the duct tape roll to the height of the rubberband on the Spin Stabilizer. Mix your Oogoo and fill your cone form. DIY Swift & Yarn Ball Winder. KNITTER'S PRIDE. Hold the top of the Winder and turn it about 20 degrees in the same direction that the yarn is winding. Center the cone on the dowel and check the short end to make sure that the dowel stays centered and perpendicular to the CD. Bottom Base (I didn't label it in the photo but it is the part at the very bottom that the Turner and Lazy Susan are taped to. Rubberbands - one small and one really long. Roll the form and overlap the ends until the bottom (fat end) of the cone is about 2 inches in diameter. More information... People also love these ideas . My posts contain affiliate links. Start cranking the turner again and get more wraps on the Winder. A hollow tube that the dowel (above) would fit in. This is to make a hollow tunnel. (Ah, center-pull balls. A VERY UNIQUE WAY OF WINDING YOUR YARN. All yarn “should” be wound into a ball. I decided to try out my yarn winder to see if I could make a dense fluffy pompom with it. If your tunnel sticks out of the tube, tape that connection as well. Again, check to make sure the circle is centered and the tunnel hole is not covered. A really narrow tube about 2 inches long. I chose to use pegboard for my yarn wall because the cost was more justifiable. I was looking more closely to how the parts went together. This Ball Winder can wind 100 grams of yarn easily, and I was able to double up and wind two 100 gram balls together as well!! Turn the CD over and mark the center of the hole. This post contains affiliate links. I have Size 117B (7” laid flat and 1/8” wide). This is to keep the rubberband from slipping off the top of the turn mechanism. I vote for Oogoo*. I am making a heavy cardigan cabled hoodie for my daughter. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. Spread contact cement or use super strong double stick tape within the tracing and on the flat side of your disk. As crocheters, we all have our different ways of winding the yarn for our crochet projects. Secure it with another narrow piece of duct tape. This tutorial has written and pictured instructions. Ball Winder and Wooden Swift Combo. The aims for the project were to produce the winder with under $40 in out-of-pocket expense and utilize shop scrap, widely available salvaged parts, and inexpensive hardware to build it. Wind yarn onto cardboard T.P. Draw a vertical line connecting them. CDN$ 48.99 CDN$ 48. Learn more, The finished swift collapses so you can store it, Has holes for pegs so you can adjust the size to make the yarn hank fit, Has a hose coupling to make it spin, no particular spinning piece needed, Takes a couple of hours, the epoxy takes around 1 hour to set, Even though you can store it, it’s rather bulky and isn’t lightweight, Has instructions for assembly with no feet, Has clear pictures which make assembly easier, It uses quite a bit of material and might have to buy more if you’re going from your garage tools, Four materials needed, all cost around $10, Uses a turkey baster for this yarn winder diy, You use duct tape to secure the dish/wine rack and is very visible, It’s very bulky, and only the top part is collapsible. To read the full tutorial by Sarah Rudder from Make | Hack | Learn, click here. Becky Stern. Very good - any possibility of a video? Adjust as necessary. Turning hanks into easy to use balls, makes bringing home new yarn that much more enjoyable. No need to spend excessive amounts, buying one at the local craft store. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $27.43 shipping. The X should not be larger than the diameter of the dowel. It’s also the only yarn winder they sell, if you’re looking for other brands, you’ll need to find another store to buy from. There should be a 1/4 inch opening at the tip. I created a huge mess and my yarn had several knots. It works great and is much less expensive than epoxy or Bondo [. Check to make sure the dowel is still perpendicular to the CD by checking at eye level. Spin gently to make sure it is centered. C $0.01. Attach one end of the yarn to the top of the winder. Keep adjusting until turning the duct tape roll makes the Spin Stabilizer also turn. I found that a large felt marker with the tips and inside removed works really well. A jar lid or scrap of PVC pipe would work. The hole should be big enough to fit whatever you are using for #8 (hollow tube or pencil) on the Supply List. You should have a squarish shape that wraps on itself. Pull the Jar/Cylinder away from the Spin Stabilizer keeping it on the main base. There are plenty of ways to make pompoms, from DIY cardboard circle templates to store bought tools. Draw out a base made from two different sized circles. Yes, they do! I think I fixed it. These should be very visible marks. I just bought the lazy susan bearing ($2.19) and the tubes of silicone (~$7.00 each), and the binding post (~$1.00). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. PARTS OF A DUCT TAPE BALL WINDER (and what you will be using to build each part) Includes Nice Bag. Make sure the tape is placed in opposite directions, at least 4 pieces, or it will collapse inward. Add more mounting tape to both the Spin Stabilizer and to the top and bottom edges of the duct tape roll to prevent the rubberband from slipping out of place while turning. This tutorial is similar to the one above, except this yarn swift uses varnish to make it a nice color. Then it will be easier to seal the joint. Lightly secure the Spin Stabilizer to the Turner. Buy It Now. The square bearings are easier to work with. Winder (CD & Dowel, Oogoo cone) On the opposite side of this mark, make another mark on the top edge of the tube (Second Mark). You should be able to turn it without pulling it out of the tunnel but it should also not be able to spin loose. Continue to do this until the piece is very secure and stable. Lightly secure along the dowel to the joint of the dowel and CD. The strips of tape can be wider. It is easier if you start at the bottom and tape across every inch or so. To read the full tutorial by Sarah Rudder from Make | Hack | Learn, click here. Optional:  A fine toothed hand saw to cut plastic, if you don’t want to use a box cutter. 23. In this DIY video tutorial, you will learn how to wind a hank of yarn into a center pull ball. Keeping the tape taut, tape the corner of the bearing to the circle. (Yes, I’m a real person :) ) Thanks for being here. Heavy Gauge hard wire (like a wire coat hanger). Those were the days.) Or, spread contact cement within the tracing and on one side of the bearing, let the contact cement get tacky. I made mine about 9 cm (3.75") in diameter. Center it. It should be pretty flush to the surface, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. Scroll down for my tips and video tutorial. Click here for the full tutorial by Dara from Not In Jersey. You will need to end up with at least 8 pieces. Place the smaller circle flat with the Lazy Susan bearing on top of it. From China. [Video] DIY Yarn Ball Winder For Crocheters. If it is too tight, it will exert too much pressure on the Spin Stabilizer and make it lose its upright position. Draw lines to connect the outer diameters of the circles. Or a form already made. New Listing Hand Operated Knitting Roll String Yarn Fiber Wool Thread Ball Winder Holder. Find her @bekathwia on … Test out the effectiveness of the rubberband turn action again. It’s pretty easy to make, the materials aren’t hard to get, and it doesn’t take long to assemble. Trace around the edges of the bearing and take the bearing off. Many of them are great, but all of them require lots and lots of winding. *Gently spin the Lazy Susan and see where the disk is off center. Add addtional mounting tape. Good luck with your yarn swift making, and happy winding. Cut a 4 inch length of wire. Note: If you have trouble finding materials needed, look in Home Depot, a hardware store, Ikea, or Etsy. Measurements do not need to be exact. I bought one for $2.19 at a wood working shop. What The Yarn Stores Use – Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder Nancy’s is a sheer joy to wind, super sturdy, fast, durable, tough, and long-lasting enough to pass onto the next generation, the only yarn winder you will ever buy. You need to turn the Winder every so often in order for the wraps to be evenly distributed around the ball. You will probably have to cut slits in the tape at the joint in order to make the tape lie flat. Center the bearing as best you can. The measurements don’t have to be exact. Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny - Easy to Set Up and Use - Hand Operated Yarn Ball Winder 4 Ounce Capacity - Sturdy with Metal Handle and Tabletop Clamp - Knitting kit Included This is extremely simple, quick, and cheap to make, no gluing, cutting, or sawing. What’s The Best Thing About This Yarn Swift? Making hand made items to make hand made..a double cool thing. Use a pencil tip to secure the tape at the bearing and circle contact. You might have to resort to epoxy to really get it secure. Lazy Susan  (Lazy Susan bearing, corrugated cardboard or foam core, double sided tape or Glue, marking pen.) This tutorial has written and pictured instructions. I love knitting and have met so many other fabulous knitters through this site. I’m so glad to buy it!! Roll the other side of the rubberband up to the edge of the tube at the Second Mark. You can set it on a flat surface and wind yarn easily. I am getting ready to try and make my own yarn and wanted to be able to wind it up efficiently. on Introduction. Luckily there’s a solution, DIY Yarn Swifts! Mark the length of the diameter down the side of the tube (First Mark). 10 years ago 95. Duct tape the piece of cardboard over the hole in the CD. This is great. I will have to try and make one of these. I made a swift out of wire hangers, a wine bottle, duct tape, and a box to stabilize the bottle. Saved from Ball Winders, Yarn Knitting Loom Crochet Swift Yarn Fiber String Ball Wool Winder DIY Tool Kit, 1Yarn Ball Winder+1PC Scissors (2) 4.7 out of 5 stars 13. Push the hollow tube or pencil through the hole. You will probably have to cut slits in the tape at the joint in order to make the tape lie flat. Double sided tape and contact cement or really good glue. 6 comments. Thank YOU for designing the swift! If the hole is covered, adjust the circle and then press the strips of tape into place. 2. Keep adding additional strips of tape to make the dowel/CD joint secure in its perpendicular position. It should be very secure. Place the smaller circle, bearing side up on the larger circle. Remove the rubberband and tape and with your box cutter or exacto knife, carefully cut along the line you have just drawn. It is a modified version of the Yarn Swift at This is a quick, simple tutorial that uses four materials. Pull it until the rubberband is taut but not tight. I've seen a couple of diy swifts kicking around (office chair, lazy Susan's) and wondering if they actually work or if I should shell out for a swift. Use more tape to neatly cover both surfaces of the Base. Thanks (RealPlayer didn't like it, but I had a go) L. Really? Work a few wraps of yarn around the Winder. Keep adding additional strips of tape to secure the circle to the first part of the stabilizer. You can use the centers of rolls of first aid tape, office supply tapes, athletic tape, twine. Repeat two more times. Do this for each corner. 2 CDs (compact disc) that you are not going to use anymore or one CD and one cardboard circle with a hole in the center. Place the skein to be wound over a yarn swift or have someone hold the yarn for you. A stiff piece of plastic like a report cover or a transparency to make a cone shaped form. Time left 4d 6h left. If you buy through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission. In the beginning, the wraps may not look really nice, but eventually, it will start evening up. Hold in place with a CD or cardboard circle with a hole in the center slipped over the top. The rubberband is a guide for cutting the tube at an angle. Didn't cost anything! This will be the Top of your tube. It’s great if you travel a lot. The strips of tape can be wider. Neatly cover the entire piece, including the top of the Lazy Susan, with duct tape. I certainly do! I folded it in half and crimped the ends to markthe centers. The yarn flows out smoothly with little or no tension or resistance. I love your knitting "D" too! thanks so much! Again, a scrap of PVC pipe would work. Click on the link to You Tube. Cut a small X centered over the hole or center mark. The gluing takes quite a while to set. I’m Jodie Morgan, owner and creator of Knit Like Granny. Mark the placement of the Jar/Cylinder arrangement. Hold a ruler horizontally crossing the vertical line. This process takes around 2-3 hours. This is a five-minute tutorial that’s relatively easy to follow and is mainly made of wood. Use a pencil tip to secure the tape at the bearing and circle contact. WHY YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE AN UNWINDER. The part you put the hank on is made out of a collapsible dish/wine rack, which makes it look rather nice. Learn how your comment data is processed. For the past week or so, I have been “caking” my yarn and organizing them according to color. It is important not to wind the ball too fast. Using the contact cement, glue the circles that are used to raise the duct tape roll. Thank you, 7 years ago You will need to see them later. Crochet Ball Knit Crochet Crochet Kits Yarn Winder Thing 1 Yarn Ball Do It Yourself Crafts Types Of Yarn. A cylinder about at least 1/2 inch thick and about 3 inches in diameter. I trimmed it only 1 inch and had to keep cutting. Keep your yarn organized using this Yarn Ball Winder Manual DIY Tool! Below is a roundup of articles and videos of easy to follow tutorials with clear instructions. The beginning shows the parts of the ball winder and yarn swift and the end shows how to use it. Make a short line that crosses the Second Mark line. ("B" arrow on left photo). Take your large disk/jar lid and center it flat side down on the Lazy Susan. Not super glue. Or do I even really a swift or can I just use a back if a chair? I'd rather be knitting! I’m not in US, so I had to use the international shipping by USPS. Don't worry if it doesn't or if there is a little empty space at the tip. Spin the Lazy Susan again to make sure everything stays intact. Cut a piece of lightweight cardboard big enough to cover the hole in the CD. Set the tube upright. With both hands, hold one strip of tap taut and with the sticky side down facing the circle. Draw a line from these points to the first mark you made at the center of the top. Press the cone firmly on the CD. I didn’t like it but it worked. hide. It should fit snugly, not tightly, in the tunnel. One should be at least the size of the Lazy Susan base. Tape it down, Second Prize in the Duct Tape Tough Contest. Using your marking pen, draw an arc by measuring 8 inches from the top mark at several different places. Or you can use a pencil (one side should be flat). If a tube is not long enough, you can connect tubes with the same outer diameter with duct tape. Put pieces of double sided tape within the tracing. The rest is relatively straightforward. The next day I bought my first yarn ball winder and swift. Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny - Easy to Set Up and Use - Hand Operated Yarn Ball Winder 4 Ounce Capacity - Sturdy with Metal Handle and Tabletop Clamp - Knitting kit Included 4.6 out of 5 stars 358 CDN$ 44.12CDN$44.12 CDN$ 11.70 for shipping & import fees deposit The rubberband should be level.*. I tried taking it apart and making it into a ball. 9 years ago ­ The BASIC Model Mama Bear(tm) Yarn Swift or Skein Winder, or Yarn Winder, will handle most skeins purchased from a yarn shop handling skeins up to 70" in circumference. The yarn unwinder in reverse suddenly becomes a yarn winder--you simply spin your frogged yarn back onto the ball (I was already sold at “no yarn barf” but this last one is my favourite.) When I saw this video for a DIY yarn ball winder, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Center the circle over the angled cut of the first part of the Spin Stabilizer and turn it over to see that the tunnel entrance is not covered. The cone should adhere. Unlike Steve’s yarn swift, this article has instructions for assembly without feet. With your right hand, hold the top of the Winder and turn it about 20 degrees in the same direction that the yarn is winding. I remember when I bought my first yarn hank. Then, firmly press the strips of tape into place. on Introduction. on Introduction, Video is private so im not sure how i can view it, Reply Quick View. … This instructable may look long, but you could make it in a few hours. The hard parts include chiseling out the notches, and cutting with the hand saw. The shorter side should be on the side of the duct tape. A cylinder that fits in the center of a duct tape roll and the duct tape roll itself or cylinder with about the same diameter as an almost empty duct tape roll. 9 years ago Cut a hole in the middle of the circle wider than the tunnel entrance. Cut the hook and twisty part off the wire coat hanger and straighten it out as best you can. Share it with us! The effort resulted in Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder! Lightly secure the circle to the angled side. This tutorial has great pictures and instructions which are easy to understand. From United States . Attach to top of the Lazy Susan. With both hands, hold one strip of tap taut and with the sticky side down facing the circle. Spin Stabilizer made in two separate steps. I love duct tape! This is similar to the one above, but what’s unique about this is it uses a coat rack instead of a wine/dish rack. 4.5 out of 5 stars 100. Using the contact cement, glue the Jar in place on the main base. Glue this circle onto the top of the diagonally-cut tube, and leave to dry. Try it again. One should be at least 1 to 2 inches wider than the diameter of the large disk/jar cap (see Supplies #10). Watch This Genius Way to Quickly Wind Yarn. I got a trouble with my address unrecognized, but Tim as fiberartistsupplyco crew so kindly took care of my problem. Push the hollow tube or pencil against the inside of the tape so it sticks and you can see it from the outside tape side. Trim the point about 2 inches down. It looks quite lovely when you’re finished. Several strips should cover the Top depending on the diameter tube. 99. Mark these two intersections. If the winder flies off, bummer. This Ball Winder can wind 100 grams of yarn easily, and I was able to double up and wind two 100 gram balls together as well!! Angle it so one end is even with the cut opening of the tube. Learn More. Thanks for the compliment. Because of this off-center rotation, the jumbo ball winder must be clamped to a work surface. Make enough marks that you can connect the dots and draw an arc. It forms a shape like a big slice of pie. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The end of the wire coat hanger (#15 below) needs to fit in it. This yarn swift is specially designed to be stored. Dowel with the diameter of pencil about 9 to 10 inches long or a round chopstick. Place the non-spiral side into the binder post and use it  to more easily make the turn mechanism work. The base should be about 2 inches in diameter base and 6 inches in height. Using a straight edge, extend the marks straight along the length of the tube. Hold the disk down and without moving it from center, trace around its edge. Push the long end of the dowel through fat side of the Oogoo filled cone and out the other end, all the way until the base of the Oogoo cone touches the CD. This project was undertaken in an effort to produce a sturdy, functional, and inexpensive yarn ball, or yarn cake, winder. Maybe after Thanksgiving. Should I adapt this method or not for winding the yarn for my crochet projects? Bend the wire at that point where it hits the surface you are working on. This swift is made out of coat hangers, clothes pegs, a box, and a lazy Susan. Make a hole centered on the cross. Draw and cut out two circles from the corrugated cardboard or foam core. I find that to be the tedious not-fun part of pompom making. I enjoy learning and helping others discover the joys of working with yarn. Mix your Oogoo, epoxy or bondo. You will probably have to cut slits in the tape at the joint in order to make the tape lie flat. tubes; or using a smooth spindle wind center pull yarn balls. Using the tracing as a guide, firmly press down to attach the bearing to the circle. L, Reply You will need to end up with at least 8 pieces. I have a yarn winder already because I like to wind my balls and skeins into cakes. If it isn't, adjust the strips of tape until it is. I have to finishing knitting my daughter's first winter sweater. First you will need to twist off cone shaped bobbin from the main base of the winder. I used a post that is used to bind stacks of paper together, a binding post and screw set (you don't need the screw part). 6 years ago Luckily, Sarah Rudder improvised this ingenious way to make a yarn swift and ball winder on the cheap from just a lazy susan, a wine rack, a … Put your yarn skein around the wine rack. Becky Stern is a Content Creator at Autodesk/Instructables, and part time faculty at New York’s School of Visual Arts Products of Design grad program. Using larger pieces of tape, further secure and cover the bearing side of the circle. Signature Series Mega Wool Winder and Swift Combo. You also found references I never found before. Using the tracing as a guide, firmly press down to attach the bearing to the circle. Take off the CD or cardboard cap and lift the ball of yarn off the winder. Do you ever get sick of winding your yarn hanks on the back of chairs? Or use any other method you know. Attach the binder post to the top edge of the duct tape roll. Next, using a phillips head screwdriver, remove the screw from the plate underneath where the bobbin was removed and then remove the plate and set aside. You don't need to push the Oogoo all the way to the tip. Did you make this project? thanks! Here is how to fix your yarn ball winder. Video is done!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Crafts & Sewing Lacis Swift Yarn Winder - LACIS-Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder is made of durable plastic. This is a quick, simple tutorial that uses four materials. Toilet paper or paper towel rolls are fine, but the sturdier the better. You may have to cut slits in the tape to make sure it lies flat against the surface. Quick View. Making and sharing are her two biggest passions, and she's created hundreds of free online DIY tutorials and videos, mostly about technology and its intersection with crafts. Pull some yarn loose from the yarn swift. You don’t have to use a fancy electric yarn winder, this is the exact one I own and have used for years. Using duct tape, securely seal the Top opening. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with voucher. I tore a piece of duct tape lengthwise down the middle, then tore each of the two pieces in half again. You see how in the photo below the larger … Please say hello! Pre-Owned. Epoxy, Bondo, or something that is fairly hard when it cures. Move the circle/bearing away. Use your pliers to pinch the wire about 3 inches from one end. Check out our selection of collapsible swifts and compact ball winders! Cut it out. Crochet Tools Crochet Projects Spinning Wool Spinning Wheels Yarn Winder Loom Weaving Weaving Tools Tapestry Weaving Yarn Ball. The yarn ball stays put and does not "dance" and spin around as the yarn is pulled. 10 years ago DIY Yarn Swift And Ball Winder Crafting can be spendy business when you find yourself in need of some specialty equipment. Bend the wire 90 degrees, pinch again right next to the bend, and make a 90 degree bend in the opposite direction, pinch again right next to this bend, and make a 90 degree bend in the same direction. Match up the extra lines you have drawn and the bottom edges and tape the form securely. Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds, then store it in the nice bag that comes with it. FREE Delivery by Amazon. The tutorial also requires quite a few materials and tools, but not special ones. Add at least 4 inches to the diameter of the circle you just cut to make the Second circle. Do this for each corner. Really, it is called that. Keep adding additional strips of tape to make the Turner/tube joint secure. Draw several other straight lines from the tip to the arc. Hold the wire so the square is a little higher that the highest point of Spin Stabilizer. Most of the items I had on hand. Read the full list of instructions Alyssa by from Measured and Slow here. Mark the center of each long side of the plastic. If you are using a pencil to make the “tunnel”, after the Oogoo set a little bit, twist it around so it doesn’t stick. Keep repeating the cranking to wind the yarn and turning the winder until you have a yard or two left. Your knitting game is about to change forever. If the yarn swift is not spinning well, pull a good length of yarn off the swift each time you make a turn on of the Winder and before you start cranking. If you’re a knitter, you probably already have a yarn winder. I was not happy. With your left hand, hold the yarn between the yarn guide and the yard swift and with your right hand hold the turner handle in the binder post and start cranking slowly. There you have it. You can find the materials at Goodwill and Home Depot. Move the ruler up and down until you find the point where the horizontal line is about 7 inches from one side of the arc to the other. You are making a lot of wraps so it is easier to adjust the guide later if you need to. Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Disclosure | Disclaimer | Cookie Policy. 98. Making pilot holes on the end of the pegs is a bit fiddly. Spinning Wool Hand Spinning Spinning Wheels Yarn Winder Yarn Organization Peg Loom Yarn Bowl Loom Knitting Knitting Scarves Works very nicely with all Yarn Ball Winders on our site. If you buy through a link on my posts, I may earn an affiliate commission. FREE Shipping. There you have it, a list of great yarn swift tutorials. WEBS. Build Your Own Kit. Other options New and used from £13.79 ** REVOLVING Wool Ball Holder ** Keep Your Knitting Knot Free! Keeping the tape taut, tape the corner of the bearing to the circle. Thanks for the link-back to my DIY swift idea, too! Apr 22, 2013 - A website that features useful information about ball winders for fiber artists .. It costs less than a dollar. Repeat for the sides of the bearing,  If you have excess tape, neatly wrap it over to the other side of the circle. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. on Introduction. I think you can also use elastic, but it may slip on the turners. Lay your plastic flat. Because it is so long, it often comes in a ball that’s been wound up multiple times to make it more portable and convenient to work with. Near the end of the wire, it may become difficult to bend by hand and you may want to use another pair of pliers. This really needs to be centered to help keep the Lazy Susan stable. This really didn't work very well for its purpose, because the hollow part was only about 1/2 inch deep and the wire kept coming out. I have to double up the yarn I am using to get the correct gauge so I am dealing with 30 skeins that each need to be dealt with and then winding them two balls to into one. A yarn wall can also be made using pegboard and hooks. Loosely wrap the last few yards around the middle of the ball and tuck in the end. The purpose of this tool is for supporting skeins of yarns of various sizes for winding and balling off hanks of yarn. Inserting the dowel should have pushed some of the Oogoo toward the tip and out the fat side. There are several options on how to do this, I’ll show how I like to do it, and suggest several other ways as well. Pinch it again just over 1 inch from the first bend and bend it in the opposite direction. long rubberband, contact cement) This is extremely simple, quick, and cheap to make, no gluing, cutting, or sawing. Pencil and marking pen (that will mark duct tape). Cut out a circle of corrugated card, which will hold up the ball of yarn. on Introduction. Whatever comes loose, reattach with duct tape. Slip the yarn through one of the spirals of the yarn guide. Their flagship yarn ball winder is the Loops & Threads Yarn Winder, which is the best of their products. It is also called a "Sex Bolt" or "Post Sex Screw". You can find the coat hangers in your closet, pegs on your washing line, a box from your garage, and a lazy Susan from your local shop. DIY Yarn ball winder from scraps Knitwear design, diy, decorating the new empty house, trying new stuff! If you purchase yarn in hanks, you will be much happier if you invest … on Introduction. Reply Measuring, cutting, gluing is needed to make this yarn swift. Duct tape the wine rack to the lazy susan while holding it taut against the yarn skein. I have been looking for a ball winder to wind center-pull balls of yarn. To watch this video by Steve Ramsey from Woodworking For Mere Mortals, click here. With the Top end flat on a firm surface, fill the tube. This is a great technique to use if you don’t have a yarn winder, or if you’re away from home and need to wind a hank of yarn on the fly. DIY Yarn Ball Winder November 17, 2015 by Denise Leave a Comment I remember seeing this DIY idea awhile back and stored it into my memory because I knew I would use it. The surface should look shiny. Great instructions for a very useful thing for knitters/spinners/weavers! 5 Great silent workhorse. It might help as you go through the steps. Make this part of the Spin Stabilizer first so the Oogoo or whatever you are using can cure a bit. It is not perfect, but I made it all by myself! 84% Upvoted. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Will you also need a yarn swift? Get the Winder and put the short side of the dowel into the tunnel hole in the top of the tube arrangement. Cut a circle from foam core with a diameter about 1 inches less than the diameter of a CD. With the remaining length, use the pliers bend it tightly around in a spiral so you can hold it without it poking you. If you don’t have the time or energy needed for the yarn swift plans mentioned in this post, I have some great value ones reviewed in my yarn swift article, which you can read here. Repeat from * until the disk is centered. Or, make an arc by holding an 8 inch string at the top with one hand and the pen in the other and swing and mark the curve from one end to the other. Mark the tube using the rubberband as a guide. thanks for the comment! (Cardboard Tube, Oogoo, hollow tube/pencil, corrugated cardboard or foam core, padded double sided sticky tape, rubberband, marking pen) Use a narrow piece of duct tape to secure the rubberband to the tube at the First Mark. The swift was a plastic one that was not made with the best quality material. Ahhh … here was the issue! CDN$ 12.77 for shipping & import fees deposit Only 7 left in stock. Feb 3, 2016 Whether you're an extreme knitter or a total novice, no one wants to spend more time than they have to winding balls of yarn. Fit the rubberband around the tube level with the First Mark (not tightly, just enough so it doesn’t move). This is a very clever invention. Using something pointy, poke the tape so it adheres to the joint. Along the Second Mark line, measure one diameter length from the Top edge. Straight edge (anything with a firm straight side, like the side of a pencil). Yarn is a popular material that people use for different DIY works. Scrape off any excess Oogoo from the CD side. Let the contact cement get tacky. Plastic and Metal Swift and Ball Winder Combo. If you're a knitter shopping for another knitter, a fun idea is to make a knitting kit. Using a Yarn Swift with the Ball Winder is a good idea. Coat hanger may not stay very well on the pegs. Slip the rubberband over the Spin Stabilizer and over the Jar/Cylinder arrangement. Check the turn action again. CDN$ 44.95 CDN$ 44. Lightweight cardboard (like the weight of an index card) big enough to cover the center hole of a CD. On the other side of this cardboard circle, you then need to glue the other tube to the centre. Turner (Jar, Cylinder, padded double sided sticky tape, Jar cap. share. How to Fix Your Yarn Ball Winder. Give it a good spin to make sure nothing flies off. The Wood-That-It-Whir yarn ball winder produces a center-pull yarn ball "cake" that is neat, tidy, compact, and smooth flowing. My father repaired it every time, but I'll keep in mind this great project in case it will be no more to do. Tear long lengths of duct tape in half. I didn't feel like working in the workshop so I designed this so you don't have to use any power tools or hand tools that would make a mess. If you use elastic, you might want use the kind with ridges (non-roll elastic) and/or coat it with silicone seal to give it friction. These are great to make if you have a stash of unwound skeins and needing to make your yarn winding easier. So I decided to make my own. If it does not turn and the rubberband appears to be slipping, pull the Jar/Cylinder arrangement further away from the Spin Stabilizer. Tear 4 to 5 inch lengths of duct tape in half. How Easy Is It To Make? Turn the duct tape roll. I forgot my camera had video capabilities!! 1 Option. If you hold a pencil steady and touching the edge of the disk while you are spinning the top of the Lazy Susan, you can more easily see what side is sticking out. Holding the dowel perpendicular to the CD, with the long side down, place one strip of duct tape about 1 inch up the dowel. If you already have a Lazy Susan, skip to STEP FOUR. Remove the tape from the top and fill any gaps with more Oogoo. After reading many reviews of commercially made winders, it seems that all of them have something wrong with them. Cover the entire surface of the Spin Stabilizer with tape, keepin the tunnel hole open. Cardboard or plastic tube with a diameter of at least an inch and at least 3-1/2 inches long. £21.98 £ 21. Fill but don’t over fill and make either end bulge out. Yarn Ball Winder Manual DIY Tool . By Maria Carter. Brand New. You could buy an expensive yarn winder and have another gadget to keep up with, or you could use things you already have (an electric hand mixer … The friction of the rubberband on the outside of the duct tape roll and the cylinder of the Spin Stabilizer should cause the Spin Stabilizer to turn. Thank you, Fiber Artist Supply Co.! Lightly secure the remaining length of tape to the CD. Lazy Susan or Lazy Susan bearing. Place the cut side of the tube against a flat surface. The pencil or hollow tube should be perpendicular to the surface of the Top. Using larger pieces of tape, further secure the bearing to the Large circle. Pinch it about 1 inch from the end and bend the wire at a 90 degree angle. Push the dowel through the X and arrange it so one side is about 3 inches long and the other side is about 6+ inches long. Center it as best you can. Will include it today.

yarn ball winder diy

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